"Space" music from NASA audio materials

    In October 2014, the NASA space agency opened an account on the SoundCloud website , where it uploads audio files recorded during historical missions of past years, as well as current operations. For example, here are the sounds of rocket engines , and here are the sounds of radio waves in the earth's atmosphere and the signals of the first Soviet satellite.

    The NASA collection has attracted the attention of professional musicians from the Fabrica Music Area . They used the archive as a source of samples to compose their own music.

    In total, four compositions were combined in the 80UA album . The name of the album was invented in accordance with the size of the solar system in astronomical units (Astronomical Units).

    The first composition, Express 999, was inspired by the anime Galactic Express 999, in which a locomotive with wagons travels through space.

    The second track, Yellowknife Bay, was named after the terrain explored by Curiosity rover. For bass in the end, the sound from the Kepler telescope was used. According to the author of the music, this is the most powerful bass he has heard lately.

    The third composition is called “V1 | 130 ”in honor of the Voyager 1 spacecraft launched in 1977. He is now 130 astronomical units from Earth.

    Finally, the fourth composition is “Northern Crown” (Corona Borealis), after the name of a small constellation in the northern hemisphere. This is one of the favorite constellations of the famous scientist and popularizer of science Karl Sagan.

    The tracks were published on the day of the 12th anniversary of Creative Commons, under a free license that allows any broadcast and downloading of music.

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