16 DevOps conferences in 2018 that are worth a look

    In general, there are much more such conferences, but these can be called flagship. They take place in different parts of the world and of course I do not urge them to personally attend. What is the use? Watching videos, audio or presentations can help to discern technological innovations, the general vector of technology movement and, perhaps, already begin to introduce something new in your organization. I myself do it in the following order: I go to the conference website, watch the program, select the speeches that are useful to me, start googling them and then search on YouTube, Slideshare, Spykerdeck or Soundcloud. Not always lucky, but most often traces of performances can be found. I even somehow addressed a question to one of the speakers through Linkedin.

    In a post I will provide links to each conference, go to the site, see what was interesting in 2017, was or will be in 2018, google and study. At each event, not only software manufacturers, but also large companies that use it, perform. You can easily find a business case similar to yours.

    1. DevOps Days

    This is not one conference, but a whole series, which is held on different dates around the world. All this is carried out by more than one organization, so the formats may vary. Conferences are held on the principle of Open Space . That is, topics can range from high technology to culture, board games or anything else. You can compare in Habrom, which has posts about business, high technology, cryptocurrency or board games.

    2. Container World


    Three-day conference on containerization technologies. Three days containers, containers, containers. Speakers talk about how containers affect deployment speed, scalability, security, and networking.

    3. QCon


    A series of conferences for developers in different cities around the world. They write that people from Uber, Google, Facebook, Spotify, Twitter and other global companies come to speak with them. Following the results of the events held this year, you can download the presentations of some speakers in London (March 5-7) , San Francisco (April 9-11) , Beijing (April 20-22) , San Paolo (May 9-11) , New York (June 27-29) .

    4. JAX

    JAX is a conference on Java technology and web development. JAX is primarily about Java, Spring, JavaScript, Continuous Delivery, and DevOps. The conference is held in Germany, it was already in Mainz on April 23-27, will be in London on October 8-11 and Munich on November 5-9 . On Youtube, the conference has channels where they post interviews with speakers and publish speeches .

    5. KubeCon + CloudNativeCon

    KubeCon and CloudNativeCon for those who have seriously and permanently settled in the cloud. The conference talks about technologies that support the cloud ecosystem, Cloud Native Computing Foundation projects, containerization technologies, microservices, orchestration and the use of instruments such as Kubernetes, Prometheus, OpenTracing, Fluentd, Linkerd, gRPC, CoreDNS, containerd, rkt, CNI, Envoy and Jaegerr . The conference is held in different cities of Europe, America and Asia. This year, for example, was already in Copenhagen (May 2-4) and will be in Seattle (December 11-13) .

    6. Red Hat Summit


    Red Hat Summit is an annual open-source conference. Red Hat Summit has sessions on cloud computing, virtualization, storage, and network management technologies. I really liked their main page with a list of speakers , from which you can immediately go to Youtube and watch everyone’s performance. This year, the conference was May 8-10 in San Francisco.

    7. DevOpsCon

    DevOpsCon - a conference on continuous delivery, microservices, Docker technology, container and cloud technologies. At the conference, you can hear speeches about the transition to cloud technologies, CI / CD for microservices and serverless architectures. The next such conference will be in Munich on December 3-6. DevOpsCon has a Youtube channel where they post presentations from the conference.

    8. DockerCon

    DockerCon is a conference for manufacturers and administrators of distributed applications built using containerization. In addition to presentations from practicing experts, the conference has special intervals between sessions for communication and dating. Speakers at last year’s conference were: Adrian Muat from Container Solutions and author of the book Using Docker; Ben Golub, CEO of Docker; and Chris Anishkik, chief operating officer of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and vice president of the Linux Foundation developer program. The conference is held in North America and Europe. The conference this year was April 29 - May 2 in San Francisco, and the next will be in Barcelona on December 3-5. Video from the conference can be viewed on their website after registration.

    9. DevOps Enterprise Summit


    This conference for leaders of large organizations that implement the principles and methods of DevOps, gives an idea of ​​the development of technical practices of DevOps. The event's agenda is dedicated to the tools and methods needed to transform organizations, approaches to accelerate software development and deployment for market success. The event is held in London (was June 25-26) and in Las Vegas (will be October 22-24).

    10. Microsoft Ignite

    Announce 30,000 participants and 700 sessions, which is impressive. The topics discussed at the conference include CI / CD, cloud infrastructure, the creation, deployment and management of containerized applications. At the conference, Microsoft representatives will talk about the motion vector of the company and the industry as a whole. This year the conference will be held September 24-28 in Orlando. Satya Nadella (Microsoft CEO) is declared as one of the speakers. Video from last year’s event can be viewed on the Ignite website .

    11. AWS re: Invent

    This year will be held 7 times on November 26-30 in Las Vegas. Their place is always the same. More than 1000 sessions, laboratory, workshops and other events. They also have pub tours, informal parties, fitness camps and other goodies for participants. All videos from last year’s conference can be viewed on the Youtube channel .

    12. SREcon

    SREcon is an international conference organized by the USENIX Association for engineers who work with complex distributed systems. This year's performance topics include combating anti-SRE patterns, scaling an organization with microservices, and building successful SRE teams. Conferences are held around the world, the closest will be in Düsseldorf on August 29-31. From the main site of the conference, you can go to the pages of past events and find videos and slides from presentations there.

    13. AnsibleFest


    This is a conference to bring Ansible users and partners together. All sessions focus on IT automation with Ansible. In 2018, the conference will be held on October 2-3 in Austin. You can watch speeches from last year's conferences on the page of the corresponding event. Here, for example, London 2017.

    14. AWS Global Summit

    The event is held in load to re: Invent. AWS Global Summits is an addition to their flagship Las Vegas event. AWS annually holds more than 30 regional summits around the world. The conference is suitable for beginners and experienced AWS users. The free ticket to the summit includes keynote addresses, sessions, seminars. Videos from the workshops can be seen on the Youtube channel .

    15. All Day DevOps


    Free online conference that lasts exactly 24 hours. 100 speakers will speak, each speaker lasting 30 minutes. The conference includes 5 tracks: CI / CD, cultural transformation, DevSecOps, cloud technology and SRE. There is also a special 6th track in which participants can go backstage to see how DevOps works in different organizations. Video from last year’s conference can also be seen.

    16. Monitorama

    If you are not tired, I’ll tell you about the final conference. This is an annual conference that focuses on monitoring and DevOps. Representatives of vendors and companies that talk about how a particular solution works for them are speaking. All video from the conference can be viewed on their channel on Vimeo . This year the conference was already on June 4-6 (in Portland), but there will be another September 4-5 in Amsterdam - the very first in Europe.

    Tell us the comments on which of the foreign conferences you managed to attend, which impressions you received, useful or not, what useful contacts you managed to make.

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