Today anyone can become ZCPE

Taking this opportunity, I would like to once again recall the existence of certification of PHP engineers. It’s already 2018, and the world saw PHP 7.2, the certification is constantly updated. Current Version: ZCPE-2017. Get a certificate now, or still wait for the updated version to be released - you decide.

Why and what is it

Without a piece of paper you are not a man, but with her ... Everything is differently shorter. This notorious phrase in places is quite applicable to the world of web development. The certificate immediately makes you more significant, whether it be only in your own, or in the eyes of potential customers on freelance exchanges. And even more so, a certificate that is actually quite simple to obtain.

Certification itself covers almost all the main areas necessary for the productive development of PHP applications. The test is quite complicated and, as one guy said in the preparatory courses that I attended, “it covers not so much PHP as all the bugs and oddities of this language”.

Therefore, having passed it, you can not only decorate your resume, but also get an extra reason to consider yourself a real PHP Ninja.

I won’t describe for a long time what it is, since there is already enough information on the Internet, for example . Instead, I would like to focus more on the strategy of passing the test itself.

Test structure

Let me remind you that the test consists of 70 questions, the answers to which can vary from just choosing the answer option to free-form questions where you need to enter the name of the function. All questions fall into one of the categories:

  • Php basics
  • Functions
  • Arrays
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Security
  • Databases & SQL
  • Data Format & Types
  • Arrays
  • Strings & patterns
  • Web features
  • I / O
  • Error handling

I will not once again recall the importance of training, but it is important, yes. If you have the finances and desire, then purchase one of the books for preparation on the official website . There are also unofficial resources with free materials .

Cracking the test

When you find yourself in a testing room, you have 90 minutes, a PC and a kilogram of excitement. To add confidence in your abilities and help overcome the excitement, I will share my strategies for passing the test.

The secret is simple: do not dwell on complex issues. In the end, before you submit the results for consideration, you can change your answers. Questions with which you have difficulties can be directly marked with an asterisk and return to them at the end.

So, we pass the test iteratively: the first time we go over and answer all the questions that are easiest for you, marking complex ones with an asterisk and leaving them last. Then we go through the questions again, leaving them very complicated. And so we do until the questions are over, or the time of your testing.

It helped me in due time, I hope it will help you too. Good luck

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