Memoirs of the subhuman robot, chapters 9-12

    Continued from the 9-12th chapters of the Memoirs. For those who do not understand what is happening here - here is a link to the beginning .

    Chapter Nine - Supra Negotiations

    And again, Krishna and I got access to the body. However, this is fate, because if not us, then who? But personally, I could not convince myself with the help of conventional stamps that this is true. I really did not like this job. But this is our contribution to the expedition with Krishna, and too much depended on it.

    We managed the work quickly. Soon it will become quite commonplace to connect electrodes to different nerves, one, two, and back to the native gateway, wash off the mucus! But, nevertheless, we are both grateful to Ivanov, who made us thinking and feeling iron, almost people. This is especially clear when looking at the piece of iron Sidorov. And if you imagine that you couldn’t have been thought out and collected at all, then it becomes very bad, it's better to swim forever in mucus and wash it twenty times a day ...

    But enough about sad things, we complement people, and they complement us. This science is called symbiosis. And while everyone does what he can do best, we have hope for success. The case is left for small. Ilyin in the period dragged his universal translator and stuck the cord into the speaker connector.

    “Now you can proceed,” he reported to Ivanov in the period.

    - Everyone in the chair and buckle up! - ordered Ivanov. - And then suddenly the reaction will not be adequate. Imagine that the supra-boy slap his ear when we turn to him.

    “We are all ready,” Yu-Fu-Fyn replied.

    - Hi stranger! - gave Ivanov a microphone.

    The picture on the screen has stopped.

    - He heard us! - rejoiced Sidorov.

    “We must speak more slowly,” advised the Agent, “perhaps for him this is too high a speed of negotiations.”

    - Hi stranger! We are representatives of a great civilization, ”Ivanov continued, trying to speak as slowly as possible. - This is not a hallucination, we just connected a sensor to your ear in order to talk to you. If you can hear us, please respond.

    - Of course, I hear voices in my brain. I believed that the supercivilization had chosen to contact me, a simple techie who was following this fusion metal. I'm afraid I have to go to a psychiatrist. No, perhaps you should not start with heavy artillery - I will start with a psychotherapist.

    - The psychotherapist is preferable, but maybe we'll manage on our own.

    - Strange. The voice answers quite logically. Hey, you there, what do you want from me?

    - We have established contact with you because you are the first person we met, and also because you may be the one who can help us.

    - If you are a different civilization, then how do we generally speak and understand each other, because our languages ​​should be very different?

    - We speak through a universal translator. I am afraid that only my colleague who invented it can tell the details.

    - Not worth the details on the translator. Better explain what you want? Have you decided to conquer our world?

    - Ha! We also have a philistine stuffed with such nonsense in cheap science fiction films: "Ugly monsters fell from the sky and immediately began to miss the sexiest beauties." The question is, why the hell these monsters are the most sexy beauties. Certainly not for sex! But seriously, our Universe is dying, and we need another. And it is true.

    - So you want our universe? Then I should not help you! I am not a traitor.

    - I said: we need a new Universe, but did not say that it is yours. Your Universe does not suit us, it is too cold for us.

    - And what temperature do you need?

    - The temperature of the solar corona. But there is too much pressure in the sun, and this also does not suit us.

    - Then I'm completely confused. I do not see how I could help you. I'm a modest ordinary technical specialist. I'm afraid you need someone much more powerful. Perhaps you should contact our government, but I don’t understand how it could help your trouble.

    - Tell a stranger, if it was in your power, would you help us?

    - You are definitely not conquerors?

    - We are refugees. And you created our civilization, and you are going to destroy it.

    - How is this possible? As far as I know, our civilization cannot create other civilizations. If only they had time to solve their problems. Take a look at thermonuclear installations. A quarter of them are frank trash, only a quarter of the new ones, and the rest are morally obsolete, and physically too. Here at least this one - and he kicked our TOKAMAK foot.

    - Be careful! - shouted Ilyin. - In the same place people live!

    - Who can live there? There's a temperature ... Yeah! I seem to be beginning to understand! So a great civilization lives in a reactor! It is very funny! Now I believe you, that you are not conquerors.

    - Believe is good. How about help? We need to move to another reactor, only a new one, and with a continuous cycle of work. Yes, we ourselves have such reactors with a continuous cycle, we can give you a design. And we need time to prepare. And also, your help, because you can transfer us to another reactor.

    - We also have these - with a continuous cycle of work - those that are new and should replace this junk. And I also want to clarify about the integrity of the reactor: is that microcrack your job?

    - We are sorry, but we had no other choice. In another way, we could not get into your world. The crack formed itself, but we expanded it a little so that it was possible to fly.

    - So, you are now sitting in my head, or rather in the ear?

    - Yes, if this is unpleasant for you, then as soon as you help us, we will immediately leave you alone. You understand that we just want to save our civilization.

    - Ok, I'll help you. You can prepare for the great relocation. They brought a new reactor. Soon it will install, download and make a test run. And then run forever. When it is launched, your “Universe” will have to be stopped, since a new reactor will also be installed at this place. I can not affect the timing, and therefore you have to hurry.

    - And we would like to look around in the new universe.

    - Do you know what Ivanov? - said Yu-Fu-Fyn, - I think that it’s best to hurry and warn our base about what we managed to find out. After all, preparation will take a lot of time, whether it is a joke - to resettle the Universe! Zeno, write them on the Internet connection.

    - Alas, General, I have already written, there is no answer.

    “This is all a quantum polymer with which the TOKAMAK shell lattice is filled. No waves pass through it, everything dissipates, ”said Ilyin.

    - I agree, colleague. We can only fly.

    “Let's do this: Krishna and I will stay in touch here.” Sit in this little Mirolaz, wait for you. At least, as soon as you go out to the supra-world again, you will contact our great friend through us.

    “The agent is talking,” the general supported the subordinate. - And he needs to stay: he is specially prepared for sitting in ambushes, dark and cramped rooms. And in the company of Krishna, he will easily wait for us.

    - Besides, I will get to know the supra-boyfriend better, and hopefully we will be friends.

    - Before heading back, I would like to discuss this question: what if something does not work out, can we get into another reactor?

    - I do not see a fundamental problem. I promised to help you because I consider our civilization responsible for you, because we created the Universe in which you appeared. Yes, and I think that I should not report this to my superiors, or else they will declare me insane, and I do not need it. And even if they believe me, then trouble can also come out: the powerful of this world like to twist the arms of those who are weaker. And you are definitely weaker and depend on us completely. So it is better not to tell them.

    - We, too, it was so, until a united government appeared.

    - You have the whole galaxy united! This is great!

    - Alas, no, only half. The second half is commanded by the Dargonians, our long-standing rivals and enemies. Although the situation has improved with them: we have not been fighting for a long time and exchanged ambassadors.

    - I want to warn you that I only work here, that is, I am not all the time. And when I do not work, I am in different places, including at home. In the presence of other people of my world, I cannot speak with you, and I can only help when I am here. I do not advise you to make contact with others, as not all of us will help you. Yes, my name is - and we heard, however, as before, something not intelligible, but a universal translator issued: Joe.

    “Very nice, Joe.” My name is Ivan, my colleague Ilya, and our robot - Zeno. Agent and robot Krishna remain in touch with you. And we are flying home now. There must be a lot of preparatory work. I hope we will succeed. We need to get inside the reactor, but we are not able to move in the “microcrack” against the headwind.

    - I'll help you. Get out and fly to the thermometer, I will stick it into the reactor at the command of the Agent, I hope you have a connection with it.

    - Thank! See you, Joe!

    - I wish you good luck, Ivan!

    And so, we are in our native universe. The first thing I did was write a detailed letter to Sergey Sergeyevich. Yu-Fu-Fyn read, approved and put his digital signature, thus making it an official report. From himself, he attributed the need to evacuate the universe as soon as possible.

    Sergey Sergeevich unsubscribed that he understood, accepted and sent to the very top of the Rear Admiral. And I wrote that we fly to them in almost full composition. Ilyin again calculated a gravitationally balanced trajectory, I sat down in the first pilot's seat, everyone dived into the capsules of gravity freezing, and as soon as they worked, I started. I will not describe the details, because everything happened in the reverse order.

    The return trip lasted subjectively the same week. When we went through our star sector - it was often shake. I was gradually slowing down, and by the time our ion engines left in Pluto orbit loomed ahead, we were already flying at normal light speed. We did not have time to finish the docking with the engines, the e-mail rang. I had to go check:

    Major General Yu-Fu-Fynu urgently, secretly.

    General, the application is the cipher from the very top, with the stamp of Sov. secretly.

    Sergey Sergeevich.

    It was a heavy blow below the belt. However, what am I talking about, I do not have a belt, and even that which is lower. It's a shame only secrets from me. I had to complete the docking procedure for ionic engines, turn on the autopilot and set the course home. I immediately took to wake the crew. You do not need to have a lot of mind to guess - I woke the general first, suddenly there was something important in the cipher. In the meantime, he was warming himself with tea there and deciphering the letter, he began to study the rest, one by one, in the order according to established tradition. I already had an experience, and I strongly condensed the schedule of awakening.

    As soon as Ivanov and Ilyin became minimally efficient, the general acquainted them with the contents of the encryption. They left to whisper into the sleeping compartment, and when they got out of there, Ilyin sat down at the supercomputer and re-calculated our course. By that time, I had already awakened Sidorov and supplied him with an unlimited supply of hot coffee with milk, of course artificial, because I couldn’t put a cow in Mirolaz.

    “Attention, the general must make a statement,” announced Ilyin.

    “Gentlemen,” he began, without making an exception for robots, which raised my status and respect for myself, “we are not going home.” An order came from Rear Admiral to come to him urgently!

    Chapter Ten - The Big Bosses

    The rear admiral was located on the metropolitan planet of the sector, and the flight to her was in order.

    “Zenon, now you will understand what it means to travel between the stars, and how much more difficult it is to rush between galaxies along a gravitationally balanced trajectory,” Ilyin said in the period.

    “Is there really no easy way,” I asked.

    - Now we calculate the gravitational-tense trajectory, and the autopilot will lead us along it, explained Ivanov in the period.

    - You know, I somehow do not really like the very name of this trajectory. Why can not pave balanced. I crossed the floor of the Universe twice along such a trajectory and nowhere did I even shake.

    “This happens because when you fly around the galaxy, Mirolaz has plenty of room to maneuver, and flying around ten to fifteen extra parsecs is compensated by the fact that we do not change speed, and it is, in this case, the maximum possible. Due to this, all the forces on the trajectory are balanced, and you rush in an empty space so smoothly that you do not notice the movement itself.

    - Ilyin is absolutely right. But inside the galaxy such a trajectory is possible only with sublight speeds. And we are in a hurry, the big authorities are waiting for us, and the Universe must be hurriedly saved. So you have to fly faster than the speed of light. This means that a smooth trajectory will not work, and it will consist of several segments of straight lines, which are interconnected by rotating parabolas. It is impossible to pass these parabolas on some hyperdrives - there is not enough attraction from the stars that we fly around, and such lateral forces arise that will carry us far to the side, and at the same time you can crash into any neighboring star.

    - I think I understand, chief! It's like a Formula 1 race - you need to brake before a sharp turn, otherwise the car will take out the road and bang around the side!

    - Well done, Zeno. I did not know that you are interested in racing, but you caught the essence. And if you continue your analogy, then you know that cornering in Formula 1 on the rider and the car overload act. So it is on turning parabolas. And, in order not to fly away from the trajectory, we will have to turn on ionic engines in order to compensate for the lateral forces, but the arc never works out perfectly, and this results in a solid overload due to the fact that the ship pulls, then into one, then into another the side.

    “But maybe we will slow down?”

    - Of course, let's slow down, but still it must be high, otherwise we will arrive in the next century. Now I will finish with the trajectory, and we will again settle into capsules. This will make the flight path as rigid and fast as possible. And this can only withstand robots.


    Mirolaz entered the first turning parabola, and hell immediately began. For a moment, a terrible vibration from the ion-powered engines turned on at full capacity. Such shaking does not happen even when landing on the planet, but we still continued to demolish. Hyperdrive support was required, but they worked with a long delay, such is the nature of hyperdrive. And when they were turned on, they had to be accelerated to the maximum mode in order to keep the trajectory and the total thrust had to be adjusted by ion engines in order to keep at least approximately on a parabolic curve. It seemed that the resulting jolting would shake everything out of me, even the iron special forces were shaking so that they clicked with steel toothless jaws and at such moments, deep in their mouths, it was possible to look at the barrel of the ion cannon.

    The computer superimposed our real trajectory on the monitor on the ideal one that Il'in calculated, and the first prong appeared on it. Now the engines overtook the demolition, and we crossed the perfect trajectory. The curve jumped in the other direction, the ion engines almost turned off, the vibration subsided, but this happiness did not last long. The first inner tooth appeared on the trajectory, and it began to carry us off again. Ion engines turned on at full power, shaking and overloading, even worse than before, piled on us.

    When it was all over, and I came to my senses, I saw on the screen a path in the form of a saw superimposed on the smooth curve of a parabola. The middle part was the most intense, and I remembered it vaguely, as my brain rebooted four times from such vibrations and overloads. I, just in case, went to check the capsules, it was hard to believe that everything worked out. But the capsules were intact, and people are alive. And it was only the first of the three, turning parabola!

    It was still that flight. I do not want to describe it because these unpleasant memories still make my electronic synapses tremble. But when it was all over, I complained to Ivanov and Ilyin. And a miracle happened: both geniuses whispered to honey with themselves, then rushed to the supercomputer to do the calculations. Only one sleepless night, and in the morning I was told that they had invented a gravitational-stabilizing wheelhouse for one robot pilot.

    “As soon as we arrive at the base of the Rear Admiral,” said Ivanov, “we will make it there and install two such cabins for both pilots.”

    “In the meantime, we are flying the last straight trajectory,” Ilyin added, “I will work on its structure.” It should be something similar to a gravity-freezing capsule, but without immobilization and freezing, it doesn’t need robots, and cutting, unlike capsules, should stand upright.

    But the end of this terrible flight was near. We flew for about a week, but what a huge difference: in the past times, during the same time, we swept through half of the universe, bypassing an uncountable number of galaxies. And now we have moved to a barely noticeable segment on the map of the galaxy.


    A huge limousine of an unknown to me model, like a truck, was waiting for us at the spaceport, we got into it and everything, and there was a place for everything, there was even a special seat for me. Our car rushed in the direction of the capital, accompanied by a solid guard convoy on armored vehicles. In our honor, roads and streets in the capital were blocked. The limousine described a semicircle around the huge palace of the government sector and stopped right in front of the parade escalator. The doors flew open, we went out and stepped onto the covered escalator.

    The running steps quickly lifted us to the hall, whose dimensions were impressive. We were waited by attentive security guards who immediately asked Sidorov and his piece of iron to wait here below. We were examined, but did not search. Then an officer appeared with such epaulets that I could not understand his rank and position, and offered to follow him.

    We went up in the elevator, went through convoluted corridors and found ourselves in front of the door with the inscription “Sector Commander, Bell”.

    Adjutants and secretaries in Zvonkova were two orders of magnitude more than ironworks from Sidorov. Phones and videophones rang, the secretaries listened only to the beginning of the questions, and after the calls they were transferred to the departments that they were supposed to deal with. All this was so stunning and disorienting that even my speed was bewildered. I thought that everyone here is so busy that no one pays attention to us. But no - the secretary immediately grew up in front of us:

    - Good afternoon! Who are you? She shouted, taking off her headphones for a moment.

    - Good day! I am General Yu-Fu-Fyn, and this is my team, ”the general barked in response, trying to block this unimaginable ringing and noise.

    The general here felt at home, especially since he really was the head of the expedition.

    “Come with me,” she said, reading the answer to the general’s lips rather than hearing him.

    The girl swiftly moved around the perimeter of this screaming and ringing room, along a single clear passage. It was like a hundred meter race walk. At the end of this hundred metering there was a massive door. On the door was the inscription "Sector Commander, Senior Secretaries." The secretary dived in the door, not slowing down, and immediately emerged back.

    - Waiting for you, come in.

    We rather did not enter, but fell in, so everything was new and unusual to us. The secretary fluttered and disappeared, probably setting the race walking record again. We found ourselves in a large room, divided by transparent partitions, behind which sat important adjutants in general's uniform, and each had their own small team. And here it was so quiet that all of us were just stunned by the silence.

    “I envied these secretaries with their bells,” Ilyin joked too loudly.

    “Follow me, gentlemen,” Major General grew up in front of us. - Chef will take you in fifteen seconds! Just have time to reach the door. Congratulations to you, General, with the promotion, - he turned to the Yu-Fu-Fynu.

    - What is the increase?

    - Now everyone will know, there is no time to tell.

    And he was almost as fast as our previous guide, he went to the next door. The inscription on the door became shorter, there was a modest "Sector Commander".

    The sector commander had five desks in the office, cluttered with rows of videophones. But he did not sit behind them, it was the patrimony of the major general. The Rear Admiral himself, young and tall (and how he managed to do before the Rear Admiral in his years) was sitting in an extensive easy chair, one of a dozen. He got up and invited us to sit down. I looked at the flimsy constructions with doubt and said:

    “Can I stand still?”

    “As you please, Zeno, but I assure you that these chairs will withstand anything.”

    - Is he a telepath? - I thought.

    But he sat down and, lo and behold, it really kept my weight. I actually didn’t care - to stand or sit and on what to sit, it’s people enjoy the pleasure of sitting comfortably.

    - So, gentlemen. From this point on, all of you, as well as those whom you have attracted or will be involved in the work, are employees of the top secret department, which you decided to call the “Department of Extremely Complicated Rescue Operations,” otherwise MTR. You are currently saving the galaxy. The leadership at the top believes that you will find work after that. The head of the department was appointed General Yu-Foo-Fyn, with the increase of his rank to a full general, the deputy for science - Ivanov, with the assignment of the rank of colonel-general, the chief engineer - Ilyin, with the assignment of the rank of major-general. The remaining members of the department submit a list, I will sign. I supervise this operation, and then, when or if you can handle it, get a new curator from above from the central government. Now I will listen to you, and together we will adopt a plan.

    - We urgently need to relocate the entire galaxy! - blurted out Ilyin.

    - To do this, we need to build a huge number of Mirolazov, but not like our number two, and not even for a hundred places like number three. We need huge Mirolazy! - added Ivanov.

    “A legitimate question arises here,” said Yu-Fu-Fyn, “to inform or not to inform the Dargonians?”

    - Let's take it in order. What is the probability that you are mistaken? Report Yu-Fu-Fyn.

    - This probability is zero. We were all in that world, as there it is ...

    - Supra-world, - I prompted.

    - We conducted a survey and study of the area, came into contact with a supra-engineer named Joe, who sympathizes with us and promises all kinds of help and secrecy, as I am confident that their government will not help us, but rather the opposite. But Joe will help us move to the next, more advanced TOKAMAK. And at the same time, we have limited time, no, it is enough for now, but we should hurry. The fact is that our supra-friend has no opportunity to delay the stopping of our TOKAMAK, as it occupies the lowest position in their system. We in the world are micro-nanorobots and can move within their bodies. My secret officer is now sitting in Mirolaz-1 in the inner ear of our supra-friend and communicating with him, and when we return there again, we will establish a connection with him again with our supra-friend.

    - So. The picture is clear to me. Now that everything is clear with the situation, please explain what is needed for resettlement. Report Ivanov.

    - Now we need one modernization of our Mirolaz-2. Ilyin and I have already come up with a design, it needs to be made in duplicate. It is necessary to increase the speed of the Mirolaz flight, however, this upgrade should be installed on all Mirolazes. And we need a lot of Mirolazov. Now in my laboratory they are trying to make Mirolaz-3 per hundred people with a capacity. But in order to really take out the population of our half of the galaxy, we need giant machines and they need tens of thousands. Even with this condition, the resettlement will be greatly delayed. It is necessary to put everything under state control, to develop components of incredible size and power, and to design Mirolaz to a billion or even ten billion people.

    - This is a daunting task. Is there anything else?

    “I want to add,” said Ilyin, “with the construction of all the instruments and of Mirolaz-4 himself, Ivanov and I will cope with it in ten or fifteen days, but we need to return to the laboratory.” As for the evacuation, it can be done on any spaceships up to the magnetic protection of our Universe, and there it can be transplanted to Mirolazy. Thus, Mirolaz will be used more intensively. And now, we need a module about which Ivanov spoke.

    “You will get everything immediately as soon as the meeting ends.” Anyone else want to say?

    - I wish, sir!

    - Speak, Zeno.

    - Practice has shown that at high speeds I have to control Mirolaz, which means that I need at least as many robots as Mirolaz.

    - Thank you for the good advice. I assign you a senior lieutenant.

    - And as my twin brother Krishna, he also did a lot ...

    - Let him be an officer too. Let's give him the rank of lieutenant. For the first time I hear a robot asking for another robot! I hope this is all gentlemen? My personal adjutant will assist you, acting on my behalf. All sector resources at your disposal. And now I must report your news to the president and to the Admiral Council.

    Chapter Eleven - And Home Again

    We, however, have created ideal conditions for work. Ivanov and Ilyin developed the design of the engraving for a couple of hours, slightly modifying the construction of the gravicapsule, and by the morning, with the efforts of the adjutant, we received both cuttings in finished form. Of course, I had to tinker with the installation, but Sidorov with his piece of iron helped conscientiously, that is, Sidorov had a conscience, and the piece of iron had the power and obedience to the orders of the sergeant.

    And then they brought a couple more engines of a new type, they were called impulse. Ilyin himself supervised the installation of two such at our Mirolaz. And then everything went as before: the new gravitational-tense trajectory, which Ilyin laid, was much tougher than the previous one. I expressed my concerns, but Ivanov reassured me:

    - Do not be afraid, Zeno, the capsules and engravings will withstand, and so we will reach twice as fast.

    I climbed into the wheelhouse, looked around and began to get used to it. And the rest of the crew on gravikapsulam froze lay down. When everything was ready, I started. Probably no one has yet flown through the galaxy at such a speed, but on parabolic arcs it was shaking barely noticeable, this, of course, in the engraving machine. So, in general, we got quickly and comfortably, but at the piece of iron two jaws shook out of the hinges, and one manipulator was unscrewed. But this trouble is small and easily reparable.

    But in the laboratory we were greeted with joy. Yu-Hun-Fyn and Yu-Kun-Fyn were very surprised at our sight:

    - How younger you all were! They exclaimed in chorus.

    “Yes, they are right,” Sergey Sergeyevich calmly agreed. - What happened to you?

    “We are all right,” Ivanov replied, “we are all the same as before, and we look young because, at superluminal speeds, time flows in a different direction, and the body, respectively, rejuvenates.

    - Is it possible to turn into a baby? - asked Hun.

    “This mystery is great,” Ivanov joked.

    “It's just that there is no good theory on this topic, and there are no statistics of such long-distance and high-speed flights either,” Ilyin seriously replied.

    “Why is there no Agent and Krishna with you?” - Sergey Sergeyevich asked.

    “They are on combat duty in the supra-world, in Joe’s body, they have settled right in the ear,” replied Yu-Fu-Fyn. “We are tired now, and Zenon will tell you everything until we come to our senses.” Only one thing I want to know immediately: is Mirolaz-3 ready for a hundred people?

    “Tomorrow they will deliver to the cosmodrome from a secret assembly plant,” answered Kun.

    - What about secrecy?

    “They think this is an ordinary space yacht,” answered Sergey Sergeevich.

    - Send all the drawings to Lieutenant Zeno, he will send them to the Rear Admiral, our curator, to a personal email address. Yes, look, do not forget to encrypt!

    They all scattered on the beds, and I began to report.


    In the morning I barely had time to serve tea with coffee and sandwiches. I must say that an incredible amount of invigorating drinks was drunk. At the same time, Ivanov and Ilyin kept whispering and giving out decisions and constructions, as well as instructions and observations from Hunya and Kunyu, which those almost always silently and quickly executed. And is it worth to confront two geniuses when they understand each other almost without words and are in a hurry to save the Universe. Fortunately, at least Hun and Kun were so highly qualified that they could understand and execute everything that these two people invented.

    Yu-Fu-Fyn and Sergey Sergeevich decided that they had nothing to do here, took Sidorov and some of the guards and departed to the Mirolaz-3 cosmodrome to inspect. But I didn’t go with them, because without my coffee and tea, the development could stop there, and I didn’t want to be the cause of the disruption of the salvation of the Universe.

    Ours have long since returned from the spaceport, and the developers did not even think about stopping. It seems they have started a creative fever: they forgot about time, sleep and rest. I looked, looked at it, and tried to hint to them about it, but met a complete misunderstanding. Had to wait until the next morning. Here even Hun and Kun switched from tea to coffee, I see that they are falling down from their feet and they drink coffee, they frown, they can see dream tea, but they understand what is needed.

    Then I went to the general and said:

    - If this is the case, then both geniuses will bring themselves to complete exhaustion.

    “You spoke directly in verse, Zeno!”

    - This is me from excitement. And with them you need to do something, somehow put them to bed.

    “Yes,” says Yu-Fu-Fyn, “I don't like it either.” If something happens to them, and the operation will fail, and we will not even live to see the catastrophe, this is with everyone else. We are the Rear Admiral before ...

    - Pretty promising! But I'm still so young, so rejuvenated recently!

    “You know, Zeno, you give them so much, can they give them sleeping pills?” I understand this kind of work for a long time, it’s nervous, it doesn’t have to sleep, well, in general, I have a supply of excellent sweet hypnotic powders, it will come down instead of sugar.

    - And what a thought is a good idea: cheap and cheerful. Let's take your sleeping pills.

    Here is the general and gave me two bags. I showered them in coffee and served. Well, of course, Kun and Huni saw everything, and Sidorov also tuned his optical eye, but the general gave them a sign to be silent. They grabbed Ivanov and Ilyin in a cup, and without looking even in one gulp. Five minutes later I had to carry them to bed. But they slept for about ten hours as the sleeping beauties. But when they woke up, they didn’t remember anything, they demanded coffee and sandwiches and went back to work.

    And so it went: we began to use the Yu-Hun-Fynya and Yu-Kun-Fynya with the general as indicators of fatigue. As soon as they began to yawn, to peck at their nose, and to move from tea to coffee, so it’s time to make two coffees with powders for geniuses. I stayed like this for eight days; I was distracted only by sending secret drawings of various units to the Admiral. Those drawings went to secret factories so that they could be launched into production immediately.

    Then both of them suddenly woke up, and Ivanov reported:

    “Done, all the Mirolaz-4 nodes are designed, you can assemble Mirolaz himself.” But this work for an hour, in general, two times and you're done!

    - Zeno! - commanded by Yu-Fu-Fyn, - is the holiday dinner ready?

    - Ready, but of course, and already served. Now everything is served, right along with the table instead of a tray.

    Long live the six manipulators and the power of the robot! I went to the kitchen and carried out the festive table. In fact, it was me and the general who invented this to divert Ivanova and Ilyin from work. They ate, drank, walked, played songs. And at the end I built them two special coffee ...

    In the morning, rested, they sat down at the layout of the new Mirolaz and decided that if the capacity of Mirolaz-4 turned out to be ten billion people (because this is the average population of one planet), then the next device should be at least ten times more. You will be surprised if I say that by noon they had managed the technical task and even demanded a normal dinner themselves. And I already was quite happy that they were corrected.

    But after lunch, they took over Mirolaz-5 for a hundred billion people with a capacity. And here it went worse than before: the creative fever turned into creative euphoria. And they stopped noticing everything around.

    But we already knew the recipe, the actions worked, they only began to get used to sleeping pills, and the dose had to be increased. One way or another, we overcame all the difficulties, and in three days our geniuses gave birth to such a monster, as much as one hundred and fifty billion in capacity. True, I had to abandon the ion engines, too unrealistically great was Mirolaz-5 to take off from the surface of the planet. And the ion engines for it turned out to be simply impossible to build.

    Then the great minds decided to build it in orbit, and from the engines use only hyperdrive and impulse, only impulse to deliver twice as much, this is to compensate for the lack of ionic ones. For this reason, they decided to build all types of Mirolazes so that the smaller ones can land on the planets, then serve as boats for disembarking to the surface for the largest vehicles. For all this fuss, I almost forgot the most important thing: to build my third brother, but I, of course, didn’t keep silent:

    - And who will manage Mirolaz-3 at superlight speeds? - I asked Ivanova.

    He already jumped from such a question. He took out my drawings and, well, Hunyu and Kunyu give valuable instructions.

    I waited, when Chinese engineers took up the job, and I told Ivanov:

    - Chief, I need to give my one-piece brother a name, something beautiful, sonorous and with meaning.

    - And let's call him Socrates, he was a philosopher, sculptor and warrior.

    - And what I like: let it be Socrates, and paint it blue.

    All night long, Hun and Kun collected my third brother, and by morning he was ready.

    I reported back to headquarters to the Rear Admiral all our affairs, sent all the drawings, and from there the answer came:

    - I order: to preserve the old laboratory and leave it at the disposal of Ivanov, all of a sudden, when necessary. The whole department will arrive immediately at the new base. New instructions upon arrival.

    Rear Admiral.

    I showed the general this order. The general announced his departure to all, and the work began to boil. Soon, thanks to Sidorov and his piece of iron, everything was immersed, Mirolaz-2 was standing at the cosmodrome near Mirolaz-3. Ilyin began to command the new Mirolaz, and Socrates managed it, of course, after he had been pumped all my piloting experience, because the brothers should share among themselves. In addition, Sidorov was loaded there with all the special forces and Sergey Sergeyevich, so that there was someone to look after them. Both our ships turned out to be heavily underloaded, which allowed Ivanov and Ilyin to lay new, even faster routes.

    The flight passed without incident. We were expected by a Major General known to us. He greeted us on behalf of the commander and handed over a secret package to Yu-Fu-Fyn, while he himself remained to wait for the package to be read. I read Yu-Fu-Fu paper and ordered:

    - The Southern Galactic industrial sector is temporarily handed over to us. Ilyin is appointed Chief Engineer and Chief Responsible for the production of all Mirolazov, Major General, his deputy and chief administrator. Both will manage this sector. And we all go on an expedition to survey and study the new universe. Let's congratulate Ilya Ilyich and uh ...?

    - Anton Ivanovich.

    - And Anton Ivanovich with an appointment for such a responsible job. And Anton Ivanovich is also due to the fact that he is now a member of our team.

    - When should I start? - asked Ilyin in the period.

    - Sign here, and now here. This is my copy, and this is yours, said Yu-Fu-Fyn. - So you started! Immediately you go with Anton Ivanovich, he will help you get into the course of all affairs. We all hope you can handle it.

    - We also hope that you can handle it! See you!

    - We will come back with a victory!

    They left first. I looked after the tall figure of Ilya and the short thin figure of Anton Ivanovich. We flew away for a long time, and none of us knew whether we would meet again.

    Chapter Twelve - New Universe

    The great magnetic field for a long time did not want to release our Mirolazes. I managed Mirolaz-2, and when we emerged on the other side, no one answered our challenge.

    “Zenon, in such a situation, give a signal every hour,” ordered Ivanov before leaving.

    I gave several signals every hour, until after two days I did not hear the response signal from Socrates. I answered with joy, gave a constant signal so that Socrates could take the right course for us.

    Mirolaz-3 got even more than us. But Socrates, thanks to the experience that I conveyed, coped well with the transition and soon found himself there. But this was only the beginning of the expedition. We worked as part of the Mirolaz pulse engines and gradually approached the well-known, through the previous flight, slot-shell in the valve. I stopped the rapprochement at a considerable distance so as not to fight the “wind” that was blowing out through this gap.

    Now it was time for Mirolaz-2 to go through it again, and Mirolaz-3 was too big for that. All hope was the loyalty of our friend - the supra-guy named Joe. All the people lay in the gravity of my ship, except for the Sidorov piece of iron. There was nothing more to wait, and I led my Mirolaz into a stream, which by the standards of the supra-world was just a micro leak. But it is by their standards.

    A powerful stream caught us and we, trusting the autopilot, swept through the micro-crack of the supra-world out at an enormous speed. When I coped with all this, and switched to the usual speed limit, I immediately spotted Mirolaz-1 bearing, which Krishna broadcast.

    - Hello, Krishna, hello Agent! - I shouted.

    - Hi brother! Shouted Krishna in response.

    - Who are you with? - came the sleepy voice of the Agent.

    - Our flew!

    - On two Mirolazy! - not without pride, I added.

    - What a news! - the Agent was delighted, - and even such a trained guy, like me, began to go off from coils from loneliness. Do not be near Krishna, probably would become a regular client of a psychiatrist!

    - All of ours are in the second Mirolaz, with me, but for now they are sleeping, and in the back, on the other side of the valve, Mirolaz-3 is waiting for one hundred seats.

    “Zenon, is he that empty?”

    - No, Krishna, you and I have a third brother, the youngest - Socrates. Here he is working there as a pilot. And for safety, I took all the people with me: it is still unknown how the flight through the half-opened valve will work out, because this is the first time.

    “You only take me away from here,” the Agent pleaded, “Krishna himself can handle it, but I need to change the situation.”

    What is there to do, not to bring the Agent to madness? I flew up and along the shortest trajectory passed through the “organism” to the first Mirolaz and successfully docked. He opened the transitional compartment and a joyful Agent, rushed to hug me. I barely got out, because you can’t use against your strength. And then, the doctors recommend that emotions should be released on time, so I suffered, as it should, from pure philanthropy and for medical purposes.

    And during this time, Krishna moved to us. Then I introduced them briefly to the course of affairs, more precisely to the Agent, and Krishna simply transferred the data, and he survived and learned all that I had experienced and learned. After all, we, robots, can feel and live completely fully, those moments that are experienced by one of us, and this is our strength.

    “Only here I have one question: everything has been thought out perfectly, but I don’t understand one thing, how does Krishna know that it’s time to open the valve from the new Universe, does it mean to let us out?” - asked the Agent.

    - See that safe? This is a bird cage, and mechanical pigeons are sitting there, the postage goes without saying, each with a pulsed micromotor and with an integrated solid-state information store. They are so small that they can fly through quantum putty. Their Ivanov and Ilyin developed before departure.

    - Then I am calm.

    “Me too,” Krishna replied.

    However, I was here in a difficult situation: all the bosses in gravikapsuly and defrost them it makes no sense - you still have to freeze, and then the Agent with his request. The three of us conferred, and Krishna agreed that he would do it himself. Krishna and I have separated our Mirolazes. I carefully removed my ship from the “organism”, and Krishna began negotiations.

    Our supra-friend rejoiced when Krishna informed him of our return. It turns out that his work shift is coming to an end, and he hurried to open the valve, which led, from our TOKAMAK to their Universe. We terribly worried about Socrates and the third Mirolaz, but everything worked out. Soon Socrates got in touch, took the bearing on us and stuck on the skin of our supra-friend. It is fast, with enviable speed for us, and it was just a quick step, bringing us to a number of brand-new reactors.

    “He suggests choosing a reactor,” Krishna told us.

    “We do not care,” I decided, “if only I was in good order, and with a continuous cycle.”

    “Just a minute,” the Agent put in his word, “if the reactor was just launched, then there might not be planets suitable for us.” It is necessary to choose a reactor where the reaction has already settled. There and the temperature of the stars will be slightly lower and more suitable planets, so let's go somewhere in the middle of a number of new TOKAMAKs.

    Krishna conveyed the wishes of the Agent, and our friend Joe made a choice. Having passed a few more reactors, he chose the right one for us, in his opinion. This reactor was taller and thicker. According to our classification, he belonged to the Globus type * and was three times larger than our old TOKAMAK. Through Joe’s eye, we saw him take a thermometer out of the socket and suggested that we sit on its tip. There was so much space that the fourth Mirolazy could be placed there in rows. We sat down, and I secured Mirolaz with suckers and tacks. And the agent immediately put him in a capsule, waited until the end of the freezing process, Krishna gave the go-ahead, and put us in an unknown world.

    Yes, they stuck it together with the thermometer, and then the valve was opened, and such a turbulence turned out that we, without any engines, flew into the new Universe so much that we almost ended up in its magnetic cocoon.

    “This is a pirouette,” Socrates exclaimed, shouting over magnetic vortices.

    - Long live autopilot and impulse engines! Now that we are in this universe, we need to cross a great magnetic field.

    - Yes, brother, go away, turn on all the engines and accelerate as it should, the field here is somewhat more powerful.

    - If only I did not let the magnetic compensation!

    - See you on that side.


    My Mirolaz shook, it seemed, a week. Communication, of course, was absent, and the shaking was such that it was felt even in the protected felling. I kept one manipulator on the handrail of the door, and the rest rested against the walls and ceiling of the cabin. When Mirolaz was thrown out of the magnetic field, I was blinded by the glow of a myriad of stars. Oddly enough, it took just a day, the ship was fine, and the identifier gave the signal at the correct frequency.

    - The abyss has opened: the stars are full, there are no stars, the bottom is the deep! - there was the voice of my brother, who quoted my favorite poems of the ancient poet **.

    - I'm glad to hear you too, brother! My Mirolaz is intact, and the people in the capsules are fine.

    - I also have everything in order. And we even jumped out within the line of sight, which in itself is a small miracle.

    Now come, we have to dock Mirolazy, and while you dock, I will start waking people up. Now I’ll put on warming up food and a teapot ...

    When Socrates was docked, Ivanov was already drinking coffee, and Yu-Fu-Fyn soaked in a hot bath. It was an obligatory procedure, and since there was one bathroom in our little Mirolaz, it was for this reason that there was a line for defrosting.

    A day passed, and the entire crew was assembled. We moved to the third Mirolaz, there was a lot more space there, Socrates and I gave a feast, and Sergey Sergeevich, we had champagne, so that the holiday went out to glory. Meanwhile, complex instruments were collecting data about the new universe. The agent often came up to look at them, and sometimes he called Ivanov.

    In the camera external view was visible that same abyss. It was an enchanting spectacle, quite different from what we saw in our Universe.

    - What a beauty! - said Sidorov.

    “I myself am absolutely delighted with this species,” I answered him.

    “Zenon, no offense will be said, but I didn’t suspect that the robot could be familiar with the sense of beauty.”

    - It is, depending on which robot, and who is its creator! However, I, too, did not expect you, Sidorov, but no offense.

    “And the most beautiful one is that giant spiral galaxy,” said the approached Agent.

    - Why? I like her neighbor more, the colors are brighter there, ”Sidorov disagreed.

    “It may be brighter, but only the chief considers this particular galaxy to be the most promising for exploration.” Very much she on our own, from where we all went, it looks like, only once in twenty more. He says that there may be thirty or forty billion stars and about the same number of planets.

    “Since Ivanov thinks so, then we need to get there soon.” And on the spot will be easier to understand.

    - Tomorrow we will undock and fly, and in what area - the chief will say. They are there with the Yu-Fu-Fyn now breaking spears, but they seem to converge in the middle of the right sleeve.


    The jump to the chosen galaxy on the hyperdrive took a day, in fact, it accelerated and slowed down longer. But now she covered the whole sky. Now we were going on impulse engines, slowly approaching a given area. Instruments collected a lot of information and displayed it on supercomputer monitors. We were so close that in a large telescope one could see the star systems of the very middle of the right arm, to which we were approaching.

    “In two days we will be above that solar system, it is most suitable for development,” said Ivanov.

    - And if there are already aborigines there? - asked Yu-Fu-Phyn.

    “I think we need a free planet,” said Sergey Sergeevich.

    “Well, depending on what level those aborigines are,” the Agent remarked.

    “I think that Aboriginal people can be relocated, or they can settle on their own side,” said Kun.

    “I would rather agree with Sergey Sergeevich,” said Hun.

    “I am justifying why,” said Sidorov. - We have problems and so will be above the roof, and the problem of the natives to us to anything. And this is not because I am afraid of problems ...

    - I am also for a free planet, - Ivanov agreed, - and I will say this about the natives: it is still unknown who will be in the role of savage, so you shouldn’t rush headlong to the first suitable planet . Agent, how much time do we have? After all, you talked with Joe for a long time while we were flying.

    - There is a lot of time before the arrival of our friend Joe, his shift is over, which means that we have three supra-days at our disposal. By the way, all our previous acquaintance was long, about half a day. To look for it in a huge supra-world is not an option, there are such distances, not to mention the other specifics of their world, that it is easier to wait in the engine room than to search. And then, he will not be able to help us, being not at work, but entering work by pass, that is, it is an important object in the supra-world, and his safety is monitored.

    “So,” Yu-Fu-Feng summed up, “all of our previous communication with Joe did not fit into one of his incomplete work shifts, from which one can quite accurately calculate the interval of three shifts when he is not working.” So, before his arrival, we are on our own and we have a breakthrough of time, which must be used rationally.

    “It suits us, because we need to find many planets,” said Sergey Sergeevich. - What is it worth to settle one Mirolaz on a hundred and fifty billion people! After all, even ten billion per planet and it turns out that we need to pick up fifteen good planets.

    “You are right, we have a lot of work, and it’s not worth wasting time in vain,” agreed Ivanov. - I have already found about fifty suitable candidate planets for settlement, so we can start with them at any time.

    Type Globus is a reactor also made in the form of a torus, that is, a donut, but a torus with a larger pipe diameter and a smaller inner hole diameter donut. " That is why it is closer in shape to the ball, which is why it received the name Globe.
    ** Poems M.V. Lomonosov, an ancient poet and theorist of versification. They say he is the founder of the modern poetic style, however, suitable only for the Russian language, since Chinese verses are written in hieroglyphs.

    Any criticism and comments are welcome.

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