Sony SmartBand 2 tracks heart rate and stress

    Sony officially unveiled the SmartBand 2 after accidentally posting the features of the second generation bracelet earlier. The leak was confirmed, and the biggest innovation was the heartbeat sensor, which improves the health monitoring system of the user of the smart bracelet. As before, SmartBand connects to smartphones on Android and iOS, and notifies you with vibration of incoming calls, SMS and letters.

    Unlike the SmartBand Talk, which has a 1.4 ”E-Ink screen, SmartBand 2 does not have a screen, and relies only on LEDs and vibration for notification. SmartBand 2 also has a player control function and a smart alarm clock that wakes you up at the right time. Sony also announced the water resistance of the device and two days of battery life.

    As a device for tracking both notifications and activity throughout the day, it will be more difficult to classify. However, Sony called it “Lifelogger”, implying the operation of SmartBand 2 paired with the proprietary Lifelog application. The application does not offer anything fundamentally new in the field of tracking, the company has just developed a way to combine bracelet statistics and smartphone usage data.

    In the US, SmartBand 2 will go on sale in September at a price of about $ 132. At the start of sales, only two color modifications will be available - black and white, but in the near future the company is talking to expand the palette with two more colors - indigo and pink.

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    Based on: The Verge

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