Results of the competition “Dead time stories”

    Hello GT! We are sure that you were waiting for this post, because any competition with the results is red. It has arrived, it has arrived that very same time - summing up the results of the competition “The time has come for drop dead stories”. And, I must say, we got some drop dead stories for 20 thousand letters - we had something to read in the evening at our leisure. It is doubly cool that you approached the creative contest with a share of responsibility, taking from the depths of your memory really awesome stories about upgrading computers.

    One of the most enjoyable experiences is nostalgia, especially in those happy times when 32 MB of SD-RAM was the standard, 3dfx was still alive, and Unreal scared to shiver on the knees the first meeting with Skaarge. Most of the stories sent to the contest in different nominations relate to these times. We are only glad for this, because in the competitive works the interestingness of the situation and qualitative changes were evaluated, and not the amount of RAM that you acquired.

    We had three nominations:

    1. "Skill drags, but the hardware decides" - about replacing a mouse, keyboard or headset.
    2. “Say no to spherical horses in a vacuum” - about the experience of turning synthetic “parrots” into real performance.
    3. "Need for Speed" - about the performance gain when upgrading the RAM. Let's look at the results of each of them and determine whose creation is worthy of falling into the immortal!

    "Skill drags, but the hardware decides"

    Formally, this category could include only one competitive work from Leeloush_Keer, in which he shared his impressions of the new HyperX Alloy FPS keyboard. The NoOne sysadmin attributed the same category to his story about bureaucratic upheavals when updating a prehistoric server, but it so happened that “Skill ...” is about gaming peripherals.

    NoOne, your coolstory is really cool and very vital, because 512 MB for a server is not memory, but sclerosis. But 512 MB of RAM is not a mouse, keyboard, or headset. Therefore, we sent your story for evaluation in another category.
    And the winner is Leeloush_Keer with a completely dramatic review of changing the old worn keyboard on HyperX Alloy FPS.

    So ladies and gentlemen, no foreplay or chewing snot. Immediately move on to the apodosis.
    The bottom line is as simple as three pennies lying in a torn pocket - I need to type very long texts by occupation. Not just long, but straight very long, straight "Mnogobukaf".

    And now my old keyboard, which has seen a second diablo, has ceased to suit me - it seems to print, but it's not that. It’s as if something is missing, the felts of the mother-of-pearl button, the felts are not the same already, and she frayed, poked a couple of keys through, with whom it does not happen). And by the will of fate, and maybe evil rock - I ran into an article, here, from the same author, it was a post about the HyperX Alloy FPS Black USB coming into the market. And then it clicked in my head - “why not?” But actually I wanted ELITE. I wrote in a personal letter to the author, saying so and so, when do you expect ELITE in our city? In response, the raven on the tail brought the news, they say the keyboard can be purchased on the upcoming game world. Several days passed, and now I am standing at the HyperX stand, asking why there is no ELITE on the blue switches. In general, how long is short, but I purchased HyperX Alloy FPS Black USB ... and we became as one, like Steve and Nancy, like Batman and Robin, like Ash and Pikachu. This keyboard is the same for me as for the old pirate, the stylet handle, which was eaten out by sea salt, which he soldered a dozen times with hot blood. Like the endless, virgin pure and time-forgotten snow-covered forests of Norway, on which the leg of humanity has never set foot for the scarred old wolf. How ... however, enough water. The keyboard is really very responsive. I want to print on it, I want to look at it, I want to boast about it. which he drank dozens of times with hot blood. Like the endless, virgin pure and time-forgotten snow-covered forests of Norway, on which the leg of humanity has never set foot for the scarred old wolf. How ... however, enough water. The keyboard is really very responsive. I want to print on it, I want to look at it, I want to boast about it. which he drank dozens of times with hot blood. Like the endless, virgin pure and time-forgotten snow-covered forests of Norway, on which the leg of humanity has never set foot for the scarred old wolf. How ... however, enough water. The keyboard is really very responsive. I want to print on it, I want to look at it, I want to boast about it.

    The keyboard has become a second wind for my occupation. I feel her every click, I hear her every click, I am, the same, EVERY click of her.

    Congratulations, bro, the rules are the rules, and you strictly followed them. Contact us through private messages to specify the coordinates. An even cooler HyperX Alloy Elite keyboard is sent to you.

    “Say no to spherical horses in a vacuum.”

    Perhaps it was the most difficult, but also the most interesting nomination for us. In it, you should have described your experience in evaluating real performance in spite of synthetic benchmarks. Who cares about the beautiful "parrots" if the real growth during the upgrade was a few percent? We are confident that the winner will appreciate a pair of 8 GB Kingston KVR DDR4 2133 MHz modules in full, because installing them in any computer can give him a second life.

    And here our opinions were divided, it was very difficult to choose a winner. In one corner of the ring with real experience, a Varfalomey user who has experienced sadnessfrom comparing a regular SSD with a SATA interface and a monster on NVME. The moral of the story is simple - at some point, the real difference in performance without virtual rulers is no longer noticeable.

    In another corner of the swordman-sib with a monumental SSD testing technique , backed up by a theoretical framework. We completely agree with the author - more real types of load under the most difficult conditions!

    Based on the results of fierce disputes with the use of non-dangerous verbal nonviolence, we determined the winner. swordman-sib , an excellent SSD reviewer will come out of you! Waiting for your reviews. And 2 Kingston KVR DDR4 2133 MHz modules of 8 GB are waiting for you. Write us your coordinates in the PM to get a prize.

    Here is the same utility-filled winning comment:

    Speaking about testing methods, we usually mean well-known synthetic tests - it is their "magic" numbers that in many cases become decisive when choosing a particular model, the next username or argument in favor of this choice by this or that veteran of the couch troops in the comments of the corresponding Internet resource.

    However, in reality, finding on a user PC a program for synthetic testing of any of the components of the assembly is as fantastic as the prohibitive figures of a spherical sample in a vacuum, carried out by the caring hand of a marketer to pack the entire batch. In daily work, the average temperature in hospitals, the workload of the drive depends on many factors, and it is not possible to reliably calculate it for each system; but here are common scenarios for most users to test - completely.

    So what is the difference between lab and user-oriented testing?

    Firstly, on a client PC, SSDs never produce perfectly uniform recording with the notorious 4 KB blocks for a long time. And it will be more logical to measure performance (more precisely, the graph of its stability) not by the first, but by the subsequent passes of the test - we are interested in the speed of arbitrary operations in the worst-case scenario. Including when copying files multiple times (preferably mixed type). Wait for TRIM to clear, repeat.

    Secondly, in addition to the well-proven, but still synthetic PCMark, it will be useful to evaluate the speed of launching real applications that form a routine user environment. This, for example, the speed of archiving and unzipping a mixed set of files, the opening of "heavy" documents by the forces of the MS Office package, and a similar operation with projects in Photoshop and Premiere Pro. Do not forget about the games, for the sake of speeding up the download and speed of which SSDs are purchased not least of all: we launch several demanding modern projects and compare the real speed.

    And finally, far from all reviews you can see such an important indicator as the temperature regime of the drive under continuous load - but meanwhile, for owners of compact cases and laptops, this is one of the most important indicators of the dynamics of performance and the life of an SSD.

    Of course, you shouldn’t completely cancel the synthetics - a common reference point for all models is an important component in testing. But expanding the quantity and quality of indicators by contacting the user in a language that he understands will definitely not hurt.

    "Need for Speed"

    Vrummm-vrummmm, - howl a cooler of a computer that is not able to digest the highest load. The processor puffs, the hard disk cracks, downloading data to swap, the RAM is being heated, which is so lacking. But everything changes when new RAM modules appear.

    All your stories written for this nomination are full of tragedy. For each of them, you can make a film that breaks into a tear no worse than the Titanic. Each went through an unfortunate statement of a lack of RAM, and each story has a good ending.

    “Need for speed” turned out to be the most popular nomination, you sent especially many stories, choosing among which the best was oh how difficult! All of them deserve to be read, each of them has its own zest - thanks to the authors for a detailed and emotional description.

    Most of all, the lack of RAM is noticeable on servers - sometimes even half a gigabyte can fundamentally turn the tide. There were several server stories, for example, a short but exciting story from varfalomey about a remote workstation of almost military level (correct us in the comments). Train the writer's skills in yourself, your baggage of experience with a proper description will turn into amazing stories!

    However, even more exciting was the thriller from BubaVVwhich, with the help of shamanism, the saliva of a unicorn, a rabbit’s foot, and the flashing of the SPD chip in RAM, made an upgrade to the old MacBook. Your comment shocked us with an overwhelming level of enthusiasm, courage and directness of hands, even though the first time you ruined the module. ;) We hope that with a HyperX Fury DDR4-2400 memory set of two 8 GB modules you will never need to upgrade to a lower frequency. Write to us in PM your coordinates, the prize is already waiting!

    The first story is about 2002. After upgrading the computer, the old Pentium-120 remained with 16 MB of memory. As I remember, EDO SIMM. Vin98 crawled on it, somehow. By the way, the collectors in the store stole (?) The paid and available on the TAGRAM check, but now no one will ever remember such a thing. Once I came to visit a friend who worked as a laboratory assistant at a university, and drew attention to the closet with all the rubbish written off. His eyes lit up, he received admission and fished out 2 slats of the required memory of 16 MB each. As a result, it turned out to pull on the ASP Linux 7.1 computer and begin to learn the basics of working with networks and all that. When I played enough, I put NT4 and Opera 9. to something and pulled the computer to the cottage, where he finalized it until the screw died

    The second one is generally fresh, have not yet managed to put out checks in case of a return. I got a decommissioned MacBook, in which only 2 GB of memory. You can’t use this with the current version of the OS in any way, but you can upgrade to 8GB + SSD, and this is quite decent. The memory there is DDR3-1066, two channels. Slats of different sizes are supported, but at least one should be at 1066 MHz, and the second should not be slower than this speed. And 4GB-1066 is exotic at wild prices and / or long delivery. But, as it turned out, you can buy faster modules and change the SPD to 1066 in one of them. The firmware program is very specific and not cheap, but we managed to find some old version with keygen that runs only on Win7 and the clock installed on March 2011 of the year. The laptop chipset seems to be supported. So Butkamp, ​​in him Seven, in Seven flasher, in laptop bars 1 + 4. I configure the speed of the 4-gig module, click the “Flash” button, and I’m flashing the wrong module - the 1 GB bar is locked. I realize this after turning it off. I repeat everything with the last bar at the right speed, but the Butkamp for some reason collapses on the road. I rearrange everything in a new way, it’s good that from the image. This time I'm flashing what I need. As a result, everything flies, and the laptop from the trash goes into the category of workers. The intensity of emotions in the process resembled a famous episode from "Flight of the Phoenix."

    To all participants

    Thank you so much for your stories, each of them is valuable in your own way and was interesting to us. In creative contests, the participant always puts a piece of soul and warm memories into his creation, and we thank you for your sincerity and willingness to share your experience. Cheer up, this is not the last contest on the Kingston Technology blog - participate, and luck will surely smile at you!

    Thank you again for your attention and stay with Kingston on the Gimetimes!

    For more information on Kingston and HyperX products, visit the company's official website .

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