A few interesting facts about health, or where do all these people come from in timekeeping

    Inspired by a top publication on the number of comments about vaccinations. Some comments are especially remarkable there, for example, “Honestly, deactivate their accounts and give a lifetime ban on Ip, and you need to deprive the rights to children, otherwise you will be killed by stupidity and your children.”, “An ordinary person is not a professional- an epidemiologist and can’t make such decisions, because he doesn’t own the whole picture. ”and just“ It’s a pity there is no Bioreactor option. ”.

    Well. Who are the stones flying at once? We have already found out about anti-vaccines, who else is on this list? Are vegetarians (or even better - vegans or raw foodists), supporters of childbirth at home? Ah, there are still proponents of home schooling! But let’s talk about schools another time. And we will leave vaccinations aside, they have already been discussed. Here are a couple of stories from the past of various prescriptions.

    In the distant 1847, a fellow practitioner named Ignaz Semmelweis decided to think about why it is during childbirth in hospitals that the death rate of women in labor sometimes reaches 30%. (This is, for a minute, every third woman in childbirth! Even in those wild times, such a mortality in a terrible dream could not be dreamed of at home birth). They even came up with a name for this phenomenon: "Maternal fever", and it seemed that they believed that it should be so. It is not known how (this was before the discovery of microorganisms as such) Semmelweis realized that if you treat your hands with an antiseptic before working with a woman in labor (although there wasn’t such a word then), then mortality will decrease SEVEN times. I emphasize once again: mortality is about 30%, its reduction by 7 times is achieved by banal hand treatment. Do you think everyone immediately rejoiced at the solution found and began to implement it everywhere? Yeah, well. Semmelweis was fired from his post and forbidden him to publish this data. And since he still tried to shout to recognized luminaries, they closed him in a mental hospital, where he died. (Nothing like?). And another 18 years (!) Mortality in hospital deliveries remained at the level of 30%. Until microorganisms were officially discovered and asepsis rules began to be applied everywhere. Then, however, a monument was erected to him ...

    Say that it was all too long, and now this is basically impossible? Maybe so, of course ... But something tells me that most people over the past couple of hundred years have not changed much ... Still ask yourself the question - what moved those people who, despite such a simple measure, continued for many more years kill your patients? And have you not seen these motives in modern people?

    Okay, now let's move on to more recent times. Michel Oden, was a field surgeon in the French army, then became an obstetrician. One of the first who began to openly talk about (the 70s, by the way) that in obstetric medicine medicine has gone too far a long time ago, and not only does not help, but, on the contrary, leads to a variety of complications (which later heroically and razresivaet). Thanks to him, there has been a very serious shift in this area towards the naturalness of the process (including childbirth at home!), His methods and practices have been introduced and are being implemented around the world. He himself is now taking home birth, not at all considering it to be something like that, for which he must immediately be deprived of parental rights and sent to the bioreactor. Do you really consider yourself more competent than an obstetrician with 40 years of practice and world renown?

    And at the same time in the USSR (the iron curtain), it was a common practice to take a newborn child from his mother, not to bring his mother in the first three days (there is such a physiological fact - milk appears in abundance on the third day, and before that it is extremely small, and if so, then why?), and then bring them to feeding according to the schedule. And then “suddenly” it turned out that early breastfeeding, for example, is the best prevention of atonic bleeding (one of the leading factors in maternal mortality - remember the complications caused by the overly active doctors that Auden talked about?), And those first drops of colostrum are extremely important for a newborn in so many ways, and his digestive system is not able to absorb something else the first three days. And mother’s milk production is very dependent on how often the first three days were applied to the child (it is not surprising that “no milk” was one of the main problems, then almost 100% of those who gave birth are another example of the problem caused). And there are many, many other very interesting things that were then considered the ultimate truth, but now they look wild (unfortunately, and now there are those who think so, alas). Try to imagine in the USSR in the 70s giving birth in a home (non-sterile) setting, giving birth to water, giving birth in the presence of a husband, giving birth without medical intervention where it is not required. Presented? And in other places, it was already beginning to become common practice. And are you so sure that your current knowledge is now most likely the latest and final, and after another 50 years they won’t look at you the way we look at those

    Holland, modern times. There historically, that home birth was not replaced by sick leave. At home there give birth to 30% of the population. And where, if not in Holland, to conduct a comparative study of the dangers of childbirth at home? Of course, the study was conducted. I will not give a link, it is easily located. I will only say the result: there was no significant difference in maternal and child mortality between home and hospital births. I will not answer typical questions, usually following the announcement of this fact, I will only say that the study was not made by fools, and all these questions were taken into account before. And you know, which, despite all this, will be the most common reaction among the majority? "I have not read the study, but in reality (with us) everything is not so."
    So why, despite the fact that the information about all of the above is open and accessible to everyone, the majority, still hearing about someone’s desire to give birth at home, is ready to throw stones at the speaker?

    Okay, let's move on. Vegans, vegetarians, raw foodists ... Is it not true that these children too must be taken away right away, otherwise they will be starved to death?

    Again the second half of the twentieth century. Galina Shatalova. Neurosurgeon. It all started with the fact that she noticed that her patients, who before the operation switched to a very lightweight diet, the percentage of postoperative complications decreased ... to zero! Started exploring this topic in more detail. And she came to an amazing conclusion: the recommended nutritional standards by all were overestimated at least once every five! All the then-accepted standards of healthy nutrition adopted at the ministry level led to a huge excessive load on the body. She began to experiment with diets very close to vegetarian-raw food. And she did this with athletes, marathon runners and astronauts. Yes, yes, she was allowed to conduct her experiments with food to the astronauts. IN USSR. I think that this should show her level as a doctor and specialist, is not it?

    A couple of her experiments (if it suddenly became interesting - she has published books, the rest is there). Two groups of marathon runners, one on the high-calorie diet classic for athletes, the second on her diet of salads and herbal infusions. She herself, by the way, is among the marathon runners of the second group. After a many-day run, doctors evaluate the condition of athletes from both groups. The group on a light diet (ten times less in calories than generally accepted under such a load) is in much better shape compared to the control. And they come to the finish line first :)

    Another experiment is a trek through the desert. The accepted water consumption is 10 liters per day. Her group, eating raw salads, consumes 1 liter per day and comes to the finish line in great shape. She herself is among the participants. At that time she was already 70 years old.

    She herself lived 96 years, almost until the last, conducting seminars with the presentation of her healthy eating system.

    And now attention, the question: how did her research affect the generally accepted recommendations for nutrition, and how - in the food industry? I will leave this question open.

    Well, are you still ready to stone the vegetarians and take their children away? Then here is another example. Mann, Ivanov, Ferber Publishing House (hopefully heard of him?). Publishes the book, The Great Chinese Study. One fact from there: two groups of rats were given a dose of carcinogen, 100% leading to the appearance of many tumors. After that, one group was put on a diet with abundant animal protein content, and the other group on a protein-free diet. The first group died from cancer very quickly, and the second as if did not receive a lethal dose of a carcinogen. After the autopsy, the resulting tumor centers were found, of course, but the tumors ... did not grow. Not bad, huh? Still want vegetarians in a bioreactor?

    And finally. Try to come to the pharmacy and among the many vitamin complexes for pregnant women find those in which there will be no carcinogenic dyes. And when you can’t find it, ask yourself the question - what do these dyes do there? And what is the purpose of the manufacturer who adds these dyes there? And then do the same with a paracetamol antipyretic baby syrup - try to find one that does not contain artificial sweeteners, dyes, or flavors. Again, ask yourself the goal of the manufacturers. And how much it coincides with yours (if you have, of course, children). And then, perhaps, you yourself will come to the question "and how, in essence, do the goals differ in the production of vitamins, antipyretic and other medicines."

    In general, here's a better answer to this question: how in the modern world, in which openness and accessibility of information is not an empty phrase, but the reality surrounding us, one can be so categorical in their judgments that what is good and what is bad? And really be prepared to impose your vision on everyone else, not considering yourself capable of making mistakes? Where do these people come from here on the hiltimes?

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