Durov.im or remember the story of allpeople.kz

Surely many of you are faced with the news "The New Social Network of Pavel Durov" or "The New Secret of Durov." We all know who Durov is, what he has done and is doing. Another allegedly his project durov.im just blew up the front page of news to some extent (take the same Yandex.News, which automatically collects news from well-known sources and puts them in a common directory; just enter durov.im in the general search Yandex news).

Some may remember a project like allpeople.kz. The project is not a very smart schoolchild (not very - this is still poorly said), which promised to become a shadow and even more known to everyone on VKontakte. For those who do not know or have forgotten who and what it is - I will explain. Allpeople.kz is a fake project, “created” by a schoolboy from Kazakhstan, hoping to reach the level of the CIS countries and Russia in the field of social network. Everything seems to be good, but there is one thing. This project was just an ordinary engine from our "experienced" Ukrainian friends, studio - niceweb. The engine itself is a complete zero, like its structure, but this is not about that. At that moment, and it was either two, or a year and a half ago, our Runet also surged up a wave of reactions to such a statement from the founder of allpeople.kz. Naturally, after a week-long DDoS attacks and constant bugs, the project calmed down,

But what do we see now? A completely similar situation. Only two differences. The first is another engine, more competent. The second is another student, dumber. At the moment, registration on durov.im is on invites (similar to the situation with allpeople.kz), but I want to note that the site was subjected to DDoS attacks yesterday and the day before (again, hello to our Kazakh friend). The situation is repeating itself. For some reason, people who have not really done anything attract too much attention, both from the public and the media. Whether there really are zero correspondents who cannot verify the material.

I am more than sure that this template engine, in which nothing has been changed (you can not imagine how they bomb me). Even our "wise guy" cannot even localize the engine.

I think it will fail in a month. There are two reasons. The first is constant DDoS attacks, so as not to litter Durov's name (what were they thinking about, creating and registering the durov.im domain?). The second is the impossibility of further development. It is unlikely that the owner of this project will at least somehow be able to bring a “twist”.

And now the proofs. Evidence that this is a regular engine: here .
For those who are too lazy to create a demo link, here's a second proof: I'll give you one .

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