Export of revolutions. A player with Reddit found a way to win a game that lasted 10 years in 8 moves

This game is the so-called Eternal War, its review has already been on the Gicktime.
For those who are not in the know - I strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself, otherwise you run the risk of not understanding anything.

Spoiler for those who are too lazy to follow the link
Have you ever thought what the world of Civilization 2 would look like if you play ten years in a row without restarting? One gamer went through this nightmare and shares his impressions. The good news is that humanity still exists. But the result of the marathon is 1700 years of war, widespread pollution, endless uprisings. The Earth’s ice cap melted 20 times. About 90% of the world's population is destroyed either as a result of nuclear wars or from starvation caused by global warming, which is why there is absolutely no soil left on earth suitable for farming.

By 3991, there were three supernations left in the world competing for the scarce balance of natural resources: the Celts, Vikings, and the Americans. The game is well balanced, because every nation has all the technology, and none can take advantage.

Dozens of nuclear wars have turned the Earth into an unsuitable place to live. There are no big cities at all, the population continues to decline. Engineers are constantly busy laying new roads so that troops can get to the front line, and these roads are almost immediately destroyed, so the engineers do not have time to clean up the territory from radioactive waste. Spies constantly plant nuclear bombs in cities. On the roads there is a stream of tanks to the front line, so that combat losses are almost invisible, new ones immediately come to the place of the lost units.

The Celts, for whom the author played, changed the political system to communism, the enemies adhere to theocracy.

Since the publication of Eternal War, a lot of time has passed and people have already managed to find different ways to win. For example, a way was found to win for “only” 58 moves . In addition, most players were inclined to believe that it was better to change Communism to religious Fundamentalism, as a system more adapted to a constant war. The author of Eternal War did not want to abandon Communism, since in his opinion it was contrary to the spirit of Celtania. Celtania fought too long against the fundamentalists under the banner of Communism to now go over to the side of the fundamentalists. The difference between the strategy reviewed in this article is that it allows you to win in record time and under the auspices of Communism, but first things first.

Fundamentalism is good because citizens are so brainwashed that they are happy no matter what. As a result, you can keep citizens in a bestial state by cutting down all Luxury to zero without fear of unrest, thereby freeing up more resources for warfare. Plus, you can replenish the army with units of Zealots who do not require money for their maintenance. And even more than that, citizens engulfed in religious ecstasy are able to bear all the costs of maintaining 8 of any units (except the Zealots, the content of which is so free) for the city. The only negative of this fanaticism is a fine for the development of science. However, in the conditions of Eternal War this penalty does not matter, because on all sides (with the exception of the Sioux tribe, which do not play a special role in local geopolitics), the tree of science has been fully investigated. In general, solid pluses.

Communism has much fewer advantages, among them low corruption, the ability to make dissatisfied citizens "satisfied" by introducing troops and experienced spies into the city. In principle, not bad, but against the background of Fundamentalism, it looks faded.

However, it has recently become clear that it is the Communists, using the features of their regime, who are able to conquer the whole world in just 8 moves! The ability to win without changing the regime is a plus, not only in terms of observing the “spirit of Celtania”, but also due to the fact that it is possible to avoid wasting time caused by the transitional Anarchy, which lasts 3 turns. The author of the strategy is sure that with the proper skill, the process of capturing the world can be reduced to 4-5 moves.


The game has the ability to initiate a rebellion in a single enemy city with the help of a mishandled spy. If the attempt is successful, then the whole city, together with the units that this city supports + units near the city, go to the side of the player whose spy initiated the rebellion. For this, a part of the inhabitants bribes, forming a “fifth column”, which “rockes the boat” in the direction of joining the country of the “customer”. Since the Communists have all the spies experienced (that is, they have the status of a veteran), then the chance of such an action for success is higher. You can at least partially “recapture” the money spent on bribery by selling buildings, plus the instigator receives a small portion of the enemy treasury that was stored in this city. The larger the population of the city, the more money you have to spend on bribing, and even more if there is a courthouse. Therefore, To bribe large cities, so as not to go broke, you should first order a spy to blow up the courthouse and / or use a spy to poison the water in order to reduce the population. However, most cities on the map are very small, so they can be bought with giblets without bothering.

The AI ​​does not succeed in winning back the bribed cities. First, as a rule, a bunch of military units go to the city in addition. Secondly, the marshland gives a bonus to protection (as a result of endless floods caused by melting glaciers, most of the world has turned into a swamp). I don’t know anything about AI’s attempts to “buy back” their cities or even switch to a spy “counterattack”; apparently, AI is not smart enough for such a strategy.

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