We invite you to the Raiffeisenbank UPD Front-end MeetUp: Broadcast mitap

    Hello everyone,

    We invite you to the first open Front-end MeetUp on March 28 , organized by the internal community of Raiffeisenbank developers.

    Our internal Front-end community at Raiffeisenbank is actively developing. We know how important it is to communicate with people from other teams and projects, to be able to ask for advice, discuss technologies that have just appeared and share experience. That is why we open the door and invite you to visit us.

    The event will take place on March 28 in the Moscow office of Raiffeisenbank in Nagatino, starting at 18:00.

    The report of the meeting is scheduled 4 reports:

    18:00 Grigorov Dmitry Raiffeisenbank

    Higher Order Components with Functional Patterns Using Recompose

    I’ll talk about some of the techniques for using High order components inside the Recompose library. Writing code with Recompose looks a little different from React's native syntax, but it’s not useless, and my goal is to show with live examples how to use HOC.

    18:30 Popkov Aleksey ConsultantPlus

    From jQuery to React

    How to stop eating noodles and start living - a description of current projects - a story about problems and pains in this situation - what we chose from and how we got to the stack - how (t) the transition happened - where you can shoot the leg)

    19:00 Alekhine Sergey Topso.Ru

    React, Mobx and ES7

    • React library for creating client GUIs.
    • How to work with it using an object-oriented approach, without reducers and through Mobx?
    • A few words about modern JavaScript ES7.
    • Practical examples.

    19:30 Sychev Ilya Raiffeisenbank

    Assembling Docker + Nginx + CRA + Koajs + MongoDB in 10 minutes

    The format of a mitap involves communication. We are waiting for you with questions and willingness to share your stories, experiences and good mood.

    Participation in the event is free, registration is required

    Broadcast meeting

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