Vivaldi 1.11 - the pursuit of comfort



    Summer is the time, but work is going on as usual - we are introducing a new stable version of the Vivaldi 1.11 browser. There are few changes due to summer holidays, but you will find something interesting under the cut.

    Reading Mode Settings

    Reading mode has become a popular feature among users who prefer to get rid of distracting and, at times, very annoying elements of web pages when reading articles on the web. But just removing everything around the article is not enough - it would be nice to have the ability to customize the display of text on the screen so that it is comfortable to read. It is for these purposes that we have added settings for the reading mode. First of all, these are the text display settings:


    But besides this, we took into account that many users have different preferences in the color scheme of pages, so we added the ability to change themes for the reading mode:


    All settings are available directly on the page when reading mode is on.

    Disable GIFs

    Another, sometimes very disturbing thing is animated pictures. Especially - advertising banners, which are often densely strewn with web pages. We have added an option to control the display of such images. If you wish, you can enable continuous animation playback, only one-time, or disable the animation altogether.


    Other amenities

    Each of us, like the artists, has his own style of work: someone loves wide, sweeping movements of the mouse, while someone prefers miniaturism and work with a minimum of movements. That is why we have added the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the mouse when performing gestures. You can choose the stroke length, during which the browser will determine if this movement is a gesture or a normal cursor movement.

    Well, of course, you noticed a new application icon. We changed its design. We hope you enjoy it.


    That's all for now. As always, the list of all changes and corrections contains a lot of interesting things. If you did not find the problem bothering you in the list of fixed ones, do not hesitate to tell us about it through the appropriate form for sending error messages .

    You can download the new version of the browser from the official download page .

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