The QRL team set a tight deadline for the migration of tokens

    QRL Token Migration
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    The other day, the QRL team successfully brought the core network coins to the Bittrex exchange and set a tight deadline (February 28, 2019) for the migration of tokens.

    We wrote about the QRL (Quantum-Resistant Ledger) project in the last article .


    In the second half of 2016, the British scientist Peter Waterland created a group to develop a blockchain that is resistant to attacks using a quantum computer. At the end of the same year, a white book was posted in open access , including in Russian.

    From May 1 to May 24, 2017 a fundraiser is held to develop the core network. At that time, the test network was already operational and the source code of the project was posted on GitHub. Ethereum infrastructure was chosen as the platform for ICO, and the QRL token of the ERC-20 standard was released. It was planned to attract 2 million dollars, but the team managed to collect more than 4 million. After the ICO, anyone could buy or sell QRL tokens on the Bittrex, Upbit and Liqui exchanges.

    A year later, at the end of June 2018, the main QRL network was launched. Shortly before the launch of the main network, the beginning of the process of exchange (migration) of tokens of the ERC-20 standard for a full-fledged quantum-stable (as opposed to a token) QRL coin in a 1: 1 ratio was announced.

    The QRL coin was scheduled to enter the stock exchange, but the project team until the last time kept its exchange partner secret. At the end of November, Bittrex was announced. Within two weeks, the exchange carried out work on the replacement of tokens on the coins of the network. Community users even made a vote about the end date of the transition. All this time it was impossible to enter and withdraw coins from the exchange.

    Immediately after the announcement of entering the stock exchange, the date for the end of the token migration process was marked: February 28, 2019. After this date, the automatic portal for migration will be closed, and the exchange of tokens will be possible only by contacting the project team.

    Migration instructions

    1. Create and save a QRL wallet

    Go to create a purse.

    Create and specify a strong password. You can also specify the height of the signature tree and the password hashing algorithm, but this is not necessary. Click “Create Wallet” and the wallet will be created. A page with the QRL address and information for accessing the wallet will appear on the screen: the mnemonic phrase and value used to generate the wallet is hexseed.

    You should save the screen information and the wallet file. When saving a wallet file, it is recommended to select “Save secure wallet file”.

    Now you need to make sure that you have access to the newly created wallet. Click "Open Wallet". In the window that opens, specify the path to the wallet file and the password that you came up with when creating the wallet.

    If everything is done correctly, a window will open with the address, transaction history and available operations.

    2. Create an ERC-20 token kill address

    Go to the tokens migration page .

    Enter your QRL address. It is also recommended to specify an email address. You will receive a notification to this address about the successful completion of the token migration process. Then click the “Submit” button, the address for the destruction of tokens will be generated.

    Keep a secret generated address destruction of tokens and do not use others.

    3. Send ERC-20 tokens to the address of destruction

    After sending tokens to the address of destruction, you can check the amount of received tokens on it by clicking "Check".

    It is recommended to send a small part of tokens first. After the successful operation, you can send the rest. After sending tokens to the address of destruction, QRL coins do not immediately go to your address. Enrollment is made within a few days.

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