Intel RealSense - now in the smartphone

    While the Russians were celebrating the New Year to the best of their ability, Las Vegas hosted the CES-2016 exhibition of electronic industry achievements. One of the most noteworthy, in our opinion, news of the exhibition was the demonstration of the RealSense Smartphone Developer Kit - the first smartphone with a RealSense camera designed for developers. In addition to the Intel RealSense Camera ZR300 module (which includes an R200 camera with a set of sensors, as well as a short-focus camera), the device is notable for the Intel Atom x7-Z8700 processor, one of the most powerful in the "atomic" line, a display with a QHD resolution (2560x1440) and various wireless interfaces. The smartphone runs on Android OS, it uses the achievements of both Intel and Google (represented by Project Tango).
    A larger “portrait” of a beginner is under the cut. Pre-order the smartphone is priced at $ 400 .

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