Why you can not miss the conference "Internet of things"


It is impossible to deny: smart gadgets are gaining in popularity. RoboHunter advises attending  the Internet of Things event , which provides a glimpse into the future of the connected devices world. Residents and guests of Moscow on October 29, 2015 will be able to attend one of the most anticipated events of this year.

The Internet of Things exhibition will bring together the best specialists, investors and market leaders of the World Wide Web on the same territory. Top brands and entrepreneurs interested in expanding the scope of application of advanced technologies of the Russian market, and representatives of the IoT industry from abroad will gather to discuss current trends.

The following thematic blocks will be covered during the event:

  • Smart House.
  • Smart city.
  • Smart things.
  • The medicine.
  • Security.
  • Transport.
  • Control systems.
  • Cloud services.
  • Startups
  • Monetization.
  • Wearable and wearable gadgets and devices.

All this will be presented at the IoT conference .

The development of the sphere of the Internet of things, the number of new promising developments is growing every day. Analysts say that soon our entire habitual lifestyle will change significantly under the influence of this trend.

The number of connected devices is growing exponentially, they are constantly being developed and improved. The usual digital development expects a lot of transformations and the transition to the next stage of opportunities. A huge smart space called the “Internet of Things” includes many participants and countless connected devices. The format of the exhibition allows you to get acquainted with industry representatives and see with your own eyes all these amazing gadgets.

What will be discussed at the conference?

The IoT sphere goes through the formation stage. And at this stage, it is important to create
a high-quality business platform, organized in such a way that players of the Internet of things market can learn about each other, enter into successful business communication and exchange experiences to create future projects.
The conference “Internet of Things” with confidence can be called a platform with a unique format, which has no analogues. The results of the first event demonstrated the necessity and importance of this business event.
This time the event is presented in two thematic sections: “Industrial Internet of Things”, aimed at industry experts and business representatives, and the “Internet of Things in Life” section, which invites startups, investment funds and developers to participate.
The “Internet of Things” will be visited by the best masters of the IoT market. Here you can meet with representatives of brands and platform designers: Cisco, Tibbo, Microsoft, iRidium, MediaTek, PTC. Representatives of world famous brands will also attend the event: Google, Yandex, IBM, Kaspersky Lab, Redmond and others. The exhibitor will be the Skolkovo Foundation. Representatives of Leta Capital and StarNet Alliance - investment funds - will also delight their presence.

Note that the exhibition will be attended by speakers from Europe and America. The participants will be research and analytical telecommunication organizations France Telecom and Orange. Among the guests are IDate, innovative developers in the field of transport infrastructure of the Colas Group from Europe and creators of RelayR software from Germany. You will also learn about the three most interesting startup projects.

During the event “Internet of Things”, visitors can learn about the most interesting developments in various thematic segments during the lecture. Guests will see market developments in the exhibition area. Each conference participant has the opportunity to communicate with speakers, experts and, of course, exhibitors.

Why is it worth attending the event?

1. Understand the definition of “Internet of things”.

IoT, or the Internet of things, is an area recently introduced in the domestic market. The industry is developing rapidly, companies are actively connected to the developing World Wide Web. Market expansion allows you to find new peaks and successfully reach them, taking into account the interests of users.

2. To assess the level of development of the Internet of things industry in the domestic market.

The IoT segment is poorly represented. More than a hundred participants who attended the event last year called the exhibition the only high-quality venue with useful and information for market players.

3. Learn about industry innovations and prospects.

A visit to the exhibition is a great opportunity to make a lot of business acquaintances in one day, get to know market players and make connections with leading companies.

4. Understand how IoT can be used.

The Internet of things is an extension of existing capabilities. The innovations and new technologies that you will see will allow you to appreciate the current digital products.

And you will get a good mood and an incredible amount of knowledge that can be used in practice!

RoboHunter is looking forward to the day of the conference and a charge of positive emotions. We will definitely do an overview of the most interesting, talk about unusual gadgets and industry updates.

We will be glad to meet with you at this event on October 29 at the Merriott Hotel (Voznesensky Lane, 7).


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