"Bon appetit, earthling." Restaurants where robots feed you

Tired of hearing the phrase "have you already chosen?" Have a desire to have fun and get into a futuristic atmosphere? Or just don't want to tip? If so - visit the restaurant where you will be served by robots. They drive up immediately, expect nothing from you and will make you feel like a representative of a highly developed human civilization.

Restaurants with robots instead of staff open around the world. They serve customers iron and plastic bartenders and waiters, and the food is cooked by mechanical chefs. In this post - a story about several characteristic institutions.

Garzons on casters

Robots in most restaurants of this type are waiters. This not only makes the establishment interesting, but also allows the owner to save money - the robot does not take time off, can work overtime and, of course, it does not need to pay a salary. Robot waiters began to be used in China since 2006, but then they were thoughtless and looked like toys. Now their appearance and functionality is evolving.

Dalu Robot Restaurant
Jinan, China

Dalu opened in 2010. The robotic waiters here resemble droids from the Star Wars movies. Each has a sensor with which the robot determines the table at which visitors are waiting for the order.

The menu includes dishes of Chinese and European cuisine: traditional soup, meat chop, there is a wide selection of salads. While visitors are eating, there is a geisha robot near them - a mannequin in a colorful kimono that makes sounds and moves limbs.

Robo waiters ride bicycles, dishes are transported in the trunk. In total, 12 robots are involved: in addition to the waiters, there are also hostesses and artists who entertain the audience with singing and dancing. The price of each robot is $ 6 thousand. The owner plans to bring the number of robots to 30 and modify them so that they can climb the stairs.

Hajime Robot Restaurant
Bangkok, Thailand

The name of the institution is translated as "Beginning" or "For the first time." It is pleasing to some people when they are served not by ordinary robots-commoners, but mechanisms from the upper class are real samurai. Two of these devices "work" in a restaurant in the tourist quarter of Bangkok. Robots were made to order in Japan.

Visitors sit at tables of two types: for barbecue (with coals in the middle) and for cooking (with a round stove). Each table is equipped with a tablet on which the order is made. A man selects dishes and presses the button "Send to the robot." A samurai robot emerges from a state of deep contemplation of the beautiful, comes to life and moves on rails to serve customers.

The restaurant is ready to offer over 100 dishes: fried steaks from imported Japanese beef, salmon, sushi, New Zealand mussels. Clients in their comments are satisfied with both the kitchen and the colorful robots.

Robosamurai does not behave like a formidable warrior, but as a hospitable host - he sings songs and winks (instead of his head he has a tablet with a face image). Each samurai is engaged in 16 tables.

Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

In 2015, a restaurant was opened at Cixi Ningbo City, where five robots serve customers. Two serve food, the rest dance at the entrance, thereby attracting customers. Each robot costs $ 9.5 thousand, but the owner of the institution, Lou Dyke, assures that the robots have long recaptured the money invested in them.

Automata can speak, they pronounce 40 different phrases. Optical sensors help them to function properly and move around the hall. One battery charge lasts for four hours.

Robot chef

Haohai Robot Restaurant
Harbin, China

Opened in 2012, the restaurant has a staff of two dozen robots. Some of them are engaged in cooking in the kitchen. They make noodles, cook dumplings, mix drinks. Their processor brothers deliver food, saying warm words to visitors: “Greetings to you, Earthling, at the Robot Restaurant”, after which they entertain them with singing. The average check for lunch here is $ 6-10.

Robots at Haohai Robot Restaurant can portray up to ten different emotions. One of them is an exact copy of the robot from the cartoon "VALL-I". Just in case, the devices are controlled by personnel from the computer room. The price of robots varies from $ 32 thousand to $ 47 thousand. Growth is 130-160 cm. The battery lasts for five hours of continuous operation.

Nagoya, Japan

One of the first restaurants with robots, the opening of which took place in 2009. Its full name is “Fully Automated RaMen” (“fully automated noodles”). The chef and his assistant are autonomous robots created by Aisei.

Visitors say the robotic set meals, noodles and sushi prepared by the robots have excellent palatability. But most of all, people like to watch the work of two machines. “They cook quickly, but at the same time, their gestures are elegant and beautiful,” say visitors. The cooking speed is truly amazing: exactly 100 seconds are spent per serving.

With such productivity, robots have a lot of free time that they spend entertaining customers, playing comic scenes in the style of "manzai". Favorite miniature among the regulars - one robot threatens another with a kitchen knife, and the other, hiding from the anger of the enemy, closes the pan with a lid.

"The robot enters the bar ..."

Robots not only prepare delicious food, but also mix drinks at the bar. Perhaps the robot bartender will not help with advice and will not pour into debt, but he will certainly listen to everything no matter what he is told, and will not dilute alcohol with water.

There are a dozen such restaurants in the world, the first of them was opened in Nuremberg in 2007, it was finalized until 2016, after which the premises began to be used as an office.

Tipsy Robot
Las Vegas, USA

The first restaurant in the world with robots as bartenders is Tipsy Robot ("Drunk Robot") in Las Vegas. KUKA devices here mix cocktails and pour drinks ordered by customers.

Robots are completely autonomous. An order can be made through the application on a smartphone or using a tablet on the rack itself.

Robots mix liquids from bottles, which in the amount of 150 pieces are attached downside down to the ceiling. By clicking on a special valve on the bottles, the robot measures the right amount of alcohol. After that, he will even decorate the cocktail with berries or fruits.

Vienna, Austria

The name of the restaurant translates as "Roller Coaster." Bartender robots mix drinks and send them along steep, zigzag and spiral small rails - a mini-roller coaster - right to the client's table. The menu here is a tablet in which the order is made in the same way as in the online store. The tablet is issued at the entrance on the security of any valuable thing.

Order information is encoded in a barcode. He is printed and sent to the robot bartender, who begins to prepare the drink.

Just behind the bar are two robots. Customers admit that the best thing for them is to mix cocktails and dance. A robotic disco takes place every 45 minutes; the devices know ten dances.

Delivery by rail

There are several restaurants in the world where orders are delivered to visitors' tables by small robotic trains by mini-rail. They come not only with children. Adults also appreciate when their burger or beer delivers a train to the sounds of railway beeps.

Brno - Prague, Czech Republic

Czech "railway restaurant". The name can be translated as “Firebox of a steam locomotive”. Food and drinks are delivered directly to the tables with the help of small trains by rail, the length of which is hundreds of meters. The locomotive economy of the restaurant is constantly growing, the length of the railway line is increasing. The hosts take care of this.

There are three Výtopna restaurants in the Czech Republic; the project is a franchise. The first one opened in 2009 in Brno, a little later in Prague two more. Opening the first point, the founders of the network did not know what success awaits their initiative. The restaurant was almost always full. According to the owner’s estimates, the institution has served six million customers over its entire life.

The cuisine is ordinary: pizza, pasta, beer, snacks. Visitors say that they come not so much to miss a couple of mugs, but to plunge into the atmosphere. Trains with food here move along paths through tunnels in the hills and mountains, sweep at 20 km / h on drawbridges over rivers, go around ponds and slow down, passing stations.

“This is not a restaurant where people come for a quiet romantic date or have dinner in an elegant evening outfit,” say visitors to Výtopna. “This is more of a restaurant for a fun and interesting pastime.”

In the largest restaurant of the chain, which is located in the Prague shopping center Palladium, the length of the rails is 1200 meters. They are driven by 21 digitally controlled trains. In Brno, the scope is less - 400 meters of canvas and 3 small rolling stock.

Fritz's Railroad
Kansas City, USA The

restaurant was opened in the 1960s. Offers a large assortment of burgers. Visitors are attracted not by food, but by service using mini-trains.

The order is made from telephone booths directly in the restaurant hall, after which it is delivered in freight wagons. The trains move on rails with a distinctive railway sound, which makes being in Fritz's Railroad even more interesting.

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