Almost the entire smart home: a large selection of individual smart elements: lamps, sockets, climate, ecology and safety

    The category of managed smart devices in the “heading” smart home is already close to stopping calculating and systematizing, and individual forecasts still indicate a growing interest of users in this niche.

    Due to the high competition among manufacturers, there has become a noticeable tendency to create separate low-cost elements that are not part of any system, but are autonomously paired with their own software. Today almost all the time about them: controlled smart devices for a smart home: light, electricity, ecology and video surveillance. Choose among expensive and cheap.

    Electricity. Orvibo


    • Operating voltage: 100 - 240 V AC
    • Maximum load: 10 A
    • Consumption: less than 0.3 W
    • Operating temperature: 20 - 45 degrees
    • Working humidity: less than 80%
    • Network: Wi-fi 802.11 b / g / n

    An outlet is more likely an “adapter”, like most non-embedded devices of this type. It works in the home network and is controlled from a smartphone using the following applications:

    Applications are very simple and as a “control panel” - 1 button: ON / OFF, however, in the settings you can set a timer either with a countdown or on your own for a while.

    The socket is also connected without a hitch: the button is held until the red diode flashes quickly, then the Wi-fi password is driven in the application and that’s all. As soon as the device detects the network, the flicker color will change to blue, and when it is completely ready for control, the color will light constantly. You can control the outlet remotely.


    One of the most likely common devices, where, without hesitation, copy each other, repeat, add and subtract functions to look advantageous at a price. The basic principle of operation of Wi-fi sockets remains unchanged, but the models can be conditionally divided into two groups:

    • Recessed
    • "Overhead"

    Insteon brand is widely known in the market of smart devices for the home, in the line of which, among other things, are smart sockets that can be controlled from the remote control or from a smartphone. A distinctive feature of sockets is that they are built-in.

    True, to configure the devices you need a Hub, which comes with software for most operating systems, including Windows Phone. The cost is $ 60 , or 3,700 rubles in the official store.

    Another built-in outlet is Quirky Outlink , which, however, is half smart: the lower part is the most common. It is configured using the hub and application, but in addition to the possibility of remote control, it shows energy consumption statistics.

    Discounted to $ 39, or 2,400 on Amazon

    The topic of saving and saving energy is significant for the Western world, and if you look in this direction, you can "google" a lot of interesting devices. One of them is the IQ Smart Socket - a “nozzle” on a power outlet with a display. The cost is $ 77, or 4,800 rubles .

    Or such a device - Loxone - 69 Euros, or 4,900 rubles . It also implements additional functions for controlling energy consumption, remote smart control, sleep mode.

    The Austrian company has been known since 2009 and produces a wide range of smart home automation devices and individual elements.

    Smart Socket Efergy - $ 70, or 4,340 rubles. The device is controlled from IOS or Android applications, it turns on and off remotely, it has the ability to set timers and control energy consumption.

    Nevertheless, the choice of “ordinary” outlets without additional functionality, very similar to Orvibo, is no less. D-Link has its own version of such an outlet, and it also knows how to work by timer and remotely turn on and off. The W110 version costs a discount in the official store of $ 40, or 2,500 rubles .

    Belkin, the accessories brand, or WeMo, their “electrical division,” release their sockets, and on the official website you will have to pay $ 49, or 3,000 rubles for similar functions .

    If we talk about clone copies, analogues, then one familiar design can be found under different brands. Orvibo is no exception and is strikingly similar to the Bayit Socket . In terms of specifications, they are similar and almost identical in price to Bayit on Amazon - $ 40, or 2,500 rubles .

    Well, a whole string of similar, slightly different, in general, different types of electrical appliances of the same type on different sites, and if you dig in, you can describe them for the rest of your life. A few examples.

    Much of this, under various names, flocks to the Russian market. The same sells smart sockets for 4,000 rubles, and of the fun options that I came across is a socket with a SIM card, 4,590 rubles , which must be sent in writing to the team.

    Ecology. Climate. Gas detector

    In any SmartHome area there are leaders, there are cheaper analogues, there are outsiders, which can be clearly seen on the same outlets. However, those who occupy the first lines of the "Charts" often cost a lot of money, and we have to look for similar functions in inexpensive, but adequate devices.

    For example, the recently described Sentri, which could monitor the temperature and humidity, as well as serve as a hub for other smart devices in the house + was responsible for security, quite "squandered" on the functions of other devices.

    Let's say something goes to a miniature non-intelligent Climate home weather station: Temperature, Humidity, Ultraviolet - 3,750 rubles . Just collecting statistics for subsequent self-optimization of personal space.

    By the way, a separate Leviton humidity sensor costs Amazon $ 35, or 2,170 rubles .

    Or a kind of thermostat for an air conditioner - Tado, the cost of which is 179 Euros, or 12,800 rubles. The device is a box on the wall that syncs with your device, after which you control it without a remote control. An intelligent gadget analyzes your behavior, distinguishes how far you are from home and adjusts to your schedule, allowing you to significantly save energy.

    The Honeywell smart thermostat, which was created as a competitor to Nest, costing $ 249 , draws information from its owner’s mobile devices, automatically adjusting itself to maintaining a specific climate, and after a person leaves the house, the gadget optimizes energy conservation.

    Also here is the discontinued Ecobeefor $ 229, which was also an intelligent thermostat that can analyze the climate of your apartment, helping save energy.

    And, of course, the legendary Nest for $ 249 , which adapted to the owner’s habits, automatically adjusting the temperature comfortable for him in the living space. Here the function of CO, carbon monoxide analysis appeared, and it, almost in the same design, migrated to the Kepler analytic device !

    However, we’ve got a much deeper engagement with a CO2 detector, a carbon dioxide detector. The device is very uncomplicated, but for Windows there is a softink that displays graphs. There is no synchronization with the phone, it works from the network and costs $ 99, or 6,138 rubles on the official website .

    And he, performed by Master Kit - 4,950 rubles .

    The device is sold in a Russified box with instructions in Russian, although its practical value is minimal: the gadget works out of the box and does not require additional settings. Micro-USB cable included. Separately, on the original site you can download the program and when connected to a computer, the Master Kit is recognized as an input device.

    The program also does not require installation and configuration, and shows the dynamics of CO2 level and temperature over the past hour or over a longer period. Review on Geektimes . Netatmo

    also measures CO2 , however, to work with it, you need a Wi-fi connection.

    A personal weather station is a little more complicated and works in tandem with IOS and Android applications, where information from several sensors is collected:

    • Humidity
    • Temperature
    • Atmosphere pressure
    • CO2 concentration

    Shine. Luminous

    • Smart Bluetooth lamp with the ability to change color and remote control
    • Cost - 2 190 rubles

    A smart lamp is very easy to install and manage, which functionally repeats many expensive analogs and can adjust by brightness, color, turn on and off remotely or by timer.

    Works in conjunction with applications for:


    • The case is made of aluminum with stiffening ribs that increase the strength of the system and ensure air circulation, which serves as a passive cooling system;
    • The transparency of the bulb itself (from plexiglass) - 85%;
    • Uniform light output;
    • Bluetooth wireless module with a range of up to 60 meters.
    • Type: 7W RGB LED bulbs with Bluetooth technology controlled by smartphone
    • Wireless Connection: Bluetooth 4.0
    • Compatibility: Any iOS or Android mobile device with Bluetooth 4.0 support
    • Requirements:
    • - iOS 6.0 and above (iphone 4s / 5 / 5c / 5s / 6, ipad touch, ipad mini)
    • - Android 4.3 and higher
    • Bluetooth 4.0 Support
    • Channels: 4 (RGBW) or 3 (RGB)
    • Wavelength: Red-620-630nm, Green-520-530nm, Blue: 460-470nm
    • Luminous flux: Red: 100-150LM, Green: 200-270LM, Blue: 55-105LM, White: 200-300LM
    • White Light Color Temperature: 5500K-6500K
    • Operating voltage: AC100V-AC240V 50 / 60Hz
    • Lighting Angle: 140 °
    • Power factor:> 0.55
    • Operating temperature: -30 ° C to 55 ° C
    • Lamp Size: 79.5mm X 147mm
    • Lamp Power: 12 Watt
    • Input Voltage: 110-220V
    • Effective distance for remote control: in open space - 60m; indoors - 30m
    • Lamp housing material: aluminum
    • Lamp material: milky white PMMA (organic glass)
    • Weight: 121g
    • Water Resistance: IP 25
    • Service Life: 40,000 hours
    • Type of cartridge: E27

    Light bulbs

    In fact, bulbs of "Oriental origin" with similar capabilities are in abundance, but we cannot say that they greatly benefit in value. Their range is from $ 30 to 50, and if you ask yourself - there is something to be found on Aliexpress.

    Here, for example, 2,700 rubles , though with a column. Similar, or even exactly the same, it is difficult to determine, a little cheaper . And, it seems, again she is for 2 800 (before the discount as much as 4 000 rubles).

    The market for devices of this kind is not limited to Chinese clones and copies, and a large number of smart lamps with color change functions and remote control are sold in Russia. Among them are Prestigio lamps, the cost in different stores an average of 2,300 - 2,500 rubles.

    Revogi in Russia can be found for 2 990 rubles or on Amazon for $ 40 .

    At different times different models came with Kickstarter, and one of them - LIF-X once really surprised me. Despite the fact that she was with a Wi-fi connection, she could be controlled only when she was on the same network. And in this sense, it was not much different from Bluetooth lamps. Except for the price! - The average in Russia is 5,990 rubles, or on the official website - $ 60 .

    The model was controlled using an application where the choice of colors and brightness settings were available, as well as the ability to remotely turn on / off.

    Brands with a name also offer their devices. One of the most famous lamps isPhilips Hue to this day remains in demand, despite the vulnerability that was written a few years ago:

    • Brightness - 600 lumens (equivalent to a 50 W lamp)
    • Turn on time - 2 seconds;
    • Maximum power consumption - 8.5W;
    • Resource - 15,000 hours, which will be at least 10 years of active use;
    • Lamp height - 110 mm, diameter - 62 mm;
    • Lamp base - E27

    Xiaomi offered its own version of a smart lamp with remote control. More recently, Sony entered the market with a speaker lamp for $ 200, which acted as a speaker .

    Lamp speakers in general are a separate global industry, where there is practically nowhere to turn around. We have already sorted one of them for you:

    Therefore, Sony’s ambitions and price tag are at least amazing. Not so long ago , another type of smart lamp with a Wi-Fi repeater appeared. One of them should replenish our catalog in December and will cost 3,600 rubles .

    Inside there are two built-in antennas that provide data transmission over the air at speeds up to 300 Mbit. Also, the bulb is compatible with most smart devices that work with Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.11b / g / n at 2.4GHz.

    • Power Supply: 100 ~ 240V AC, 50 / 60Hz, 87-41mA
    • Power Consumption: 7.5W (LED + Wi-Fi Repeater) Maximum 9W
    • Color: Neutral White

    I do not want to hint at anything, but against the general background, the price and quality of Luminous - 2,190 rubles - seem quite adequate and uncritical. Despite the fact that in some stores for a similar design and quality, you can pay twice as much. Here is an example of a Lumen lamp in Russia:

    A few more smart lamps:

    I would also like to show a project with Indiegogo - diode lamps of a non-trivial modern design, which are configured using a special hub and can be controlled by voice or using an application. Detailed specifications on the official website .

    Also recently launched the shipment of an interesting smart lamp that can scare away thieves - BeON . An intelligent gadget adapts to the habits of the owner and is able to simulate its presence.


    Especially since the speech about voice control has already come, I must say about another "type" of smart lighting: smart cartridges, which are much smaller, of course, than lamps. One of them is Vocca - we recently showed inblog on Geektimes and compared it to voice-activated lamps.

    The logic of the creators of the device was that now everyone has played enough with smart lamps, and every time getting a phone to turn on the light is not convenient, and therefore you need to offer an option with voice control. Vocca responds to one command that activates and extinguishes it, and although the authors of the project proposed a version of Pro controlled from the application, the shipment has not yet begun.

    As in the case of sockets, Vocca is more of an adapter or adapter that visually enlarges the lamp: it is screwed into the cartridge, the lamp is screwed into it, and this design can slightly protrude from small shades. It works on the basis of voice and speech recognition technology, which was created under the control of Sensory INC.


    • Рабочее напряжение: 90 -250 В
    • Тип лампы: E27
    • Потребляемая мощность: 0,25 Вт
    • Максимальная мощность установленной лампы: 30W
    • Эффективное рабочее расстояние для голосовых команд: ок. 4,5м
    • Вес в коробке: ок. 120 г
    • Размеры: 92 мм в длину, 65 мм в диаметре.
    • Рабочая температура: 0-70 Цельсия

    Cost - 2 699 rubles .

    Vocca is not the only cartridge gadget. The device is known on the market from Incipio , a brand that is known for accessories for the Iphone and Ipad. Smart cartridge with remote control and the ability to receive voice commands.

    As well as EmberLight, priced at $ 49 . The gadget is also a smart adapter with the ability to remotely control lighting in the house.

    The second, however, is already only a Wi-fi cartridge adapted for LED and CFL and works in tandem with a special application for a smartphone, where you can set the necessary on / off settings. But you can control the light in your home from anywhere in the world. What for?

    Security. Xiaomi

    Speaking of security, for some reason there is a picture with surveillance cameras for the room, and like in any direction there are a lot of price tags. The cheapest and most practical model, in my opinion, is Xiaomi:

    An unusually simple device for daily video surveillance of the room, which connects to the application in a few simple steps with the ability to voice message.

    You can mount the camera on the wall or put it on the table and enjoy the features:

    • Viewing angle is 111 degrees
    • 4x optical zoom
    • Resolution when shooting video 1280 by 720 pixels
    • Management is carried out from a mobile device through the application

    A large review of our camera with photos, videos, pluses and minuses was published on Hitech.vesti , however I would recommend using another application - Smart Home to work with the camera .



    • Model: YHS-113
    • Camera: 1/4 "CMOS sensor, f / 2.0 aperture, 111 degree viewing angle
    • Resolution: 1280 × 720 (high), 640 × 360 (norm) pixels
    • Maximum frames per second: 20 fps
    • Zoom: Digital, 4x
    • Voice Communication: Microphone, Speaker
    • External memory: microSD / HC / XC slot (up to 64 GB)
    • Wireless Network: 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n Draft
    • Network Protocols: IPV4, UDP, TCP, HTTP, RTP / RTSP, DHCP, P2P
    • Security Technologies: WEP, WPA, WPA2
    • Video Format: H.264 (AVC), AAC
    • Other interfaces: USB (for power)
    • Power Supply: 5 V, 1,000 mA (microUSB)
    • Compatibility: Android, iOS, MIUI
    • Case Material: Polycarbonate
    • Color: White / Black
    • Dimensions: 114.4x80x48 mm (with stand); 58.4 x 32.1 mm (without stand)
    • Weight: 128 g (with stand), 37 g (without stand)


    This market is not so brightly replete with new models, and if they appear, then their value can reach impressive money. One of these options, very cool in quality, Canary, costing $ 199, or 12,300 rubles . The camera had encryption “at the bank” level, and sent notifications about almost all incoming events, since the sensors were integrated inside:

    • Humidity
    • Sveta
    • Air quality sensor
    • Passive IR motion sensor
    • temperature sensor

    At the same time, its use at night was as relevant as in the daytime.
    Canary works with iOS and Android devices, and among additional features:

    • Real-time video and sensor data
    • Mobile notifications
    • Information archiving
    • Adaptation to user habits
    • Managed Action Plans
    • Remote start siren
    • Functions and On / Off Modes
    • Transmit backup alarm to family / friends
    • Custom privacy settings
    • Track data and trends

    For 12 500 rubles - an Amaryllo camera advertised by Harold hiding the pain:

    However, the grandfather from the photo stocks is not the main “dignity" of her. Amaryllo iCam HD 360 is a wireless cloud HD camera that has highly sensitive light and sound sensors and responds to “atypical” events with notifications on your smartphone. Infrared illumination makes it possible to use it when the light is off, and all data can be stored in the Google Cloud, where you can upload to your PC or memory card. Read how to set up the camera on Geektimes .


    • Weight: 222 gr
    • Playback: Built-in microphone and speaker
    • Display: 1/4 "color CMOS
    • Дополнительно: Датчик движения, датчик звука, оповещение фотографиями, оповещение SMS-сообщениями, Бесплатное облачное хранение на Google 15 GB, Локальное хранение TCP/IP, UDP/IP, HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, DHCP, NTP, WPS
    • Запись видео: H.264 MJPEG
    • Мощность: 4 W
    • Объем памяти: MicroSD (Class 6 и выше) до 32 GB
    • Питание: 5V, 2A, адаптер
    • Размеры: 80 х 80 х 80 мм
    • Разрешение: HD, VGA, QVGA, QQVGA
    • Стандарт связи: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
    • Угол обзора: по горизонтали 360, по вертикали: ± 25 ° (итого 50°)
    • Шифрование видео: 256-битное (высокая защита)
    • Доступное разрешение: 1.0 MP, линза 2.1mm, f/2.2 со 100° угол обзора
    • Связь: 2-х сторонняя аудио

    Dropcam, or today already - Nest Cam, which seems to hint at where Xiaomi borrowed some design features from today costs $ 187, or 11,500 rubles .

    The device with a 130-degree overview records video in FullHD at 30 frames per second, shows up to 6.5 meters at a distance, what happens at night and transmits streaming video to unlimited distances. The official site .

    Security. Locks

    Smart locks are not so demanded in Russia, in any case we receive significantly fewer orders and applications for such products, but their number as a whole is approaching some sane figure, so I’ll give you a few examples.

    • Kwikset Kevo - a smart lock with a digital key
    • Cost - 22 000 rubles

    The lock fits standard doors and does not require special installation work, but is controlled using a smartphone. You can open and close the door by tapping the phone, receive notifications and "share" digital keys, if necessary, with loved ones.

    The lock warns about the near discharge of batteries in advance and repeatedly, and if the phone, God forbid, is lost, access can be restored on a special site. In addition, it works with a regular key.

    A "classic" castle with Fancy for $ 184 , which is unlikely to protect an apartment or a house, but it will perfectly keep things in the pool safe, close your suitcase, etc. True, it’s a little expensive to save little things.

    Another Noke padlock Bluetooth lock - $ 69, or 4,200 rubles. The simplest device that connects through the application to the phone and has the function: open-close. It is suitable to leave a bicycle somewhere for a while, it may be useful in the country or on a trip. You cannot put an apartment on such a “guard”.

    August Smart Lock is a lock that will close as soon as you leave and open when you approach. The smart system synchronizes with the smartphone via Bluetooth and works in tandem with the application. A distinctive feature is also - ease of installation and strong data encryption.

    Goji Smart Lock works on a similar principle, controlling the protection of the room remotely, with the ability to open the door when approaching the owner and “sharing access”. The official website costs $ 324, or 20,000 rubles.

    A good assortment of smart locks is presented by Samsung, or rather the division that is responsible for the direction of Smart Home . Description of all models can be seen here .

    These are already mortise models with a slightly more intricate installation system than the examples above, but they do not assume synchronization with a smartphone. Say the SHSH705 distinguishes between a regular key, a digital code, or a fingerprint.

    An intelligent “pad” compatible with a large number of locks and bolts - Lockitron, which is easy to configure and quickly synchronizes with the application, which allows you to open access to the castle to friends and relatives, and also constantly displays the status of “open - closed”. The official site .

    Security. Eyes

    • BB-mobile - peephole camera with feedback for the owner
    • Cost - 9 700 rubles

    A model for doors within 10 cm will record “visitors” even in the dark, and can work in three modes: an answering machine when an incoming guest can leave a message for the owner of the apartment. “Home” mode, when the display is activated when you click on a call. GSM mode, which allows you to contact the owner by phone. For the latter, a SIM card is required. In this mode, you can configure sending SMS notifications.


    • Screen: TFT, color, touch 3.5 ", 480 * 320 pix
    • Processor: ARM, 104 MHz
    • GSM band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
    • Support for memory cards: microSD, up to 32 GB
    • Camera: MAX. 2MP
    • Indoor module: 140 x 80 x 16 mm
    • Outdoor module: 60 x 60 x 15 mm
    • Battery: lithium, 1750 mAh
    • Backup Battery: 250 mAh
    • Door mounting hole: 12 - 58 mm
    • Door leaf thickness: 35 - 100 mm

    SkyBell WiFi is a peephole that allows you to communicate with visitors, wherever you are. It is synchronized via Wi-fi, and when guests arrive, you receive a notification on your smartphone. An important feature of this call is the network connection, which will forget about the need to replace batteries.

    • Motion sensor: An exclusive motion sensor allows you to receive and receive calls and notifications without pressing a button.
    • On Demand Access: A feature that allows you to access the live camera regardless of whether someone rings the doorbell or not.
    • Mobile camera: you can move the camera in any direction up to 170 degrees.
    • Ночное видение: ночное видение благодаря незаметным инфракрасным светодиодам.
    • Батарея не требуется: прямое питание означает отсутствие необходимости беспокоиться о замене батареек.
    • Несколько пользователей: отправляйте звонки нескольким пользователям и на несколько мобильных устройств.
    • Wi-Fi подключение: камера подключается к Wi-Fi сети вашего дома.
    • Прочность: звонку не страшен дождь, ветер, тепло и холод.
    • Простая установка: все, что вам нужно, это отвёртка для лёгкой пошаговой установки дверного замка.
    • Безопасность: SSL и шифрование означает, что вы видите только свой канал камеры.
    • 2-Way Audio: вы видите и слышите их. Они слышат вас.
    • УФ пластмасса: специальное покрытие предотвращает ржавчину и не мешает сигналу Wi-Fi.

    Control. Orvibo

    Orvibo AllOne - remote control for electronic devices.
    The cost is 5,190 rubles .

    The Orvibo AllOne WiFi remote control allows you to control your home lighting fixtures and IR electronic devices such as air conditioning, TV, DVD, audio devices, etc. from a distance, after a simple setup:

    • Connect the AllOne device to your smartphone via WiFi;
    • Pair your devices through the app
    • Pick the right IR code for your devices
    • After pairing, save the settings to the cloud server

    Overview on Geektimes

    Before the merger with Google, it was possible to buy a Revolv smart hub for $ 299, which had a rather poor list of compatible equipment, synchronized with IOS and integrated into a home Wi-fi network. Currently, technical support for customers has not been discontinued, but the device is discontinued in its original form.

    Homey - proposed on Kickstarter projectdeveloped by Raspberry, which should integrate almost all the electronics of your home, turning it into smart. Moreover, individual elements can be controlled by voice. The device has a significant number of wireless modules, such as Wi-Fi (802.11b / g / n), Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, ZigBee, Z-Wave and an infrared port, and therefore is compatible with most electronic devices in any modern home.

    Wireless data exchange between devices via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee is also provided by Ninja Sphere, and in order to turn ordinary gadgets into smart ones, special adapters for sockets had to be offered in the kit. The cost on the official website is $ 249, or 15,500 rubles .

    Samsung also has its own smart hub, which is also designed to connect all smart things and define them to a single controller. The cost of Samsung Hub SmartThings is $ 99, or 6,000 rubles .

    Everything at once. A

    project with Indiegogo, within the framework of which it is proposed to buy an “entire smart home” with a touch controller so as not to rack one's brains, select and synchronize everything separately - Oomi .

    Do it yourself

    And of course there are quite a few instructions on the network on how to do, how to connect, how to set up your smart home based on Arduino , or Raspberry , or something else.

    Here are a couple of links to collections from English-language resources:

    Separate sets can be bought on Ebay , DX and, I am sure, on other sites.

    And for those who do not want to bother at all, there are “starter kits” of the inventor. One of them is LittleBits , a set of modules and sensors with remote control using software. Within the framework of this project, various kits and sets are offered from “children's” to “advanced”, with which you can receive notifications from a washing machine or refrigerator, control the light and open the garage doors. A brief overview in Russian on our website .

    Or an even simpler device with a set of sensors - a Verve board , with which you can make a fairly simple home security system or “climate control”.

    Sensors are sensitive to changes, and in the case of "violations" of the norm, you can configure the sending of notifications by email. It is interesting as a “children's toy”, with which you can explain the simplest programming basics to a child.

    A selection of gadgets you can buy at Medgadgets *:

    • Smart socket with Wi-fi control Orvibo - 2 990 rubles
    • The smallest home weather station Climate: temperature, humidity and ultraviolet analysis - 3 750 rubles
    • Carbon dioxide detector in the room Master Kit - 4 950 rubles
    • Luminous - a smart lamp with remote control: changing color, brightness, lighting modes, turning on and off from a smartphone or by a specified timer - 2 190 rubles
    • Smart cartridge, or adapter for voice control of lighting - 2 699 rubles
    • Xiaomi Wi-fi camera - 3 190 rubles
    • Amaryllo Wi-fi camera - 12 500 rubles
    • BB-mobile - GSM peephole camera with the possibility of feedback for the owner - 9 700 rubles
    • Remote control of equipment in the house Orvibo AllOne - 5 190 rubles

    For any of these devices in the basket, you can apply the Geek code , which will reduce the price by 7%.

    In the selection, when recalculating prices from dollars to rubles, the rate of 62 to 1 was in effect.

    Also popular now: