Hand monsters in the fight for cleanliness: the choice of hand-held vacuum cleaner Xiaomi

More recently, Xiaomi, a well-known crowdfunding platform, has entered the market of handheld vacuum cleaners with a new interesting model. The article will focus on the Roidmi F8 vacuum cleaner, which is designed in the corporate style of Xiaomi - a strict white minimalist design and maximum functionality. And I will compare with the popular V8 model from Dyson.

The Internet of things is developing rapidly, and household appliances are no exception. On the contrary - affordable top-end models from well-known manufacturers have appeared, which are integrated into the environment of the “Smart Home”.

The new model Xiaomi Roidmi F8 is a bright representative of modern high-quality household appliances. The Roidmi F8 vacuum cleaner is a 2-in-1 model, i.e., both a vertical and a manual vacuum cleaner. In the range there are many nozzles and accessories that extend the functionality. All accessories and finishing of the vacuum cleaner are made with high quality, the nozzles are fixed in their places clearly, without backlash. The device has a built-in powerful battery (for an hour of work) and a Bluetooth wireless module. The Roidmi F8 vacuum cleaner integrates into Xiaomi's “Smart Home” environment and is controlled through the MiHome app.

Now the market has a strong competitor for Xiaomi. This Dyson V8 is a top-end handheld vacuum cleaner with a cost of $ 400 +. Both devices have a unique design and construction and do not copy each other's technical solutions, which, in my opinion, is most interesting for comparison. There are a few common points, such as: the location of the engine and the location of the trash bin. So, the placement of the container in Roidmi has a greater similarity with the solutions of the new Dyson V10: a container for dust and debris is located along the direct-flow path (horizontally). In Dyson V8, the same container-cyclone is located transversely to the air flow (vertically). Because of this, Roidmi F8 wins in ergonomics and dimensions of the model V8, as well as energy efficiency.

On the image: “Smart” Xiaomi Roidmi F8 vacuum cleaner mounted on a magnetic holder ...

Let me give you a briefcharacteristics :
Brand: Xiaomi
Type: manual / vertical vacuum cleaner
Battery / power voltage: 29.6V
Power consumption: 415W (base + brush with drive)
Motor type: brushless, up to 100000 rpm.
Filtration system: four-stage.
Engine power: up to 115W
Suction and flow power: 18,500 Pa and 1100 l / min.
Built-in battery capacity: 2500 mAh
Battery charging time: 2.5 hours
Backlight: yes
Wireless: Bluetooth
Remote control: MiHome application Garbage
container capacity: 0.4L
Noise level: up to 75 dB Vacuum
cleaner weight: 1.5 kg

The Xiaomi Roidmi F8 package is shown in the image below.

The unique design of the Roidmi F8 is based on a powerful 100,000 rpm brushless motor. The suction power is equivalent to powerful wired vacuum cleaners and is 115 air / W or 18500 Pa (parameters similar to the top models from Dyson). Brushless motor does not require maintenance ( replacement brushes are not required due to the lack of brushes), is controlled by a special electronic module, and has improved energy efficiency, compared to simple collector motors. In this context, Roidmi provides more time at maximum power.

The Xiaomi filtration system provides four-step cleaning and filtering of dust particles: a mesh filter, a cyclone, a HEPA filter and a polymer sponge. Such a combination of filters of various types makes it possible to trap particles as small as 0.3 microns in size (PM0.3), which is an excellent result for such vacuum cleaners.

One more competent decision of experts of Xiaomi - the longitudinal arrangement of a trash bin is used. Unlike the Dyson V8 with a transverse arrangement of the container, in the model Roidmi F8 the resistance to air flow decreases and the power and efficiency of suction increases. And, therefore, increases the filtration of air flow cyclone filter. And the noise is reduced. The noise level, by the way, is limited to 75 dB, which is less than that of other models. I note that in the race for compactness, in the model Roidmi F8 the volume of the container is slightly reduced (0.4 liters), and less than that of the Dyson V8 (0.5 liters). But the design Xiaomi allows you to easily rinse the container with running water.

The unique solution from Xiaomi is the modular design of the floor nozzle. The design provides for disassembly with removal of the brush for cleaning and replacement. Included are replaceable brushes: with a soft material for cleaning the floor with a hard surface (laminate, tile, etc.), as well as a combined brush with soft silicone inserts for cleaning carpets (also suitable for cleaning pet hair).

For linoleum, carpet or short-haired coverings both options are suitable, according to the situation.

The design of the nozzle for cleaning provides a tight clamp to the surface of the floor with a minimum gap - for better quality of cleaning and thorough suction of dust. There is a small "feature": the nozzle is equipped with a backlit area cleaning.

This is a convenient and useful solution that facilitates cleaning. It is very convenient if you often clean under the table, under the sofa and in other hard-to-reach places. You can visually monitor the quality of floor covering.

Another interesting feature is the special Anti-dust Mites Mattress Brush Head brush.. This is a special nozzle with an independent electric drive for removing dust mites and for cleaning the mattress. Works from the accumulator of the vacuum cleaner. Removes up to 99% of microparticles of dust, hair, dust mites, which is important for allergy sufferers. The drive rotates the brush up to 3500 rpm, constantly, regardless of the selected mode. The nozzle is convenient for use with a "manual" version of the vacuum cleaner and allows you to clean pillows, mattresses, etc. The design of the brush has a special bristle with a rubber nozzle for extracting mites, germs, hair, animal hair, skin flakes, etc. from fabric and upholstery of mattresses.

Do not forget that the Roidmi F8 is a 2-in-1 version of the vacuum cleaner. If you remove the extension tube from the vacuum cleaner, and directly put on the nozzle for cleaning, you get a handy handheld vacuum cleaner, with a short case and convenient for cramped and hard to reach places. For example, suitable for cleaning in the car. But! No manual vacuum cleaner delivers power close to the Roidmi F8.

Roidmi F8 has a button with latching, turned on, and work quietly ( until the battery sits ). Turns off by pressing the button for a few seconds. The battery is set to 2500 mAh and 29 volts, and consists of 8 connected cells (8S, LG high-current cells).

By the way, the battery lasts for 55 minutes in standard mode (80W) for cleaning without interruption, and up to 10 minutes in turbo mode at maximum power. This is equivalent to cleaning the area of ​​350 square meters. meters Intermediate modes are available (35 minutes / 20 minutes).

Special magnetic base provides quick installation on the wall. Simple and not intricate. Before use, activate Bluetooth and add a vacuum cleaner to your MiHome app. After that, it becomes possible to customize the device settings.

MiHome application for controlling the vacuum cleaner, control parameters, and the choice of operating mode. There is a notification function about filling the container and the need to clean it. Information is available on filter wear and on available replacements. The application collects statistics about cleaning, you can check yourself. And, of course, firmware update.

The conclusion suggests itself in favor of the Roidmi F8: it is cheaper and has more attachments than the Dyson V8 Absolute. With close technical specifications Roidmi F8 has more functionality, competent support, including consumables and accessories. And most importantly - Roidmi F8 was originally designed for the environment of the "smart home" from Xiaomi. Add a vacuum cleaner can be a couple of clicks in the application MiHome, where all your "smart" household environment is collected.

So, in the assortment there are several lots of vacuum cleaners available in the Gearbest.com store:
ROIDMI F8 EU XCQ03RM , complete set, delivery by a courier company. Now this lot can be purchased at a stock and a modest price of $ 329.

Also pay attention to similar models Xiaomi ROIDMI F8E ($ 358, but more favorable delivery) and model ROIDMI F8 Y01EU for $ 415.

If you are interested in vertical and manual vacuum cleaners, pay attention to the OEM analog Xiaomi - a great vacuum cleaner LEXY JIMMY JV71 , vertical layout and power 130AW, just $ 369. It is even more powerful and more convenient.

And its cheaper option is Xiaomi Youpin JIMMY JV51 115W, with a vertical cyclone container, for only $ 189.

And the budget option with decent performance: this is an interesting Alfawise FJ166A , for only $ 119.

I hope my article will not leave you indifferent. I propose to discuss your impressions and experience of cleaning with vertical and manual vacuum cleaners. Moreover, the Dyson has a new model V10, which is still ... more expensive, with the same characteristics. Here the ROIDMI F8 wins almost twice with a similar configuration.

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