US Post Refuses to Send Parcels to Crimea

    The US Postal Service refuses to send parcels to the Crimea. “Already several of our customers have encountered the fact that the US post office refuses to deliver their goods to Crimea,” said Sergey Smirnov, representative of Shipito’s foreign online store delivery service , to RBC . An American store sends goods for a resident of the peninsula from a warehouse in the United States, and at customs they mark it as “export prohibited” and return it to the warehouse.

    A representative of a similar ShopoTam service, Andrei Lyamin, confirmed that the United States Post had stopped delivering parcels to Crimea. In this regard, intermediary companies offer Crimean residents to use their services for now - the goods are delivered to a warehouse in the United States, and then the parcels are transported to Crimea with the help of Russian partners of the companies.

    Thus, the US post joined the group of American companies blocking Crimea under the sanctions of the US government. Recently, Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Apple banned the sale of their goods on the peninsula, although not all Russian partners of these companies decided to comply with the ban. For example, Maxim Faldin, co-founder of Wikimart online store, said that he was going to ignore him. “We have never promised partners that we will fulfill their orders on what and where to sell,” Faldin said. According to him, the company exchanges money for goods and does not tell its partners where they can or should not spend this money.

    Various services from US companies also blockaccess for residents of the Crimea. Recently, Paypal , Google AdSense , Google Apps , Steam and Apple Developer have become unavailable to them .

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