Beta section test for Habra and Gytimes beta testers

    At the end of last year, we summed up , talked about the top rated publications, counted users and shared the results. And so, when the car of the new working year began to accelerate and gain full speed, we are ready to introduce several useful changes.

    Beta page

    Some of our releases in the previous year were, to put it mildly, not perfect. In some cases, immediately after the announcement, we received messages from users about the errors found (for which we are very grateful to them). Of course, we promptly made corrections, but in itself this state of affairs did not suit us.

    We rethought the situation and found a way to fix it. We decided to include a collective mind in our own efforts to test innovations. Moreover, if earlier only some users with the secret cookie had this opportunity, now we decided to make it accessible to everyone, because often some scenarios need to be tested with different roles: with negative karma, with positive, in readonly mode, and so on.

    In the user menu (top right), everyone has a link to the beta section - in it you can switch the site to beta mode. On the page that opens, a list of features ready for testing that can be turned on or off is available. Under each feature there are comments where you can report a found error or leave a wish.

    And the first two updates are ready for testing:

    Updated Profile Settings

    We finished the redesign of the main sections of the site (feed, publication page, comments, profile, etc.), but still some pages remained. One of them is the user profile settings page, where we also did facelift, removed unnecessary fields and unnecessary projects in the contact information section, rewrote everything on Vue.js, etc. Give it a try.

    Updated Subscription Page

    To read on the site only what is interesting, each registered user can set up a personal feed . Then on the main page of the site in the " By Subscription " section there will be only publications from the hubs to which you are subscribed.

    We redid the feed settings page - now all the hubs are displayed there, with avatars and short descriptions, as well as companies.

    To quickly find out about the innovations available for testing, enable email notifications on the page that opens.

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