New Year video RBDoom3-BFG on the Elbrus-4C processor

    2015 has come. And what new year can there be without a gift? On this occasion, the MCST team (the author of the note has nothing to do with it), posted an interesting video on youtube with a demonstration of the launch of Doom 3 on Elbrus 4C.

    The main goal of the test was an open source driver stack that implements the OpenGL 3.3 standard.

    I invite everyone interested to get acquainted with it:

    Some details under the cut.


    • An experimental uniprocessor motherboard with an Elbrus-4C processor. The processor operates at a frequency of 720 MHz
    • 12GB DDR3
    • AMD Radeon HD 6970 2GB
    • Sound card native, built into the south bridge of KPI
    • Elbrus OS with Linux 2.6.33 kernel

    Software and testing features The

    cross-platform project RBDOOM3-BFG is an improved version of the well-known Doom3 game, modified to work under Linux (the lead developer of the project is Robert Beckebans). The original Doom3 game was released in 2004 and at that time made very high demands on the hardware; the Doom3 BFG edition was released in 2012.

    The source codes of the game were compiled into the "native" system of teams of the Elbrus architecture.

    The game uses all 4 processor cores. The resolution was FullHD (1920 by 1080 pixels).

    In this test, the binary translation system (providing compatibility with the x86 architecture) was not used.

    Additional notes

    It is important to note that the maximum fps in the BFG version is set to 30 frames. In general, the game goes in the range of 15-30 fps. Nevertheless, this is a very good result for an experimental platform and software under development, given the frequency of the processor. I think that increasing the frequency would allow Elbrus to reach a level comparable to current mass processors.

    Additionally, a good overview of the platform and Elbrus 4C on cnews:

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