Pausing and restarting the Adwords campaign if something is wrong with the site

    Many startups, and already established companies, spend on advertising funds comparable to the development of their product. There are many tools and techniques for assessing the effectiveness of advertising. But, oddly enough, until recently there was no convenient way to control its performance. This publication is about how to set up an automatic stop and restart of an advertising campaign using the HostTracker website monitoring service .

    What, in fact, is the problem?

    Sites sometimes fall. Even very reliable. And the money provided for advertising on these sites continues to run away even in such cases. The issue price can reach hundreds of dollars for some hour of downtime.

    Google, of course, also knows how to turn off campaigns, but there are nuances. Firstly, not all site errors are rated as critical. Secondly, a large download delay is ignored if it occurs - and this is a rather terrible problem: it is difficult to notice, but the site is uncomfortable to use, and users do not linger on it for a long time. And thirdly, Google stops the campaign “permanently”. Well, that is, to restart, you must go through the entire procedure again, including moderation from Google . And this is hours, if not days, of downtime.

    Auto pause and restart

    We have repeatedly received requests from customers for the development of such a function. The hostTracker has already been used for this purpose: they subscribed to alerts about the fall of sites, and then quickly turned off the site manually. But now automation has arrived.

    Yes, for this you need to enter the details of your Adwords account, and also confirm access to this account in the Google Adwords interface. But over the 14 years of our work, we have never been seen scattering data from customers. I also note that for six months this function worked in beta mode, it was used by our old customers. Now we are proud to present its official release.

    How to set it up

    To set it up, you need to load the list of Adwords campaigns that would like to turn off / on automatically when there are problems with a particular site (not available, long response time, as a result - slowly loading). But for finer tuning it is advisable to monitor, for example, by the presence of keywords, the advertised page specifically and, if there are problems with it, the corresponding campaign is paused. It will not be superfluous to indicate a delay before stopping, by default it costs 5 minutes to exclude triggering in case of short-term problems.

    As a result, the work of all campaigns, as well as the corresponding sites, is easy to control from one interface:

    We welcome your comments and suggestions for improving this feature.

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