The UHK keyboard is even better and more comfortable: now with optional modules and an ergonomic palm rest

    Good afternoon GT!

    Ultimate Hacking Keyboard (UHK) - a separate, mechanical, fully programmable keyboard. We wrote about the basic functions earlier and we were able to arrange a keyboard test in the Geektimes edition.

    When developing the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard, the creators were guided by two main principles: increasing productivity and ergonomics. In the first month of crowdfunding, UHK raised more than 160 thousand US $, winning the hearts of many developers. This showed that such a philosophy is correct and that the product is in demand by the community. Now, the creators of UHK have moved forward by announcing the start of sales of additional modules and an ergonomic palm rest.

    So what is offered:

    Additional Key Cluster










    In addition to these modules, the creators plan to release an open module for modders, with which everyone can add functionality to UHK at their discretion.

    The UHK campaign ends on December 14th and so far you can order UHK for specials. price, saving $ 50.

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