Black Friday from China - instructions for use or how to buy a tablet for 1 cent?

    What happens once a year around the world? That's right - black friday discounts. In shopping malls, people crush each other for the coveted goods and all this looks like general madness. Another thing is on the Internet, here from the victims - only the “F5” key is from rampant page refreshing and today there really are reasons to “bother”.

    Literally in 30 minutes, that is, at 3 a.m. in Moscow, the hottest sale from Gearbest starts . As expected, the guys from GB prepared a list of goods with prices at which it is impossible to buy at normal times. In addition, there is the opportunity to grab a few coupons or win a lottery in the same place, where everyone has a chance to either get something almost for free, or buy with a very tasty discount. All conditions are on a special page..


    Just poke the tabs, read the conditions and ...


    In case of successful manipulations, there is a chance to buy XIAOMI RedMi Note 2 32GB 4G for $ 79.99, that is, for 5261 rubles at the current rate. Let me remind you that on the Yandex market it is cheaper than not to buy it for 12 140r.


    But if you didn’t get into the 20 lucky ones who bought it for 5k - you can still buy it with a significant discount for $ 159.99 (10 523.82), however, here you also have to hurry up, because only 50 pieces will be sold at that price .

    Also, with a promotional code for repost, you can very profitably buy watches, tablets, quadrocopters, cameras, gyro scooters and even an engraving machine. But all only 20 pieces.

    Consider yourself lucky?
    Then check your luck on the "one-armed bandit." Pull the pen and hope for a miracle.


    Alas, a miracle is available only to the elite. Participation is only valid if you have made a purchase for more than $ 50. And only after that you have 3 attempts to win one of the presented prizes .

    Perhaps the most delicious prize is the Teclast X98 Air III tablet for 1 cent.


    ps In the last article, we wrote that we bought a pack of smart bracelets, which means we had a paid order number ... alas, these 5 mibends with discounts cost us only $ 48 , and under the conditions you need to place an order at least $ 50 :(


    Top 5 Black Friday products

    On a special page, we have prepared a lot of goodies, which, although limited by a certain number of pieces, but this amount is significant. That's what I would like to grab.

    5th place : Minion-helicopter, more precisely the product SJ881 - $ 7.70

    I love all kinds of flying devices and I like minions. In general, this thing has awakened a child in me and I want her.

    4th place: ONEPLUS TWO 64Gb - $ 377.99 Only the farthest

    person from the world of smartphones does not know about OnePlus 2. I remember recently wrote about him on a geek and the author said that he liked him so much that now he is sorry for him to say goodbye, but still need to leave, because the phone was given only temporarily. I hope that this action will help them to reunite.

    3rd place:Tablet Teclast X98 Air II - $ 195.99


    The first version is well known in Russia, and the second only recently appeared on the market and so far it can officially be bought only in China. Here we have a 9.7-inch screen, 64 gigabytes of memory, 2 gigabytes of RAM and it all works on Win8.1 + Android_4.4

    2nd place: Original Xiaomi Mini Speaker - $ 18.99

    Just last week, we ourselves were able to test this column, describing in detail our experience in our review . In short, the column pleased us. However, I do not remember the case when the Xiaomi equipment was not pleasing. So it was really nice to find this column in the list of sales.

    1st place: Hoverboard Q3 - $ 279.99

    For me, the future came when I first saw a man who moves on a gyro scooter. And when he himself drove for the first time - they could not drive me away from him. This is an incredible feeling of moving in space. This model from Q3 has already proven itself and you can read a couple of dozen reviews of people who rated it in their work.

    I think these guys also decided that the future has already come and changed the online game to offline.

    My top is hanging on this, but, of course, this is far from all the goods presented at the sale . If you find something really interesting - take off in the comments, I think it will be interesting to everyone.

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