Maximum degenerate game of communication

    I must say, this thing is just awesome for a small party, and you can do it right after reading the post. I am extremely surprised that such a thing has not yet been sold in Russia. And it seems to know why.

    Because it is so trivial that it is difficult to imagine.

    But let's start from the beginning. So, board games are needed for communication. As an excuse to meet with friends (and for this, many really need a reason - after all, social networks confidently share people). People exchange warm words - well, there is, in general, a positive transactional exchange with a zero amount.

    The task is to find the most degenerate game that works only for communication. At first, I thought that I had met her in South Africa for training - we were playing the classic “two truths and lies”.

    But it turns out, it can be even easier. And with a completely killer result.

    What is a “degenerate game”?

    A degenerate case is such an object that is so simple that it does not give an idea of ​​its class. For example, a triangle with vertices on one line may exist, but it is very difficult to study other triangles by it.

    The degenerate triangle looks at you with bewilderment:

    Yes, seriously, such an example is given in the Higher School Mathematical Dictionary of 1989. And yes, we were taught at school that, by definition, the vertices of a rectangle cannot lie on one straight line. But these same people told me that equal triangles are those whose sides and angles are equal. What nifiga is wrong in the same plane. These same people forbade me to take the square root of minus two. In general, the school is full of unreasonable prohibitions. Although, remembering what happened to the laboratory around the chemistry class after our mistake, probablysome make sense.

    But back to the game. A trivial object (extremely simple) is a special case of a degenerate one. Games are made by mechanics. There are about 40 trivial mechanics (sometimes new ones are added) - for example, comparing the results of die rolls, auction, bids, bluffing, picking up a set.

    Just throwing a dice from someone more - of course, cool, but not very uninteresting. If you add a bluff and picking up a set - you get medieval bones. Replacing the bluff with an auction can result in Monopoly, and so on.

    The pure mechanics are the trivial cases of the desk.

    Now back to the task. We need to get the mechanics to communicate in a pure form. Begin to distill.

    Two truths and lies

    This game was found among other things in the heritage of the USSR, although I met her in Africa. The meaning is very simple - everyone in the company talks about three things about himself, and the rest try to guess what is true and what is fiction. Need to tell two truths and one fantasy. For example, the worst case I had in the children's group, when a boy of 7 years, smiling happily from his notion, said:
    1. I touched a penguin.
    2. I slaughtered my dad.
    3. I want ice cream.
    My head immediately flashed - “So, I play at a charity festival at a boarding school for the homeless, a local child, he definitely wants ice cream, because he sees him on the table ... damn, damn, damn!”. But, fortunately, he continued to laugh, very quickly announced that he did not touch the penguin. Just saw, and really wants to touch. And dad was stabbed by a neighbor.

    Relieved. Until the rest of the children started sharing similar cases, we quickly moved to another game.

    So, in Africa, we, residents of different countries, were introduced to each other in this way. Two truths and lies. It is really very convenient and practical. Try telling me about yourself. It is always fun, because it reveals interesting facts about those who even, it would seem, you have long known.

    Another version of this game - "I never." There are a lot of rules, one of the options is this: you need to say something that you did special, and if someone at the table can say this about himself too, everyone drinks. The consequences of this game can be observed in the third "Witcher" in the scene of booze in Kaer Morhen.

    But it turned out, it can be even easier.

    Sought for

    Here is the game:

    It is called - "Conversation", the Russian word will be "conversion". I first met this word in The Witcher, only in the book. The art of conversion is the ability to maintain an interesting dialogue. For example, applicable at the ball. When you swing a silver fork and tell him how dangerous silver is for vampires.

    So, there in the card box with topics for conversation. And that's all. Seriously, just talking points.

    The rules are simple:
    1. Read the question from the card.
    2. All players answer what they think about this.

    Examples of questions here:

    Edition "Friends"

    Edition "Devichnik"

    The first feeling - dumber does not happen, why are you? I myself can talk to talk. But no. It turns out that these things in the company create a huge amount of clues for: “WHAT-WHAT did you do then?”.

    The fact is that they are slightly holivar . Exactly enough to open very, very unusual cases. For alpha tests, rather trivial questions were gathered that caused a storm of different opinions. A little later, to the beta version, the list of questions was reduced to one that allows players to not fight, and to learn about each other very, very much.

    I conducted the first test in my company. It was something completely insane - so I learned that our quiet and kind sysadmin beat four people at once, then a tranquilizer was injected into him, and this tranquilizer did not work for another 5 minutes. I found out about the ideal husband for one of my friends, who was just divorced. After asking about “what I don’t like to do at home most of all,” another friend told me about the tedious laundering of the slab, and I told her about the napkins for the plates. Or is it in the bag? Chocolate What for? To bribe bureaucrats, for example, to give women at the reception desk to give a certificate immediately. Works slaughter. And so on. In general, we felt like after the fun of the “candle” - the analogue of confession.

    Actually, I participated here as a tester. Product hereand I like it a lot. This is a really extremely degenerate game of communication, and it can take the whole evening. And one more later. In general, I advise. We once lacked it on expeditions.

    And how to do it yourself is also easy. It is necessary to write papers with questions and pull them. The simplest principle of construction is to give a person a little good to tell about himself (by the way, a set of “romance” is built for playing in pairs) - “What I can do best”, “The best dish I can cook”, “The most unusual that I met on a journey, ”“ When I didn’t do anything wrong, but I was really ashamed, ”“ What would I do with a million rubles, ”and so on.

    Separately for you, I prepared a set of "Conversation Holivar", which we wanted to make an addition. But they did not, so as not to produce human sacrifices. You can print these questions yourself on the cards and play in the evening:
    • How many vaccinations do you have?
    • Which football team is the best?
    • Is it true that the iPhone is heavily overvalued?
    • How does a woman’s brain differ from a man’s brain?
    • What is the safest mode of transport?
    • Should I allow firearms for self-defense?
    • Is it possible to walk a dog without a muzzle if it is small?
    • What is the most significant politician in modern history?
    • Is it better to live: in Russia or abroad?
    • Who makes better cameras?
    • Would you prefer non-pesticide-grown GMOs to conventional ones?
    • Was Stalin an effective manager?
    • What is the fastest operating system?
    • What is your favorite browser and why?
    • Is it worth it to take double the price for an air ticket per person that weighs twice the norm?
    • Is it possible to breastfeed a child in a public place?
    • How to solve the problem of traffic jams in the city?
    • What is the reason for the fact that the human brain has decreased in the last centuries?
    • A nation without religion becomes less moral?
    • Is it true that a native speaker can err as he wants?
    • Who is stronger: an elephant or a whale?
    • What is the best computer game ever?
    • What is the coolest band?
    • What is the most interesting thing the government can hide from you?
    • What is the future of cryptocurrency?
    • Is it better to play games on the easiest level or on hardcore?
    • How do you feel about mixed marriages?
    • How long can you be a vegetarian?
    • Who to save: a hundred cats or an alcoholic?
    • How much is your city willing to spend to save one more life a year?
    • Five best reasons not to open your business?
    • Which mobile operator is better and why?
    • Where is the worst customer service?
    • When is censorship useful?
    • Is it worth returning the Iron Curtain?
    • Who should the children stay with during the divorce, if one of the parents drinks?
    • Is it true that Beethoven is a cut above Mozart?

    Well, I'm happy. I will go and look for a degenerate case to solve another problem - the search for a pair in a company, which is also usually solved with a desk. Twister does not offer.

    And you will help me a lot if you throw in other topics for holivars. And then they somehow quickly end. Only without politics, please.

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