Microservices: deployment, coordination and data consistency

    About microservices did not tell only the lazy. So we are not lazy. We decided to talk about microservices. But just not again about what it is, but about how we serve them in 2GIS. For example, our backends hold 15 million users per month. At the meeting, we’ll talk about deployment, coordination and data consistency.

    § Details

    Suddenly you do not know: DevDay is an open meeting for outgoing IT specialists in Novosibirsk. The August meeting showed that the geographical remoteness of Novosibirsk is not so scary when there is a broadcast, therefore we will again announce the meeting on Habré.

    § Topic

    All reports will revolve around the large AMS (Advertising Management System) project. This is a 2GIS project with microservices on Scala, .NET and Node.js. Using AMS as an example, we will describe how we removed unnecessary integrations within the team and got rid of the premature legacy of maintaining old versions of the API. And also, they achieved data consistency within the application and were able to coordinate everything.

    § Program

    18:30 - Prepati with tea, coffee and a guided tour.
    19:00 - Deployment of microservices // Alexey Baitov.
    20:00 - Coordination of microservices // Stanislav Savulchik.
    20:30 - Microservices and data consistency // Denis Ivanov.
    21:00 - Afterparty with beer, croutons, conversations.

    Study the program on devday.ru , look for familiar names among the participants .

    What's next? We decided to come in person - register . We will remind you of the meeting. Dwell on the broadcast - also register . We will send you a link to the video.

    See you on DevDay!

    PS To warm up, watch videos from past events, for example, CPP love Mobile and Machine Learning .

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