“You can make your products on imported machines, this will not make it less domestic”

    Suddenly, my previous post about a new plant in Kursk caused a heated discussion in the comments. There were a lot of questions about the production, which I, as an outside observer, cannot answer, but I think it is wrong to leave them unattended. Therefore, I decided to redirect the sharpest of them to the production manager of this plant. And here is what he answered.

    Questions from Mike_soft , REPISOT , Sergey Sergeevich bull1251
    , what microelectronics products does your factory currently produce? When will the production of sensors begin?

    The launch of the production of sensors and microelectronics is scheduled for 2019 - this is the third stage of the plant. To date, only the first stage of the plant is open.

    Questions from maxwolf, plm
    Tell us more about the sensors. Where do they apply? And what is this black bulb on the scraps of cable among high-precision sensors?


    Sensors are used today almost everywhere: in airplanes, cars, in production. Yes, that is far to go, in every smartphone today there are sensors. The same tilt sensor that rotates your screen.

    "Black Bulba", which was written about in the comments, is a module for measuring the parameters of power line wires. Inside is our inclinometer. In case of wire slack, it transmits the corresponding signal to the control system. Electricity networks, by the way, have already appreciated this development.
    We also plan to produce motion sensors (accelerometers, gyroscopes, etc.), pressure, microgenerators, mirrors, microphones and other products.

    Question from Dmitriy62
    How do you compete with the Chinese (in electronics)? What are your competitive advantages? Or do you work only on state defense orders?

    It is impossible to compete with the Chinese, we just work in our segment. Yes, we carry out orders for defense enterprises. But not only. As I said, the private market is also interested in working with Russian manufacturers. For example, we produce products for the automotive industry, railway and air transport, telecommunications, etc.

    Questions from EMS
    Why does a company that produces LED lights and cash registers need a tomograph?

    And why does a person who has a computer need a fountain pen? They are for different tasks. In addition, the main activity of our company is not lamps, and not cash registers, but the production of test, technological and testing equipment. A tomograph is one of the ways to control product quality. It allows you to see the internal structure of the sample, evaluate the quality of assembly, casting, welded and soldered joints. You can see if there are defects, cracks, pores, inclusions. In Russia today, the need for computed tomography services, especially taking into account the development of additive technologies, is growing every year. And we provide these services.

    Why was the only money in the country found on a tomograph, and milling machines so cheap?

    Again, it all depends on what they are used for. We are not a turning and milling company, which stamps a thousand parts per shift. We have other tasks, these machines are mainly used for repair work and to ensure the internal needs of the enterprise. A full-fledged machining workshop will be launched later - tentatively at the end of this year. There will be production of hull parts for sheet metal products, metalworking and powder coating of hulls.

    What certification does production have?

    In 2017, we successfully passed recertification for compliance with the requirements of the standard GOST R ISO 9001: 2015 (ISO 9001: 2015). A package of documents is being prepared for certification of production according to ISO 13485 (Quality Standard for Medical Devices) and ISO / TS 16949 (Automotive Industry).

    The fact that moisture-sensitive parts are stored in special cabinets is good. What about the rest? Solder Paste? How will the equipment feel without air conditioning?

    Solder paste is stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of + 5 ... 10 ° C.
    In our workshops, the normal temperature is maintained and, accordingly, the equipment works without interruptions.

    Questions from SovietTwins
    How stable is the temperature in the workshops?

    The temperature is stable, keeps, according to the specified modes of climatic equipment (heating, cooling).

    Are there any thermal curtains?
    Air heating is used only in building No. 7 (motor transport zone). The remaining buildings use a closed heating system, with the installation of gas boilers in each building.

    Is it hot in summer? What is the air conditioning system in the workshops?
    No, air conditioners (split systems) are installed in the rooms, last summer the temperature in the buildings did not rise above 24 degrees. People were even freezing.
    Industrial buildings have industrial VRV systems.

    A few more questions from EMS.
    ESD protection - is it just bathrobes and shoes? And the floor, furniture, tools?

    In addition to bathrobes, hats, shoe covers and slippers, we have floors in workshops, furniture and tools also have ESD protection. An ESD audit is conducted regularly.

    Does the company have an oven for drying circuit boards?

    There is.

    Questions from impetus , SOvA13 , Mike_soft
    Is there enough space for parking / loading / unloading / turning of a heavy truck? Will a fire truck pass?

    Naturally, when designing the plant, all the necessary sites for parking / loading / unloading vehicles were taken into account. And how do you think the equipment is brought to the plant? The same tomograph weighs 8.5 tons and has overall dimensions of 2.7m x 1.8m x 2.2m (plus packaging). Of course, for the delivery and shipment of such equipment, appropriate areas and access roads are needed. All this is provided and designed for the future.

    The modular architecture of the plant is also chosen by chance. Firstly, it allows to reduce vibration, secondly, this is done for fire safety purposes, and thirdly, such a system is easier to manage.

    Question from Nubus
    Why are “dry storage cabinets” so expensive?

    A modern dry storage cabinet, this is not a metal box with a compressor and air / nitrogen supply. This equipment, which is an automated dry storage system with a significant electronic component. All the structural parts of dry storage cabinets are antistatic and guarantee complete protection of the products placed in them from being affected by static electricity, and the dust- and moisture-proof welded construction provides protection class IP 65 from external influences.

    The system meets all the requirements for storage and operating conditions of radio elements, according to Russian and international standards (IPC / JEDEC J-STD 033, GOST 21493-76, GOST 15150-69, GOST 23216-78)

    Question from aewoo
    It is very good that in Russia at least something is starting to emerge from modern industries. Question to the author. The production of cabinets and printed circuit boards is understandable. And whose components? the machines there are visible whose ...

    Now the world is globalizing. These components can be developed by one company and produced by another. The so-called fabless products. Therefore, I would not focus on whose components these are. Basically, of course, foreign. But this is like with machines - you can make your own products, but on imported machines. From this, it will not become less domestic.

    Due to the fact that the time of our meeting with the production manager was limited, I was not able to ask all the questions that were sent in the comments. But he answered the main ones, although the reaction, frankly, was different. In general, I hope this was not our last meeting.

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