The digest of interesting materials for the mobile developer # 247 (March 26 - April 1)

    Our new digest includes articles on flashing bikes, job interviews and resumes, testing and training projects, technologies and key application metrics. All this and much more - under the cut!

    Fluttering * bikes. What to do with saving state in Flutter?

    We figure out if there is a state preservation in the Flutter application. What happens if the OS decides to restart it. Where will user input and navigation go, and how to deal with it.

    Magic Leap released the SDK. Let's see what's inside?

    Magic Leap is a startup dedicated to augmented reality devices. The company has already attracted $ 1.4 billion in investments from impressive investors, including Qualcomm, Google and the Alibaba Group. In 2016, Forbes valued Magic Leap at $ 4.5 billion. At that time, only renderings were shown to Magic Leap to the public.

    Discredit of specialists or modern interviews

    An article about a serious recruiting problem, which for some reason everyone considers the norm.

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    • (+37) How to become a GPU engineer in an hour
    • (+8) From idea to AppStore
    Apple introduced ClassKit for training applications
    Applications with ARKit downloaded 13 million times in half a year
    Developer Preview version of Wear OS released
    Podlodka # 52 : Home projects
    Apple introduces the new 9.7-inch iPad with Apple Pencil support
    The tipping point for gaming comes with iOS
    imageAdvanced debugging with Xcode
    imageSwift network layer - protocol-oriented approach
    imageStorytime: parsing and rendering files Interface Builder Storyboard


    • (+19) Application of OWASP Mobile TOP 10 methodology for testing Android applications
    • (+12) Advanced Android Testing
    • (+2) Modify the player Vanilla Music for Android (Part 2)
    • (+1) Android application on top of other applications
    Google started blocking non-certified Android devices
    Using Chip, ChipGroup, MaterialButton and MaterialCardView components
    imageWhat's new in Android Studio 3.1
    imageSetting up Android Continuous Integration (CI) on Bitbucket
    imageHow Discord renders messages in an Android application
    imageHow we saved hundreds of hours of testing with Calabash-Android
    imageHow to remove unnecessary permissions from an Android application on React Native
    imageIntroduction to machine learning on Android
    imageMissed component in Google’s Guide to Architecture Components
    imageMoving dates using Kotlin expressions
    imageSpark: gradient animations like Instagram and Spotify


    • (+42) Unity posted the original C # code on Github
    • (+37) Animated spaceship shield effect in Unity3d
    • (+31) Design in a hackathon
    • (+27) The first year of my life as an indie developer
    • (+18) How to turn a website into a mobile application using 7 JSON lines
    • (+8) QA in a mobile game dev or how to build a process in an indie company
    • (+7) Espresso: “Cute animals or dangerous predators?”
    • (+6) Simple manager of asynchronous tasks for Unity 3D
    • (+5) What should I do if I need to create an innovative product in a traditional company?
    Eight projects to develop developer skills
    How to create a startup and not sell your freedom
    Опыт 10,000+ экранов: 10 советов от ведущего продуктового дизайнера
    Премии в области мобильного дизайна и UX
    “Грибы, трава и люди”: как применяют Agile в российских компаниях
    12 принципов технологий, которые должны знать все
    Snap Inc купил PlayCanvas
    Как разработчику написать хорошее резюме
    17 переключателей, которые приведут вас в восторг
    NetEase и Google запустили платформу для тестирования AirTestIDE
    Меняйте всё так, как нужно именно вашему продукту: как сами дизайнеры Google применяют гайдлайны Material Design
    image30 лучших практик разработки и тестирования
    imageGreat UI / UX animations
    imageFlutter vs React Native - what you need to know
    imageAnother 20 UX tools that are worth a try
    imageMovement design in 9 steps
    imageHow to be a good programmer

    Analytics, marketing and monetization

    Appsee - see each user
    Key application metrics - “Mobile landmarks 2018” by Adjust
    Kin cryptocurrency will appear in Unity
    Advanced keyword research for ASO
    Promotion of a mobile application - cheat sheet for builders of sales funnels

    AI, Devices, IoT

    • (+36)Install Facebook image recognition package. All rakes in one place
    • (+21) How we predict the end date and project evaluation using a neural network
    • (+16) Creating a chatbot using Q&A Maker and Microsoft Graph
    • (+11) Internet of things as a catalyst for digital transformation
    • (+7 ) Work with notifications about events of IOT objects and GPS trackers
    How to create an application for a connected car - we participate in the Porsche Next Oi Competition
    Facebook postponed the release of the smart speaker
    Acer introduced the first tablet on Chrome OS

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