Steampunk style webcam announcement

Steampunk culture implies a civilization that has mastered the mechanics perfectly. In modern realities, gadgets are often simply styled like steampunk. We decided to make our device with a beautiful mechanism of the original design. And this is a steampunk webcam.

Steampunk webcam

We are a team of engineers who love mechanics. The prototype of the webcam, which will be discussed in the article, was developed by Andrey Korobov petrotator .

Many people seal the webcam with electrical tape, on our camera the lens automatically closes with a special shutter. A little bit about how it works.

When the webcam is activated, it automatically opens, and when deactivated, the shutter in front of the camera lens automatically closes. The shutter consists of 5 petals mounted on shafts with levers.

the petalslevers with shafts

A disk is mounted on the axis of the gearmotor, to which 5 rods are mounted that go to the levers. The geared motor is controlled by a relay and reed switch circuit connected to a webcam.

gear motortraction drive

On the front panel there is an LED indicator that does not hit with bright light in the eyes.

front panel

The brass parts are polished to a shine, and the steel parts are burnished.
At the moment, the prototype is being assembled and finalized with a file.

Video of the lever mechanism of the camera.

A few more photos of the details of the webcam.
levers with shaftstraction drive

traction drivefront camera with closed petals



before assembly

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