How to listen to music through your finger

    At CES, Samsung presented several strange devices from one of its divisions, Creative Lab, at once, but for some reason many people reacted very cool to the smart belt, which should monitor the activity and weight of the owner. The controller for the VR headsets turned out to be expected, but the smart watchband, like all wearable ones, has attracted the attention of the press.

    And even that, by and large, only because, among other things, it offers a very specific opportunity: to talk or listen to content through the finger.

    However, for those who need it, let's say right away that the TipTalk strap is not needed for this. The secret is simple, and he's under the cut.

    Apparently, we are talking about (now banal) technology of bone conduction of sound, and, having secured Bluez 2-s, I recreated the “illusion” of the strap on my wrist, and I must say: it works.

    First of all, I checked what would happen if you hold ordinary headphones in a fist, and the effect was very predictable: nothing. Then I checked the same on Aftershokz, and during this peculiar experiment I distinctly heard a sound:

    At the same time, the denser I plugged my auricle, copying the guy from the picture, the better I distinguished the sounds. Secondly, I asked my wife to plug my ears tightly, while I myself put my index finger on my bones: the sound is heard when I touch it, but if I remove my finger, I don’t.

    Next, I “grabbed” a palm with my headphones:

    And finally, from a pharmacy gum, I tried to imitate the position of the bracelet on my arm, making the sound emitters contact the bones as densely as possible:

    It looks, of course, a little ridiculous, but convincing, considering that in this version of the headphones the “distribution” of noise from the headphones is very strongly minimized, the risk that I caught the sounds "just like that" is 99% excluded.

    Of course, the finger is a universal tool with a wide range of capabilities, up to twisting the screws with your nails, so it’s not surprising that moving it around the smartphone’s screen is already quite archaic, but admittedly, one of Samsung’s new products on CES- 2016 is a strap with a piezo sound transmitter, maybe a little better than I used whenmade headphones with bone conduction technology at home , but nonetheless. No magic.

    Regards to Samsung
    and grateful for your attention.

    Good evening!

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