What saw a UFO, flying to RIT ++ 2017

    The emotions were so strong that we decided to write an article about the Internet festival only by the end of the summer, waiting for the heat to settle. Although in fact, they were waiting for photos and videos from our mobile studio. So, what happened on June 5-6 in Skolkovo? Life is a boring thing, and you should use every opportunity to make people smile (E. Kusturica)

    IT Shny Babylon

    Theoretically, we assumed that the summer RIT ++ would be different from the autumn HighLoad ++, but we were completely mistaken with the vector of our guesses. It seemed that the Internet technology festival would be more lightweight, with fewer hardcore presentations and more participants with little IT involvement. Everything turned out exactly the opposite - RIT ++ turned out to be a festival of very serious, hardcore technologies. But he was distinguished from HighLoad by people - they were much more involved, contact and ready for dialogue. Hyload is more introvert, and it is really noticeable. There were 1800 participants, 14 parallel flows, 23 meetings, 16 company stands.

    The organizers tried to form communications within the festival: for example, channels were organized in Slack and Telegram. Discussions were actively going on in them, correspondence took place, each participant could ask, ask, leave an important announcement, clarify some details. Moreover, the channels are still alive and active - they ask questions, communicate, arrange mini-riots and flash mobs. In general, these are communications from which I do not want to disconnect even after three months.

    The stands of the companies were also slightly different - summer and the public made adjustments. So, you could enjoy cool graffiti at the Avito booth, cuddle with Vscale Yeti, treat yourself to ice cream with chocolate chips and drink cool lemonade.

    Complex, bright Avito stand - graffiti and the address of the company on Habré

    The shaman found the gifts and prizes of

    Yeti very popular. As you can see, someone even managed to give a friendly creature a drink.

    Habr also did not stand aside - both days we had a difficult exam, at which we were allowed to solve problems collected in advance from different companies. Some volunteers stood at the stand for several hours and crossed out pens sheet by sheet - excitement reigned around us. And for good reason - except for cool stickers and marathon stickers, we handed out invites. Strictly one in hand! And at the end of the second day we had beer at the stand. But we will tell about it yet, this is a separate saga.

    By the way, these tasks, solve with pleasure
    Question from Parallels
    1. What is VT-x, why is it needed, how does it work (in general terms)?
    2. What is RVI, what is it for, how does it work (in general terms)?

    Question from Aladdin RD
    Windows: Why does a system increase IRQL to DPC before capturing a spin-lock?

    Windows: Suppose you have a device stack that has a filter that compresses data. How to read data in a compressed form?

    Question from Badoo
    Your colleague, the only one who writes on Go, is flying on a business trip and is currently located over the Atlantic Ocean. Admins woke you in the middle of the night and say that the colleague’s program gives a single “access denied” error without any details. Millions of dollars fly into the pipe. What actions will you take this night to fix the cant of your now former colleague?

    A task from Mail.ru Group.
    Onufry Boy lives in an eight-bit (unsigned) world. Onufry put aside 181 rubles in the piggy bank. On his birthday, his parents gave him another 75 rubles. How much does Onufriy now have?

    Challenge from Innopolis University
    A very talented two-meter basketball player demonstrates his steepness and throws the ball from his head into a very high hanging basket - at a height of 15 meters. The ball soars into the air at a vertical speed of 16 m / s. Is there a chance for a very talented basketball player, if (in the style of all physical tasks) to assume that air was pumped out of the gym,
    and the acceleration of gravity by cunning manipulations brought to 10 m / s2?

    Children living in 4-dimensional space do not build house of cards - this is very boring. Instead, they build these pyramids: they put the tetrahedron of the next layer on the three vertices of the previous one. Each small tetrahedron weighs 1 gram and has a height of 1 cm. How much does a pyramid weigh a meter?

    You got the following code from the previous developer.

    int x, i = 0, r = 0;
    void* busy_worker(void* arg) {
    	int shift = *((int*)arg);
    	for (x = shift; x < shift + 500; x++) r += x;
    	return NULL;
    int main() {
    	pthread_t t1, t2;
    	int s1 = 0, s2 = 500;
    	pthread_create( &t1, NULL, busy_worker, &s1 );
    	pthread_create( &t2, NULL, busy_worker, &s2 );
    	while(i < 2);
    	printf("result = %d\n", r);

    What does this code do? What is wrong with it (with code, not with the developer)? List as many problems as possible.

    Question from M.Video company
    . Vmware has an interesting VMware Fault Tolerance technology that allows you to protect virtual machines using continuous availability clusters, which in case of a host failure with the main virtual machine, instantly switch to its "shadow" working copy on another ESX server. However, this technology is not widespread. Why?

    Participants solve habra-tasks from companies.

    On the contrary, we had one of the most attractive in all senses of the word stand by Alpina Publisher publishing house with hundreds of books on development, design, presentations, and even smart and useful books for children. We are no, no, and we were just about to look through the next edition. They were all beautiful.

    And in the midst of this Babylon, a rollicking orchestra suddenly appeared with beautiful invigorating melodies - only Kusturica could do that. Believe me, no, but it was this event that set the provocative tone and energetic pace for the entire event. It was a one hundred percent hit.

    The mood at RIT ++ was wonderful: outside the window there was a warm rain-fog, in Skolkovo it was fun, smart, creative

    But the director’s part didn’t end there either - a terrific shaman walked around Skolkovo for two days, dashingly dancing with pretty participants to the still-imperishable "Mushrooms" "Ice is melting between us." Still, this shaman would naughty at a stable Internet connection, he would not have a price. Alas, interruptions with the speed of the Internet are a technological curse of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. This was perhaps the only thing that sometimes spoiled the mood.

    The shaman did not leave anyone indifferent. The fox also delivered by the

    way, turned out to be a big fan of Russian pop. In the meantime, you can study the device of the tambourine.

    Even the shaman could not get past the stickers with UFOs - so he strengthened his abilities.

    Internet Territory

    However, the external brilliance does not mean anything if there is no content. The content of RIT ++ was so saturated that our two text translators were constantly cursing and torn between the sections that they wanted to go to. Any audience could find reports to their taste or participate in numerous events inside RIT ++.

    Sections with reports

    The entire RIT ++ was divided into several thematic conferences. Moreover, the speeches of all section speakers were deeply thematic. What always pleases Oleg Bunin at the festivals is the time of the report - in one hour you can catch up and perfectly expand the topic and answer questions. The absence of technical overlays with presentations and microphones turns each section into a continuous stream of selected and necessary information.

    • Whaile Rider - Conference on Management and Entrepreneurship. The reports of this stream reflected all areas of company management, from strategic issues to a detailed analysis of the preparation of infographics (an absolutely terrific report) and the search for the secrets of technical support work efficiency.

    Some reports ran out of space

    • Aletheia Business - a conference on the use of psychology in management and business. In short, they learned to better understand themselves and in people, talked about careers, loyalty and why Russian people do not smile. In general, during RIT ++, there were many discussions of the HR aspects of the IT sphere and psychology issues. The headliners of this discussion were Peter Ludwig with his talk “The End of Procrastination” and Maxim Dorofeev with the idea of ​​saving fuel and amazing slides. These guys in the literal sense of the word gathered a hall, or rather, the largest hall - the congress hall.

    Peter Ludwig tried to defeat the invincible. Or not?

    • Web-scale IT Conference - a conference at the intersection of enterprise and web-cultures. This, at first glance, a vague conference on topics, gathered non-standard discussions: the state + business, microservices, omnichannel, etc. From what we heard in this thread, we especially liked the report by Alexander Taratorin from Raiffeisenbank on real DevOps in Enterprise - the structure and transparency of how it was done in the bank were the most surprising. It would seem an inert functional organizational structure, but how modern everything is decided.
    • Frontend Conf - a conference of front-end developers. The frontend is the frontend - they talked about literally everything.
    • App's Conf - a conference on the development of mobile applications occupied as many as two rooms. The issues of interfaces, application logic, testing and design were discussed by representatives of companies that knew a lot about mobile development like no one else: Avito, Lamoda, 2GIS, Mail.ru Group, Odnoklassniki, Yandex, Sberbank-Technologies, etc.

    • Root Conf - Operation and DevOps Conference. Everything is expected: a lot about DevOps, a little about Docker, monitoring and other administrative issues.
    • High load junior - training conference for developers of highly loaded systems. This is not a selection of “light” reports, as someone might think, but in-depth training reports for beginners, but already cutting the topic of juniors. Some of the reports were harder than in the autumn Highload. But the main thing is clear and understandable instructions that you can take and transfer to your daily work. By the way, this time there was a lot about DDoS attacks and a lot of usual about databases. The tone of the High Load Junior was set by a courageous and smart MySQL report from the feminine and creative Sveta Smirnova and Nastya Raspopina from Percona. Well, the report of the stream, deserving a grand prix in the humble opinion of our translators, was the report of Sergei Sporyshev from ITSumma - he told the full story of the creation of Project1917. Wit not apply

    Hyload girls Percona Sveta and Nastya The

    guys from ITSumma even had to work at the conference. Still, when they have such projects! Julia strictly followed the process

    • Backend Conf— a conference of backend developers. The backend is the backend - cool profile discussions.


    Another form of expert work on RIT ++ is numerous mitaps. In small and large rooms, people gathered to discuss issues in an acute discussion form. However, the form was pre-guaranteed by the content. Here are just some of the topics that we managed to stop by for a few minutes and warm our ears:

    • intellectual asset management
    • Devops
    • Relocation to Europe
    • legal issues
    • creating a framework from scratch
    • Tarantool
    • TDD
    • performance and so on.

    Judging by the discussions, the mitap, or rather, the microservice and Kubernetes master class, was of particular interest to the participants. We also noticed that in free Skolkovo mini-meeting rooms spontaneous meetings and master classes were created - another good tradition of Oleg Bunin's conferences.
    Yes, everything was fine :) The main thing is that the conference does not spoil, there are still many opportunities to listen to the most diverse specialists, expand your horizons and deepen your knowledge. This was and remains the most important. Everything else is trifles. However, I like that you always change and add something. In itself, this may not be useful, but there is a sense of dynamics and desire to develop. This is encouraging.

    Highlighted Events

    In the framework of RIT ++, separate flows “under the wing” of companies took place - a series of reports combined into one conference. This year it was:

    • Development and machine learning from SuperJob, Tarantool and Digital Security
    • Microservices from Avito
    • PGDAY'17 Russia Day - a lot of things about databases and PostgreSQL in particular.

    PostgreSQL - the birthplace of elephants.

    These sections allow you to communicate within a narrow group of interests and pay more attention to practical issues. And of course, this is an opportunity to demonstrate to companies their experience, and to participants theirs. Sometimes they find each other.

    Participants continue to solve problems at the Habr booth

    In addition to official events from the organizers, communication took place continuously - on the sidelines, canteens, on sofas around the Skolkovo perimeter, on coffee breaks and company stands. For the sake of interest, we approached small groups, listened - all conversations concerned experience, best practices, work. Actually, such festivals are good for that - you return to work with ideas, and sometimes with ready-made solutions.

    Habr stickers scattered in the blink of an eye

    UFO flew in and left inscriptions there

    Habr found his corner in Skolkovo a long time ago, and it’s quite immodest - besides the rack, we need to place a whole studio where we interviewed the most interesting, vibrant, recognizable speakers. This year we went on an experiment and asked some professionals to interview other professionals. Our idea was perfect - conversations were easily glued, these were whole discussions that went beyond the question-answer format.

    The insidious web of our studio lured the best speakers.

    They basked in the rays of glory spotlights.

    We shot more than 10 hours of video and now whole videos just started to come out. By the way, 47% of the participants noted the Habrahabr stand as the most useful.

    Our producer of native projects is Katya and Oleg Bunin. “There are so many people at RIT ++. Voooot such plans for the future. "

    Denis came and left a UFO there.

    Guess who sits with his back.

    Answer inside

    This is Denis Kryuchkov, the founder of Habr. And the UFO is always with him (in the sense in the upper right corner)

    An interesting conversation took place between the founder of Habr, Denis Kryuchkov, and adviser to the President on the Internet, German Klimenko. This is a versus battle, and not what you watched on Youtube for 20 million views.

    Hardcore interview with Ivan Vasiliev, design director of Alfa Bank:

    The most honest interview with Peter Ludwig (English):

    The beautiful Maxim Dorofeev, "doctor-procrastinologist." In an interview you will also learn what words you can’t say in the studio:

    In the interview there was our trick - all the interlocutors communicated not only with the habrareportors, but also with the UFO itself, which asked sharp, short and provocative questions. Some were even lost.

    Habrahabr traditionally did not stop at the studio, but held a round table on HR and technological evangelism with the participation of evangelist Alexander Belotserkovsky from Microsoft, devrel Avito Mikhail Klyuyev, Alexander Serbul from 1C-Bitrix and Olga Belaya from My Circle. According to the feelings of the audience and the host, one hour of the round table flew by like 10 minutes. It was hot in places!

    It was so interesting with the speakers that Marika was forced to interrupt IT conversations with the help of stern plates:

    In parallel, our reporters keep text online on both days of the conference, driving up 27,000 steps a day along Skolkovo.

    A rare photo - online from the inside. And at the same time the laptop of one of Habr's moderators. The fan of three browsers immediately fights! (in fact, there was also Firefox)

    UFO sometimes needs maintenance

    Columbia has no idea what hardcore was

    However, the sessions of conferences and reports were not limited to hardcore. On the first day in the tent, we celebrated Habr's birthday and poured delicious beers to everyone.

    Remember the Black Lord? He was there.

    We rock rock in this Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO!

    In the meantime, everyone was sipping graciously, groups consisting of IT players played from the stage. Wet warm weather slightly stranded the participants, and they leisurely talked in the yard.

    There was no rain, there was a pleasant fog. Communicated in a warm atmosphere in all senses.

    Board games carried away many

    At the same time, almost until late at night, heated eSports competitions and leisurely board games tournaments took place on the territory of Skolkovo. Words cannot convey the degree of excitement and emotional tension from the site. Everyone literally burned out.

    Not a single photo will convey the atmosphere of eSports competitions. It was a glow.

    Well, nothing, morning special exercises fixed it.

    Masters of kung fu - are not born
    Masters of kung fu - become
    Dangers - do not get scared
    Techniques are accurate - everything will come true ...

    We will Rock You

    And while you read this post, preparations for HighLoad ++ are in full swing - autumn is already here, it's time to raise questions of highly loaded projects. By the way, this year there will be IoT and blockchain. Get ready!

    The shaman was simply told that very little was left before HighLoad ++

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