July free cookies for designers and developers


    In this issue, a selection of the most interesting free cookies. Almost every day many interesting applications, resources and libraries are published that optimize the work of designers and developers. In this issue, I collected the most interesting products according to Western communities that came out in July:

    Sketch: Supernova Studio, Qwikly, Sketch Material
    Web apps: Paper Sizes, Grabient, Canva colors, TypeHero, Abstract
    Developers stuff: MDB Angular GMD kit
    Designers stuff : Memphis patterns, Travelisto UI kit, Flow font, Lists.design, WayFX logos

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    Supernova studio


    A plugin to Sketch that allows you to convert your design immediately into Xcode and safely transfer all resources to developers. Android is also supported. If they tell the truth, then this thing has long been waiting for and it has tremendous potential.



    Qwikly is an attempt to give properties to a Sketch prototyping tool as well. Allows you to test your design immediately on your smartphone, there are several standard transition effects between screens. Quick testing of ideas has not harmed anyone.

    Sketch material


    If you need to assemble the UI on Google Material guides immediately in Sketch - this plugin is for you. Tables, cards, buttons, etc. There are all components from the GMD kit made in accordance with the specifications.

    Paper sizes


    Do you work with printing? You will find all international formats and standards useful: a sheet, envelope, business card, poster, etc. All this is presented in the form of an interesting UI wrapper with sauce from modern typography and style.

    Angular Bootstrap with Material Design


    Another UI framework for Angular. Made with high quality. According to the developer, it contains: 400+ material elements, 600+ icons, 74 CSS animations, and absolutely no jQuery at all.



    Amid the general boom: another online gradient builder! More advanced than the previous ones: you can change the angle, add your own colors, adjust the transparency. Export to Sketch? Of course.

    Canva colors

    https://www.canva.com/colors/ Are you

    starting a new design project and there are absolutely no ideas for colors? Then to you at the Canvas. Ready-made palettes (a lot), their applicability, examples, and even a bit of psychology in the form of a detailed description.

    Type hero

    https://typehero.now.sh/ A

    kind of unofficial extension of the functionality of Google Fonts. You can work with colors, test different palettes. It could be done better, there is not enough ability to collect font pairs and too much space is not used.



    Abstract is positioned as a git for designers, but so far is only friends with Sketch. They promise that the rest is on the way. You can use the web version or download for macOS. Startanuli recently, audience interest increased. It blows some success from this product, although personally for my practice it is not yet needed.

    10 Memphis Style Patterns


    This is a set of free memphis-style backgrounds. If you love collecting likes on Dribbble, this is for you. Now a shot without triangles, circles and squares is of little interest. And no arguing against trends ...

    Travelisto UI Kit For Sketch


    Free UI KIT for Travel Sketch. In general, it is easily redone for any other topic. The concept is based on trend vertical scrolling in the form of concise cards. Thank you Robert Anitei.

    Flow font


    Flow is a free font for rapid prototyping. A modern alternative to fish texts. Available for download in three styles. Drive in abracadabra, put breaks with a space. Conveniently!



    But if you are making a hi-fi prototype, then you can’t do without real texts. And the Lists project comes to the rescue: addresses, surnames, cities, positions, etc. ... Absolutely any type of texts in the form of a list. Export to JSON is available.

    Wayfx logos


    If you run a startup and there is no time to invent a logo - WayFx rushes to the rescue, offering various modern logos for free (including for commercial use). SVG and AI formats are available for download.

    Ux flow


    UX Flow is a free UI prototyping kit. Adapted to Sketch, it offers a universal set of standard screens with the ability to quickly customize and build user's flow paths.

    Git point


    Free, simple, modern and stylish Git client for iOS. The developers claim that their product is endowed with all the necessary features and even more.

    Sound Kit (by Facebook)


    And for dessert, a free sound kit from Facebook for your mobile applications. The main thing - do not overdo it with the implementation of sounds in your product, so as not to cause irritation to users.

    Thanks for attention!

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