How to improve channels in Telegram?

    I propose to select the channels in a separate tab and modify a little:

    Screen 1 - List

    The list of channels looks the same as before, but it is separated from personal correspondence. Channels is a platform for publishers and bloggers that needs more space to give great benefits.

    Screen 2 - Feed

    Now the list of channels of each of us exceeds ten, and the flow of information is increasing more and more. I would like to be able to go into a single tape and see everything that has accumulated for reading.

    Screen 3 - Discover

    The feed recommends messages from channels you don’t have. The history of recommended messages does not disappear, you can always rewind and find the right one. Scroll, read, watch, learn about new channels, subscribe.

    PS Goodbye Facebook and all other news feeds and recommendations !?

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