World 3D Printing Day at Prototypster

    On December 3, 3D Hubs is hosting World 3D Printing Day. At the request of 3D Hubs, 3D printing partner services from around the world will open their doors this day to those interested in technology. 3D Hubs partner, Prototypster 3D printing service, also holds a meeting on December 3 for everyone with # 3DPRINTIGDAY . Guests can not only learn about the principle of the 3D printing service (a format very popular in the USA and Europe and only gaining momentum in Russia), but also see how the 3D scanning process is going, and most importantly - visit the Prototypster professional 3D printer park - a unique phenomenon for Russian 3D printing services.

    Such a meeting is a chance to get first-hand knowledge! The event is held for technology lovers, as well as everyone who wants to get acquainted and enrich their knowledge of 3D printing. For beginners, this is a chance to finally understand what 3D printing is, and the pros will be able to ask questions and discuss topics of interest with guests-colleagues and Prototypster engineers.

    Come and stay tuned: we will publish a report on our meeting :)

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