Useful SAN Content

The purpose of this article is to help you find the necessary materials for learning storage networks, and is aimed at beginners. Each of us is faced with the fact that when developing a new field, it is necessary to form a basis, a foundation on which subsequent knowledge will be based. It is often not clear where and how to start, what is necessary and what is not. It takes a lot of time to search, the selection of materials that satisfy our needs.
I bring to your attention a selection of useful and accessible materials on data storage networks.


  1. SAN Design Fundamentals by Josh Judd.
  2. Presentations of the seminar "Brocade SAN for beginners - just about the difficult":
    Grigory Nikonov. Fundamentals of Brocade SAN Theory. Part 1
    Grigory Nikonov. Fundamentals of Brocade SAN Theory. part 2
  3. SAN Design and Best Practices Guide
  4. Course Brocade FC-101. Introduction and Fundamentals of FC (Available after registering with
  5. Small Brokade Technology and Product Information Tutorials:
    Brocade SAN 2014 , Brocade SAN 2015 , Brocade SAN 2016 .
  6. Fabric OS Guides.
  7. Introduction to Storage Area Networks
  8. IBM SAN Survival Guide
  9. IBM / Cisco Multiprotocol Routing: An Introduction and Implementation
  11. EMC Fiber Channel SAN Topologies.
  12. EMC Networked Storage Concepts and Protocols
  13. Storage Area Networks For Dummies, 2nd Edition. Christopher Poelker and Alex Nikitin.
  14. Storage systems in Windows. Server storage technologies in Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003. Delip Nike.
  15. Storage Networks. Mark Farley.
  16. Grigory Nikonov Brocade service engineer page on youtube .
  17. KorP`s blog - Conveniently organized SAN content .

Here, perhaps, is all the materials.

If you have additional materials on storage networks - write, I will be grateful.

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