Annual Report Habrapost - 2018

    Summing up the results of 2018 for the blog Intel, we, first of all, recall the historical reunion of GeekTimes and Habr (which of them is Bender, and who Bender - decide for yourself). At one time we wrote a lot about the fact that the idea of ​​separating Habrahabr does not seem successful to us and we are immensely glad that common sense has finally triumphed. In addition, the year was rich in memorable dates and memories - this was a little brightened by the lack of important news.

    The very first words, as promised in the post earlier , recall the glorious jubilee - the 50th anniversary of Intel, which we celebrated in July. To commemorate this event, we published a whole series of articles devoted to key moments of the company's history, and also conducted a quiz on knowledge of little-known details of her biography. Other historical and technological aspects related to Intel were also touched upon; for example, the first steps of Bluetooth technology .

    Speaking of the blog’s educational mission, let us recall the AI series, a record for us in size , a practical course.: in an abbreviated Russian translation, it consisted of 11 issues, and in the English original - all 23. We received different opinions on this material, but the mere fact that our translation was read a total of almost 70 thousand times does not allow us to consider its publication as useless. Well, let's also mention the heroic work of translation and layout - when will you still be able to praise yourself?

    And now - slides blog statistics for the past year.

    C - stability. By quantitative indicators, we played a year at the level of the past. I would like to continue to stay at this level, we will try to hold on.

    On the qualitative side, we are still suffering from a sharp reduction in the number of authors - Intel employees who brought us exclusive materials and rating. Well, this is the reality in which we have to live.

    And now - our annual hit parade.

    In the next section of the article, we need to talk about the blog's plans for the next year, but so far, frankly, speaking, there are no special ones. In addition to one, the most important thing: we plan to make every effort to continue to inform you about the life and news of Intel. Well, under the Christmas tree, we would gladly find a beautifully wrapped opportunity to realize these efforts.

    Happy New Year to all - 9 thousand subscribers of our blog!

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