Adblock Plus made a web browser for iOS

    Adblock Plus is one of the most popular extensions for browsers on desktop computers, but it is not so widely represented on mobile devices. Developers have released their own web browser for smartphones on iOS and made publicly available a browser for Android, beta testing of which began in May 2015.


    Adblock Plus has an extension for the Firefox browser on Android, but according to company representatives it is “extremely limited” compared to the desktop version. “Creating our own browser gives you much more freedom to integrate browser ad blocking, which is easy to understand and configure,” writes Felix Dahlke on Adblock Plus's blog .

    In May 2015, Adblock Plus began beta testing Adblock Browser. It was necessary to join the community , after which the user becomes available to participate in testing. The Android app appeared on Google Play on September 7th.

    The browser version for Apple devices has been available since the release of iOS 9 , which allows you to block ads on the iPhone and iPad. Previously, users had to hack into devices to install ad blockers. The application is hosted in iTunes .

    Contextual sellers are concerned about the popularity of blockers. Google, Microsoft, and Amazon closed private deals in February 2015with the developers of Adblock Plus. Perhaps they are aimed at inclusion in the "white list" of all the mentioned sellers of advertising. AdBlock Plus developers note: “Only sites that meet certain criteria are allowed in the allowed advertising program, including:“ no distortion of the advertising message “”.

    German publishers Die Zeit and Handelsblatt in April filed a lawsuit against developers in Hamburg, seeking outrage at the damage. The plaintiffs tried to prove that AdBlock violates the freedom of the press and prevents publishers from making money from advertising, but the judge decided that users have the right to use this plugin in their browsers.

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