Uber came up with a way to help the driver and passenger find each other among the cars

    Photo by GeekWire

    In Seattle, a small group of Uber service drivers began testing a new way to solve the problem of a quick search for a arrived taxi, which the customer can expect in a very crowded place. Now there are well-known options on how to get around this problem: just go up and ask the driver whom he has arrived, or wait for a message from the operator that a car of a certain brand, color and with a certain number is waiting for the customer. Uber suggested installing an LED strip on the windshield of the car, which can change color as the customer wants. The new feature is called Uber SPOT.

    As a result, the sequence of customer actions when calling a taxi is as follows: he calls the car and selects the color in the application, which will light up the LED strip after the car arrives at the place. When the taxi arrives and begins to wait for the client, the customer will be able to easily visually determine “his” car by the color of the LED strip, knowing well what color he chose in the application. The customer himself can further facilitate this "color communication": if you select a color in the application with a long press, the smartphone screen will light up. So the device can be waved and thereby attract the attention of the driver to the waiting client.

    This is not the latest Uber enhancement in recent times. December 1, in London, the service offered the UberPool function, which will allow traveling to two different customers, if they are "on the way." When ordering a taxi, the customer can agree that the driver can pick up another passenger, if it turns out that both are satisfied with the route. Moreover, according to the rules of the service, no more than two people can use the UberPool function at the same time. Thus, the cost of the trip for both customers is significantly reduced. The driver also benefits, as in this case, fuel consumption is reduced.

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