"Assemble a large copter without knowing anything about them?" - yes nonsense

    I think everyone noticed that there are a lot of articles on the Internet about small quadrics: tests, reviews, etc. But tests of large copters are not enough. I think mainly because a large copter is most often an individual building (not always, but often). Therefore, I decided to write about my personal "self-assembly" - a hexacopter on a tarotfy680 frame. As a background, I want to talk about how I collected this copter with zero knowledge. Over three years, he underwent many modifications: from small to complete change of “traction filling”.

    So, it all started when I decided to do aerial photography. At that time, I bought a small “crazy” quadrocopter, on which I learned to fly a little and, as I understood later, was generally not suitable for shooting, since the carrying capacity was not enough for the necessary equipment. As a result, the idea came to collect your copter. But for a Russian person to buy ready-made is expensive, and ambitions that will collect “cheaper” are enough. :)

    As a result, with a friend, "scratched the guts" and found some money to buy parts. I ordered everything from China, mainly Ebay and Hobbyking. I can’t find links to the first setups, it was a long time ago. And after a couple of months of waiting (then the post office worked worse than now) they gave me all the packages. Huge frame! Huge screws! The batteries are heavy! The delight was right after the small quadric. :)

    So, according to the characteristics of the first setup:

    Unfortunately I can’t find a link to the 2-axle suspension, but I remember that it cost 6 tons for that money. and was at the servas)

    So (remember that knowledge is zero) gathered all this miracle. And I replaced the aluminum pipes of the frame with 500mm carbon pipes. Ambitions about the "meter" copter did not leave me ...

    Now, soldering contacts of that time would have horrified me, but still. The copter was assembled. Throttlerange controllers are made (a procedure that, as I understand it, aligns the min / max values ​​of the motor speed for each controller) and the first start. That time, I thought I saw the hex the last time. The reason for this was the GPS nazy compass, which was rotated 180 degrees. I think copter guides will estimate what it is. :)

    Anyway. After improvements, a few instructions and, nevertheless, shortening the pipes to normal lengths - a new test. Hurrah! Everything flew. "Wow, I collected it all the same," I thought. Even failsafe works. In principle, the joyful moments ended and "troubles" began. Finally bought a sonynex 5nin Moscow. Put on the suspension. Take off and ... take off! I rent! Um, no, I’m not renting ...

    For some reason, the copter sags. Flies, flies, and then takes and flops into the grass. Not fast ... but after all ... it should not be! Raise it higher - flies, flies .... and again loses altitude .... Moreover, it so happens that it rapidly loses altitude. What's the matter? I’ve set everything up, I’ve done everything I could ... I don’t want to fly, that's all. As it turned out, after some time, these engines fly better on 4s batteries than on 3s ... but at that time I didn’t know this (I didn’t learn to read instructions in childhood) and therefore: the Internet, forums.

    Hm. Firmware updates ... Yeah, we must try what it is ... Firmware SimonK, yeah ... they say cool, stable - try. I will not describe the firmware mode, because this is hemorrhoids when there are no suitable connectors. The result was amazing! Wow! Stable hanging in the air! Holds the heights! Drags the camera! But the result was amazing - the result was short-lived. Sample first Failsafe. Returning home - well ... he returned ... with a drift (gps, apparently, was slightly rotated), but returned. Good.

    Then I also asked for Nazu! After all, the firmware came out ... how to get around it. They say it will be even better. And one fine day .... went flying in the field.

    “Fly away,” they said, “everything will be nonsense,” they convinced. Ultimately crash. And so ... normal. Carbon suspension in chips (it’s good that I took the camera off). A couple of rays for a replacement and a couple of propov too. Shock! Why! Because of which! Sinned on Naz. Rollback naza to the factory firmware did not help.

    At failsafe, he kept falling and falling. But without it, he seemed to fly. Of course, I wanted to shoot something. Even managed to remove the first "showril" so to speak. And in the end, one fine day, we got up early in the morning (so that there were almost no people in the city) and went to take off the city bridge. During the launch, the motors slipped a couple of times, that is, they twitched and did not spin. But what do we ... come in vain or what? All the same, they launched him into the air and even took something off. When the batteries had already sat down and I was going to go down and leave home, at an altitude of about 10 meters above the embankment near the bridge, the hexacopter decided that he wanted to be a quadrocopter and simply chopped off 2 engines. Elegantly leaning 90 degrees, he headed for the ground, more precisely, on the asphalt. Can you imagine this picture in slow motion? A copter flies into the ground, and in your head the counter is ticking:

    And then, out of nowhere, people come out from under the bridge. My hair on my head turned gray, fell out, branches and turned gray again. Only by a miracle did he fall two meters from them. From that moment, the question of flight safety for me in the first place and above people, in general, I try not to fly. Slightly moving away from what I saw, I appreciated the scale of the damage.

    Even the micro SD flash drive broke in half. :) The

    video was not left for memory ... What kind of shooting is there when there is no confidence in the copter? And then I came across an article that supposedly the SimonK firmware does not work with "multi-pole" engines (like that is called).

    “Pliers of pliers,” I thought again. New gnashing through the guts and buying new regulators. Bought turnigy plush 30a regulators *. Put. Wow! Flies ... Something else I am afraid to fly ... But still it worked in normal mode, and even failsafe, if it was wrong. By this time, I switched to 4s batteries (as I had to do at the beginning). And at the time of my happiness, one person ruined everything. He said that such a setup is dangerous. It may fall tomorrow, in a month, in a year. Like these adjustments with such engines do not make friends. What problems, a lot of money ... I bought a T-motor 2814-10 770kv engines of a friend. Since he flew with the same adjustments and screws, the copter flew, but on a longer frame.

    Everything is assembled and configured. But bad luck, the copter is rocking and that’s it. Heins cannot be clamped to the end. By that time, I was already assembling my homemade suspension on BC motors. (I’ll talk about him in another article). I hung the suspension. The weight became larger and the effect of the displacement of the center of gravity in them worked. The copter began to fly normally. The only negative was flying in the wind. Then he still rocked and I was nervous. But he flew pretty well and for quite some time. Several projects were shot, etc.

    After assembling the quadric on DJI's E300 kit, I thought about stopping making it myself, it’s time to upgrade the hex, and I bought the DJIe800 kit *. Also, this purchase involved a switch from 4s to 6s batteries. Having looked at the inspire and analogues, I realized that there would be “long” flights for 6s. The same kit is on DJIinspire 1. It turns out almost six-engine inspire). In this setup, he flies to this day. The copter has become really stable, maneuverable, and oddly quieter. :)

    Quick-release propellers are generally awesome. I’m very tired of these twisting and unscrewing the nuts, because transporting with the propellers removed is much more convenient.

    The only thing was to slightly extend the frame. The fact is that this kit includes 13th screws instead of my 12th ones. And with stock motor mounts, they would cling to each other. But buying a new frame would be very expensive, so I just decided to put the motor mounts of modern versions of this frame. Bought "hobbikinge" ( here such ) motormaunty which fasten an end of the pipe, thus extending its approximately 7-9 cm. As a result, the gap between the propellers was about 1.5-2 cm. Now copter 3 carries axial suspension + sonynex 5n. In fact, with its carrying capacity, it will calmly pull out the SLR as well, since the recommended beam load is 800 grams, and the maximum is 2000 grams, I just don’t think I need it now.

    Here's a story about copter engineering from scratch. To say that the construction came out cheaper than you could buy a copter? Of course not. However, the experience gained is worth the money and time. And also to the question of buying batteries. Never buy these yellow zippycompact! It doesn't matter if 3s or 4s is trash. Compared to the hex, with the t-motor 2014-10 and the suspension on them, it flew 5 minutes. Really only 5 minutes! On a pair of batteries in the amount of 10000mah. If you choose from "cheap" batteries, then either simple zippy or turnigy. In addition, the current output plays a significant role. At 40s, the copter flies from 4 to 6 minutes longer than 25s (personal experience).

    1) You can build a copter with zero knowledge, but be prepared to spend time and money on it. In short, you will first gain knowledge, and then the copter.

    2) Will it be cheaper? Probably not.

    3) You can proudly say "I have assembled it myself" (from components).

    4) Perhaps the question "how much?" You will answer "I don’t even know."

    5) The experience gained will help you fix your copter in an open field with a hammer and a chisel.

    6) During the construction of the copter, you will learn how to solder, solder a lot, solder well, and master perfectly the native Russian abusive phrases.

    That's all. In the next article I will continue the topic of “Russian ambitions” and talk about the construction of a 3-axis suspension, which is now installed on this copter. Thank you all for your attention. :)

    Additional photos

    And finally, the final list of components of my today's copter:

    Total: $ 706.56 for a hexocopter capable of carrying a DSLR.

    ps Thanks to Victor for this material and experience.

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