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    The DotNet community is back in touch. I hasten to inform you that the .NET community is still living and developing! Since everyone already knows about our .NET communities, we won’t spread our thoughts on the tree, but let us get down to business immediately!

    Before we announce the new events of MskDotNet and SpbDotNet, I would like to say a few words about the connection between my older brother - DotNext and local community. Go!

    DotNext, Moscow 2017

    Recently, DotNext began to practice two-day conferences and the next conference, which will be held in Moscow, by tradition, at the Slavyanskaya Radisson hotel will not be an exception. The most hardcore .NET conference will be held November 12-13.

    The program is as always expected dense and starry. The speakers will be Andrey Akinshin, Dino Esposito (who became a regular at DotNext), the Goldstein family and many equally famous people. I would also like to say that this time it will be possible to meet with himself ... Mark Siman, who for a long time could not be dragged to DotNext. All fans of the blog of Mark and his famous book Dependency Injection in .NET - be sure to come to konfu and take an autograph!

    One of the goals of MskDotNet meetings is to get everyone on the stage to help prepare reports. A large number of very cool developers sit at the offices and for various reasons do not go out. From which, of course, the global community suffers. The practical experience conveyed by the cool speakers can be worth its weight in gold, which can not be drawn anywhere, or for this you will have to search through a ton of literature and other sources.

    A separate bonus that all speakers receive is their public speaking skills, which are very useful in life. Let's remember which of the speakers of the local user groups spoke on DotNext afterwards.

    MskDotNet and SpbDotNet speakers on DotNext

    Speakers from the local community have repeatedly spoken at DotNext. Separately, we can single out Julia Tsisyk and Nikita Tsukanov as the organizers of MskDotNet and Mikhail Shcherbakov and Anatoly Kulakov as the organizers of SpbDotNet. All of them repeatedly performed on DotNext! Mikhail Shcherbakov can be constantly seen on DotNext with security reports. At Moscow, DotNext will speak on the topic “ASP.NET Core: Attack Prevention Mechanisms 2.0”.

    DotNext speakers on MskDotNet

    Sometimes speakers come to local communities with DotNext.

    The well-known Andrei Akinshin performed both on MskDotNet and SpbDotNet with various hardcore presentations about memory, benchmarks and other goodies. On SpbDotNet Dmitry Nesteruk repeatedly acted. Adam Sitnik spoke at MskDotNet, talking about performance-related features in .NET and Yegor Bogatov with a talk about Holo Lense.

    On this, of course, no one is going to stop! Keep your finger on the pulse, as new guests are expected both on SpbDotNet, and on MskDotNet. Who will it be and when - until we reveal the cards. Follow the news. In the meantime, let's look at the announcement of the upcoming meeting of MskDotNet.

    MskDotNet Meetup # 14

    On November 14, another mitap will take place and this time it will be held on the territory of Luxoft! Our official partner is DODO PIZZA, so you will not stay hungry. Come, because two exciting reports are waiting for us:

    • Speaker: Kirill Vetchinkin
      Topic: “The Practice of Using .NET Core on Linux OS Using Automation”
    • Speaker: Julia Kovaleva
      Topic: “Fscheck - an alternative way for unit tests?”

    You can register and read about the program in more detail by clicking on this link.

    Participation is free, registration is required!

    You can find more information about MskDotNet Community meetings in community groups:

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