Chinese farmers make live streaming

    Chen Jyubei (streamer pseudonym Xiangxi Jumei) broadcasts live from his village on the Taobao platform.

    Village life does not contribute to financial prosperity: working with the land takes a lot of time, and this is basically monotonous, low-skilled labor, which by definition cannot bring great profit.

    Sadly, many people in the provinces live in poverty: this is a problem not only in Russia, but also in China. But there they are trying to find the original solution to the problem. Alibaba Corporation through Taobao online store launched a new project: live streams from the village . Perhaps the most colorful villagers will one day become real Internet stars with millions of subscribers.

    First of all, urban life seems like an exotic exotic to city dwellers. Secondly, live broadcasts tritely help sell the crop. If you, as a legal entity, are subscribed to a video channel of a certain farmer, then you can observe with your own eyes how the supplier grows the crop and complies with all the requirements for collecting and storing the product. As a result, goods are bought up from streamers much faster than from other farmers: the media reported that one live streamer recently sold 1,000 tons of oranges in just 13 days. Naturally, because she has many subscribers. Before sales, Chen Jyubei (streamer pseudonym Xiangxi Jumei) broadcast on Taobao, talking about various aspects of rural life: how she dried meat, collects eggs and cooks simple food in her modest country house.

    The local press writes that village streamers have become a real hit in China. On the largest e-commerce platform, Taobao has opened a special streaming training platform. Alibaba Corporation has announced a program to combat poverty and destitution in the village. The program is valid for Taobao sellers from rural areas and includes streaming training for 1000 farmers.

    Taobao launched the live streaming feature in 2016, since the number of streamers is growing exponentially. For farmers from poor rural areas in China, streaming has become a new way to look for customers. According to the company, over the past three years, about 100,000 live-streamers have been promoting agricultural products on Taobao .

    After the success of Taobao, other e-commerce platforms, including Kuaishou, were reportedly added: they all open video feeds for rural residents. This trend is unique to China. Apparently, in the US and Europe, live streaming and e-commerce have not yet merged and represent completely different segments of the Internet business.

    What attracts people in rural life? Some people are interested to see where exactly the product is grown and under what conditions. Vendors demonstrate that vegetables and fruits are grown naturally in areas without pollution, and for buyers this is important.

    Other viewers just want to have fun, someone just misses rural life. In both cases, farmers can significantly increase their sales. And sometimes they even become celebrities.

    For example, farmer brothers who grow bamboo rats in South China have become such celebrities. Bamboo rats are considered a delicacy, and now they have really turned into a meme when the video blog on the Watermelon Video platform has gained viral popularity.

    In each video, the brothers come up with a funny reason why a particular bamboo rat needs to be eaten. Either she looks disgusting, or badly endures heat, too thick or too thin ... or just damn delicious. When the choice is made, the fate of the rat is decided.

    The caption on the left: "I am not beautiful, I am generally the worst among all." Signed on the right: "The worse, the tastier."

    The original selection criteria for rats became so popular that they actually turned into a mobile game. Moreover, rodent sales have soared, but the popularity of this channel has inspired other farmers to try their luck on the air.

    Maybe someday Chinese fashion will reach Russia: after all, a lot of interesting things also happen in Russian villages. The villagers have a much greater life experience than the young “instagram stars” who show their glamorous dinners. In addition, in the village you can show dinner, when he is still alive.

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