Corporate IaaS Digest: 25 materials on virtualization, infrastructure and information security

    Today we have collected articles for you from the First Blog on Corporate IaaS: on virtualization, cybersecurity and cloud services. Under the cut are cases of using the cloud in various industries, materials about the work of the IaaS provider and answers to questions about protecting PD. / photo Doug Davey CC


    Here we talk about the differences between VPS and VDS and tell how the virtual data center (VDC) is superior to other hosting options: we compare the cost, scalability, degree of data security and other indicators. In addition, we will show you which of these solutions (VDC or VPS / VDS) is more suitable for large and small organizations, and why.

    Although virtualization is a key technology in the private cloud, the two terms are not synonymous. We explain the difference between technologies and what tools each of them provides.

    According to Forbes, by 2020, global companies will transfer 83% of their workloads to the cloud. In this article, we have collected cases on how cloud technologies help enterprises of various sizes (small, medium and large) conduct their business: from scaling services to storing data.

    This article will focus on the main layers of the virtual data center: networks, storage, applications and access management. We will tell you what functions each of the levels performs.

    Understand the many names of cloud services using associations. We disassemble XaaS using car rental as an example. For those who are not averse to "taste" Italian cuisine, our previous example about pizza can "come to taste" .


    We explain why we opted for the DataSpace data center in Moscow. Let's look at the features of the power supply, cooling and security systems of our partner's data center and conduct a mini-tour of the floors of the building.

    The data center in Moscow is not our only site. In this article, we are talking about our second data center - Xelent in St. Petersburg (which was formerly called SDN). We show the main "chips" of the data center: the Stack.KUB solution, energy-efficient cooling, a "multi-layer" security system.

    After reading this article, you will learn what to look for when choosing a data center for the IaaS project, where did the Tier certification come from and why Tier 2+ is not always better than Tier 2. We note what difficulties you may encounter when choosing a data center in Russia and what The tricks are some data center owners to attract customers.


    According to a study by SITA, 95% of airlines and 85% of airports plan to introduce cloud services by 2020. S7 Airlines representatives will tell how the company virtualized the S7 t-Retail IT infrastructure and why it chose IT-GRAD cloud.

    This article will discuss how Tata Motors employees and customers use web services in the cloud. We’ll also talk about “cloud” projects of the subsidiary of the automaker - Jaguar Land Rover, in particular, a warning system for car owners about bumps and obstacles on the road.

    We analyze the case of The Weather Channel, which predicts weather changes around the world. You will find out why The Weather Channel has several cloud platforms and how "outdated" applications and equipment prevented the company from migrating to the cloud.

    In this article, we interview the heads of the IT and marketing departments of the Delivery Club project. Representatives of the food delivery service talk about the history of the company and the reasons for the transition to the IT-GRAD cloud.

    The MDG team shares its experience of using the cloud in VoiceFabric and Reader speech synthesis solutions. In addition, you will learn about the joint project of the MDGs and Megafon - the virtual consultant Elena and the VoiceNavigator voice interaction system.

    In the first week of Angry Birds 2.0, the number of downloads exceeded 20 million. Given these pressures on the IT infrastructure, it should scale well. Therefore, developers from Rovio Entertainment created their cloud platform - Hatch. That "is able" Hatch, we speak in this article.

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    Information Security

    The material is suitable for those who would like to understand the definitions of the federal law of the Russian Federation on the protection of personal data: what information can be called confidential, and which falls into the category of official or state secret? Separately, we highlight the requirements for personal data operators and highlight the issues of certification systems to protect confidential information.

    We’ll tell you how security is in the cloud and what tools and techniques the provider uses to protect the infrastructure and customer data from cyber attacks.

    Here we answer basic questions about the PCI DSS standard. Who needs certification? What are the requirements? How to get a certificate of conformity? You can read more about the difficulties of PCI DSS certification here , and here and here about our certification experience .

    How DPI systems filter traffic and analyze the “behavior” of packets, how they deal with TCP Syn Flood and UDP Flood attacks, and how the per-service and per-subscriber modes differ for channel distribution between applications. About all this further.

    What is a RaaS service and how to choose a reliable RaaS provider? We answer these questions and analyze all stages of the “restore as a service” service: from data protection to restoration of the environment.

    Work with IaaS

    Forrester predicts that in 2018, the number of global companies that use the public cloud will reach 50% for the first time. In this article we will tell you what you should take care of before moving to the cloud to simplify this process.

    Using the NovaPress Publisher web service as an example, we’ll explain how flexible capacity expansion in the IaaS cloud helps you cope with seasonal network and infrastructure loads.

    Here we disclose the subtleties of a service level agreement (SLA): accessibility of services, reporting, significance of exceptions to the agreement, etc. The article will be useful as a reminder before signing an agreement with a provider, since it will help to avoid risks.

    We offer 4 working rules and 3 basic techniques for calculating resources for a terminal server in the provider's cloud. Let's talk about popular automation tools: AutoIT scripts and the Sizing Guide method (which we use in IT-GRAD).

    We will explain how the technical support service works on a personal example. Let's talk about our monitoring tools: SCOM, ZABBIX and USM and show how IT-GRAD technical support specialists use the ServiceNow platform to handle incidents.

    Why should companies not move their customer data to the sites of foreign providers? We discuss legislative issues and technical difficulties related to access speed.

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