The human factor in e-commerce systems or when AliExpress Escrow does not work

    Quite a few types of fraud are developed in online stores, but they are built on the carelessness and ignorance of customers. As a rule, all these schemes are crushed to dust with timely appeal to arbitration.
    However, the human factor can ruin any good deed. In this essay, I will share the tragedy that developed around my five-dollar cable, ordered on AliExpress back in June, as a scheme built on the negligence of arbitration. In the end, they have already hit Skype, what is worse with AliExpress ?!

    No, this is not a complaint. Of course, the loss of $ 5 crippled me, my brain began to boil and claimed justice, but I stood, rehabilitated and am already learning to live with it further.

    In order not to languish, I will immediately explain the essence of the scheme.
    a) the seller sends the goods and gives a non-working track.
    b) the buyer does not immediately begin to worry, because anything happens.
    c) the buyer does not receive the goods in the estimated time, requires the correct number, the seller dynamite.
    d) the buyer starts a dispute, the arbitration obliges the seller to give the correct track number.
    e) The seller gives the left track number, from someone else's parcel to your city and received by another person. The pulp is that the arbitration of AliExpress is sufficient for the fact of the presence of the track and receipt of the parcel. No other factors - the place and date of departure, weight of the parcel, name of the recipient - are not taken into account by the arbitration. The only evidence that arbitration requires according to the screen above is an official documentfrom the mail that you did not receive the parcel :) Of course, the post will not give anything like that in any country, the dispute ends with the victory of the seller, curtain!

    Why does it work? I can assume the following. Ali, like all other similar organizations, has auto-sorting of tickets. Cheap tickets go to low-skilled personnel, usually interns or outsourced companies sitting on a contract. These people are most loaded, they have the minimum allowed time to process the ticket, and the qualifications are so-so. They don’t have time to punch the track, check the parameters, + for sure there is a clear and dumb instruction where to poke the mouse. Initiative is punishable.
    In my century, a similar situation was with one mobile operator holding support for small businesses on outsourcing. Any new operator’s news reached the company with a delay and customers often received incorrect consultations. And that's why this situation seems to me to be just a hole in the system.

    The work of arbitration on AliExpress

    Now for those who want to completely immerse themselves in drama or simply do not believe the word, color pictures. I will not embed them in the text, so as not to spoil the page, because huge ones who want to open themselves. If all of a sudden representatives of Ali appear and accuse me of unfoundedness, and I know that they are monitoring Runet, order 67577811566571.
    The dispute itself. The dispute was fought out of sporting interest, to understand at what stage arbitration does reach it. It didn’t reach :) Now I am again given 12 days to provide that same official certificate from the post office.
    The fake receipt that the seller gave. EMS mail for free shipping 150 grams and 5 dollars, yeah.
    Errors in writing English words (FORM, COSTOMS declaration, etc.) are delivered separately.
    Screen from the Bogotan post office, where you can also see a different (compared to the seller’s receipt) shipping place, weight of 1280 grams and other inconsistencies.
    Screen from the Chinese tracker, where the recipient’s name and sending date are also visible - one month after the date specified by the seller.
    Finally, a color scheme with circles! :) I drew when it did not reach the arbitration for the first time. It didn’t help ...

    So, in this particular case, it is rather a game of someone who. Social experiment. There are also 12 days to come up with a plan of revenge, subject to the presence of mood and time.
    But if this happened with a large order (my personal record is 4100 dollars per machine), it would be much sadder.
    One can only hope for the correctness of my sofa analytics that a large order falls to other arbitration experts, and the threshold of the "large" sorting system will not grow rapidly.

    UPD 10/26/15. The battle ended in a victory for the beaver.
    I decided to conduct an experiment and made a very primitive piece of paper, taking the corporate format of the daily report as the basis and replacing the heading with the logo from the mail site. Specially left everything in Spanish, except for the main text, which he stupidly translated in Google and did not rule. The signature was painted, the seal was slapped from the set of repayment of documents with an expired date. In general, the fake is obvious.
    And what would you think? Gobbled up!
    Not right away. The seller responded with a counterclaim, heating up a similar fake, only with a star:
    Next week we threw the same pieces of paper at each other: I
    even got the impression that the arbitration was waiting for us to lose it . But somewhere in the third iteration, a decision was made in my favor. The dispute with the apparent fault of the seller took a month and a half ...
    What conclusions can we draw?
    1. Arbitration eats any candy wrapper. I admit that they cannot know all the formats of all countries, but some documents are obviously false and obviously cannot be obtained.
    2. The arbitral tribunal does not study evidence, but looks only at the fact of their presence. If I had scanned the playboy’s turn, he would have come down.
    3. The buyer's protection system on Ali does not work and you should not rely on it.

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