We introduce the system of achievements on the Toaster

    Hello from the Toaster team!

    In this post we want to introduce you to the achievement system that we introduce on the Toaster. First of all, I want to note that it was created in order to mark certain merits of the user to the resource, be it good questions, answers, or, for example, editing someone else’s content.

    For all the details, welcome to Cat.

    Types of Achievements

    In total, there are 2 types of achievements: repetitive and unique. At the moment, you can get 7 types of achievements, of which 2 are repetitive and 5 are unique.

    Recurring achievements have 3 levels. Depending on the fulfillment of the conditions, you earn a badge of achievement of one of three levels, and at the same time you can have badges of all three levels. Badges for these achievements are issued 24 hours after the creation of the content. If the content has been deleted before 24 hours have passed, no achievement will be awarded. They can be obtained an unlimited number of times.

    Unique achievements also have 3 levels. The achievement icon is issued only once, when the minimum conditions are met. Subsequently, if the condition for obtaining a higher-level badge is met, the previously received badge is replaced by a higher-level badge. Badges of these achievements are issued at the time the condition is met.

    Achievement badges are displayed in the user’s profile in the “Information” section,

    and cards with brief information are displayed in the “Achievements” section:

    I would like to note that we have already issued badges to those users who have fulfilled the conditions of achievements in the past. You can check their availability in your profile. And in order not to miss the new badges, turn on the corresponding achievement notification email .

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