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Original author: Joshua Kraus
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Today, more and more companies are following the example of Google and Facebook, radically changing the design of their offices, making them more beautiful, more comfortable and more humane, equipping with all kinds of rooms for rest, relaxation, games, etc. Of course, water slides from reception to workstations and cable cars to meeting rooms look pretty cool, but there are more effective ways to create a pleasant and healthy atmosphere that do not turn the office into a compact similarity to an amusement park.

Time for dogs

If several cute puppies were running in the office depicted in the comedy film “ Office Space ”, the plot of the film would be completely different. Given the many benefits that dogs have in their office, it is surprising why so few companies have resorted to this step. For office spaces in which dogs live, it is characteristic:

  • Decrease in absenteeism . It is much more pleasant to come to the office, where a good-natured animal awaits you, joyfully wagging its tail at your appearance.
  • Stress reduction . According to a study conducted in 2012, dog owners who brought their pets to workplaces suffered significantly less from stress.
  • More active communication within the team . The results of the same study suggest that the presence of dogs in the office is a catalyst for communication between employees who, under normal conditions, were not inclined to interact with colleagues.
  • Improving the image of the company . Owner of a company with a cigar in his mouth and a Persian cat in his arms? It looks like a template villain from a Hollywood movie.
    Owner of a company with a cigar and a well-groomed dog on a leash? It looks interesting and attractive.
    Companies that have officially announced their favor for dogs usually create an image of restrained, flexible and progressive market participants, which will certainly attract potential employees who value these “character traits”.
  • Increasing the physical activity of employees . We hope you are sitting because the following fact may shock you. Sitting daily for more than 8 hours increases the risk of death by 15% over the next 4 years . So, in common sense, it’s better not to sit down. If dogs live in the office, then their activity will help employees to get out of their places more often to play with animals, just walk with them around the office, or even take them outside. Any physical activity that regularly interrupts sitting at the keyboard will do you good. Too much coding is unhealthy.

Acknowledgment and Gratitude

Researchers at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, once conducted a study on the impact of gratitude and appreciation that people get at work. The study involved people collecting donations. The participants were divided into two groups. Before the start of the working day, the first group was addressed by their boss, who gave a fiery speech and thanked everyone for their efforts.

Nobody spoke before the second group, they were simply sent to work.

After a week of donation fees, the results were summed up. It turned out that the first group collected a total of 50% more funds than the second.

Employees who show sincere gratitude and appreciation often act more dynamically and productively than their underestimated colleagues. One of the most convenient and universal ways of manifestation is “kudo box” (kudo box, “box with praise”). Usually they put cards on which they write handwritings of gratitude, praise, talk about their admiration. At the end of the week, someone opens the box and read out the cards aloud. Well, who will not be pleased after sleepless nights preparing for the release to hear thanks to them?

When team members notice each other's achievements and do not hesitate to express their appreciation for this, the atmosphere in the team becomes more open and friendly. “ Did someone write me kudo?” What does it say? Who is it from?»Employees for their work receive not only a salary, but also emotional returns, which increases moral satisfaction with their work. Boxes of Praise increase motivation.

Free expression boards

Not every manager decides to give his employees a surface for writing and drawing with a pack of erasable markers, allowing them to write WHAT PLEASANT. However, the disadvantages of such a solution in the form of unpleasant inscriptions more than overlap with the following advantages:

  • Erasable boards can become centers of crystallization for spontaneous brainstorming.
  • Collaboration between team members is improving.
  • A new channel of visual communication appears.
  • Such boards serve as original creative platforms.
  • Employees are cultivated a sense of community.
  • The board can serve as a source of emotional discharge in the event of a tense atmosphere in the team.

Life hack: hipsters and lovers of the vintage can use black boards with crayons.

Team dinners

From time immemorial, the act of breaking bread with someone is a symbol of friendliness and unity. So do not rush to run home after work, go with the team to some suitable institution, where everyone will feel quite comfortable. Joint dinner is a good team building tool. Eating food with a passing discussion of working issues and gossip rallies the teams very well, allows the prevention of possible conflicts and the formation of friendly ties in the team. According to a Gallup study , friendships with colleagues increase 50% of their job satisfaction. And if you work with your best friend, then the likelihood of your complete dedication increases by 7 times.

A few words in the end

To create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in the office - a good workspace - it is not necessary to invest millions in gaming and sports halls, build luxurious reception areas and install chocolate fountains. It is enough to identify and eliminate or reduce the causes of stress, reduced motivation and lack of initiative. Try the tips above, the results may surprise you. Although the matter is not in concrete steps, but in intentions and goodwill.

And what interesting things have you come up with in your company?

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