Tutu PHP Meetup # 1

    On Thursday, April 5, the first Tutu PHP Meetup will be held at the Tutu.ru office. Together with our experts and invited guests we will discuss the pain and buzz of server-side development in PHP, learn how to quickly create new products and integrate into the current architecture of the project, how to experiment with the API without negative impact on the project and team, and generally save on routine and become faster .


    18: 30-19: 00 Registration
    19: 00-21: 30 Reports and free communication


    → How we filmed GDS (carrier flight storage system) for bus carriers, Andrey Gusev, backend developer Tutu.ru (Buses) .

    “The online bus market is just emerging. Only a small part of carriers connected to any GDS. We often received offers of cooperation from carriers who want to sell tickets for their buses through Tutu.ru directly. At that moment, we realized that we needed our own GDS. I'll tell you how we designed GDS. How GDS is structured and works. How processes were changed inside a small team in order to simultaneously develop and launch a product in a short time. ”

    → ADR: the story of an experiment, Ilya Kolesnikov, backend developer Tutu.ru (Avia) .

    “I'll tell you the story of working on one of our product APIs using the Action-Domain-Responder approach. Let's talk about refactoring legacy code, how ADR differs from MVC, and how it affected the project and the team.

    → The path from a monolith to an API-based application, Alexey Korotin, Senior SuperJob developer

    “I’ll tell you how SuperJob switched from a monolith with a long history to an easy API-based application. We discuss the necessity and complexity of such a transition. Let's talk about designing, developing and testing the API. And also about why we refused the 3rd party decision and made our own. How they saved on the routine and won in the speed of development due to standardization and automation. How the API performance monitoring was organized. And they didn’t fall under loads. ”

    Between reports, you can drink coffee (and not only) and have a pizza snack.


    Participation is free, registration is required (required)

    Do not forget to bring your passport or driver's license with you on the day of the event.

    The event
    starts at 18:30 Address: Moscow, 1st Nagatinsky Prospekt, 10s1, 1st floor, conference hall. We will meet guests at the reception!

    Meeting page at Meetup

    If you have any questions, we are waiting in the comments or by phone +7 495 787 52 05

    Do not forget to register before the meeting!

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