We are looking for speakers on Java MeetUp upd 28.06

    We are actively developing internal professional communities at Raiffeisenbank. In each of the areas we regularly hold meetings and share news about what is happening with someone on the project, who has learned something interesting and can teach.

    We know how important it is to communicate with people from other teams and projects, to be able to ask for advice, discuss technologies that have just appeared and share experience. Therefore, on May 16, in the Moscow office of Raiffeisenbank, we will organize our first open Java MeetUp.
    Details under the cut.

    We will come up with one, but very extensive topic. Victor Tsvetkov ( avessal0m ), Senior Architect RBO Team, will talk about CRDT: relationships at a distance. How to resolve conflicts in distributed systems

    We invite you to join . We are looking for speakers and will be happy to hear from you.

    We are interested in reports:

    • Functional and reactive programming
    • Java core our everything
    • Using Kotlin
    • Auto Testing and Using Testing Tools
    • The use of patterns and "bicycle building"
    • Bigdata

    Tell us about your work! Suggest a topic that you would like to share, and we will help you in the preparation. The structure of the report should include 20-25 minutes for the report itself and 5 minutes for questions. Presentations at the application stage are not required.
    To send an application, fill out the form ! Applications are accepted until May 4 inclusive

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