MOSDROID # 5 Boron in the office of video of performances


    On January 27, the fifth mitap from the MOSDROID community was held at the travel service office. About 100 android developers came to visit. We recorded all the performances and share them with you.

    Unidirectional architecture on Android, Kirill Byakov,

    “Consider the data flow and its importance in the architecture of the Android application, as well as how and why to make it unidirectional: implementation options, pros / cons of approaches and an up-to-date look at various open source projects.”

    Freemarker: How to Stop Writing Routine Code, Alex Bykov, Kaspersky Lab

    “During the development of the project, the developer is forced to perform many manual routine actions. Want to forget about the manual creation of components and architectural components?
    Freemarker will help solve this problem. We’ll look at how templating works in Android Studio and how it can simplify our lives. ”

    Life without QA, Alexander Smirnov, PapaJobs

    “We discussed how to be sure of the quality of your application without specially trained and dedicated people. If your team has QA specialists, the report will help you reduce the number of bugs that they trigger after you put Done task in JIRA. ”

    Round table “Mobile Application Development Process”

    We managed to discuss many topics, talked about both the processes and the approaches and technologies used in practice

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