How to pass the MTCNA test (Mikrotik) 100%

This article will be useful to those who are going to receive a certificate from Mikrotik for the first time, but are afraid of "unknown" and profuka money.

Yesterday (04/14/2018) I passed the MTCNA test at 100% and I will share with you how I achieved this.

Seasoned admins will say that this is garbage and this test is the easiest. It is logical, since this is a first-level certification. This is the first step! But having accepted the correct training tactics from the first certificate, then the rest can be passed successfully!


  1. Any network administrator must understand the OSI network model at the bone marrow level . If you think that the unit of data at the transport level is a bit, then you are too early on MTCNA.
  2. The same goes for understanding IP . You need to understand what the address space is made of and how to calculate the mask.
  3. Practice. You must have experience configuring more than just TP-Link home routers. Put on Cloud Hosted Router virtual machines and solve various cases. Without registration, all ports operate at a speed of 1 Mbps. For tests, this is quite enough.
  4. Basic knowledge of English. You still need to understand the official wiki correctly . At least with a Google translator. This resource is enough to pass the exam.

    Of course, the teacher can answer questions from the general theory of computer networks, closing some gaps in your knowledge, but this is not the purpose of the course.

    Nevertheless, it is believed that you have come prepared.
  5. Register on and fill in the personal data correctly.

    If you write your nickname in the Full name field, it will be fun to get a certificate for some LeoMaXx. Same thing with e-mail. Invitations from the teacher will be sent to your email address.


The course takes 3 full days and 4 is tested.
The official program can be found on the site .

In Russia, the course is conducted in Russian.

You will be given the cheapest RouterBoard for laboratory work.

Complete ALL tasks that the teacher will give. If you can’t do it, ask the teacher for help. All tasks are given with the aim that you better understand the theory. Each unmade lab reduces your chances of passing the exam.

All questions that came across in the test were discussed in detail by the teacher in the lesson. Listen to it carefully!

Before class, drink “glycine” so that your mindfulness is good.


You are given 1 hour and 25 questions for the exam. The teacher opens access to the surrender.
You gather your thoughts, calm down and press “Start test” in your account on .

The questions are in English, but there is a “Translate to Russian” button above the first question.
Not all questions will be translated into Russian. The quality of the translation leaves much to be desired, despite the fact that people did the translation ... The teacher helped us with the translation of untranslated questions. I still referred to

Read the question text and answers carefully. They can be a trick. And don't think of anything. Read questions literally.

For example, there is a question: "What mask can you connect two Mikrotik". There is no indication of the type of connection in the question. But many responding think of Ethernet, forgetting about point-to-point connections and set / 29/30. / 32 remains without its cherished checkmark. Do not try to bet / 31. Mikrotik does not know RFC 3021 !

On the right, the time is counted and the “Save progress” button in case the “tyrnet” runs out. But progress itself is automatically saved.

Having finished answering questions and if time allows - check all the answers again! I checked myself found an error.

Do not try to copy the entire text of the questions. They say that the test "grabs" as not passed. Also, if you post your questions, there is a chance that you will be calculated and revoked. I did not check this theory on myself.

At the end of the test, the result will immediately appear on the screen. Also, a key for the L4 / P1 license will appear immediately in your account

To get a certificate, you must pass at least 60%. If you have not had more than 4%, then you will be given another chance on the same day. But in our group, no one had to use this. I couldn’t verify this theory either.


You must go to these courses not only for the sake of a piece of paper, but also in order to really raise your professional level. We, after all, are not at the university, where we must pass the test "just to pass."

You will have to put the acquired knowledge into practice.

On the Internet, you can easily find a list of MTCNA questions. It is not worth hoping that you come across any of these questions. Mikrotik is constantly developing its tests.

But if you understand how to answer questions from this test (for example, they can calculate the intersection of networks), then you will definitely pass 60%!

The main thing is not to be afraid! There is nothing supernatural in the course of MTCNA.

PS: I want to express my gratitude to and personally to coach Nikolai Kuznetsov

PPS: Less than a day:

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