Firefly actors launch their own series

    Loved it, has THIRTEEN years passed since the launch of Firefly (“Firefly”)? Oh no.

    The stars of “Firefly” Nathan Fillion (“Castle”) and Alan Tudik announced their joint work on the comedy series “Con Man” (the name can be deciphered as a “scammer”, and in the story it comes from the words “convention man”, ie a person attending fan congresses). According to the plot of the series, the heroes of Nathan and Alan starred in the cult series "Spectrum", after which luck was smiled on the hero of Nathan, and he became famous, and the hero of Alan is content with wandering around the numerous fan congresses. Alan Tudik is the main creator and screenwriter of the series.

    Friends decided to take advantage of crowdfunding opportunities and launched a fundraising campaignon the series on the Indiegogo website. Initially, they expected to raise funds for three episodes, but only in the first day of the campaign they more than doubled their requests, and now they updated the “ladder of achievement” to 12 episodes, i.e. until the whole season. Apparently, the goal of $ 1.75 million will be easily achieved - now the campaign has already raised more than $ 1.1 million.

    The promotional video reveals that Catherine Felicia Day ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer") will be partners with Nathan and Alan in the comedy series. Doctor Horrible Music Blog, Supernatural), Seth Green (Robotsyp, voice over for Mass Effect), Gina Torres (another actress from the main cast of Firefly) and James Gunn (creator of Guardians of the Galaxy).

    The creators of the series explain that with the help of crowdfunding they want to escape from the oppression of television networks that close the series for unknown reasons. In the video, Alan and Nathan say that if the company is successful, “they will build a spaceship where Nathan will be the captain, and Alan will control it,” which can be regarded as a hint of the revival of “Firefly”. I don’t know who how, but I have already crossed my toes.

    The series “Firefly” authored by “Joss” Whedon (creator of such magnificent TV shows as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Angel”, “Doll House”) combined elements of western and space opera. He talked about the adventures of the Serenity spacecraft crew of the Firefly class in 2517. The series became a cult, but for some reason its shooting was suddenly stopped by the FOX channel, and only 11 of the 14 episodes shot were shown on television. This led to the appearance of numerous petitions from fans demanding to continue filming the series. Despite this, the shooting did not resume. Three years after that, the feature film “Mission Serenity” was shot, the plot of which completed the plot of the series.

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