#! ProgMsk Meetup: Virtualization and DevOps at Tutu.ru Office

    moscow programmers clubHello!

    August 3 held a regular meeting of the Club of the Moscow office programmers Tutu.ru . Everything that we do in Tutu.ru is 100% saturated with information and technologies for its collection, storage, integration and analysis.

    At this meeting, our CTO ( Molodoi ) will share insights about how the development and maintenance of the code in Tutu.ru in real life takes place . Then ...

    Then our DevOps engineer will answer questions related to virtualization in an accessible language for developers: about chroot, lxc, docker, kvm, Virtual Box, Virtual PC, Vmware, etc. How do they differ, advantages / disadvantages, benefits for developers and admins .

    The main emphasis will be placed on the use of virtualization tools (virtual machines, containers, docker-shmokers, wagrants, virtualboxes and so on), as well as discuss some interesting aspects of building IT processes that are at the junction of software development and maintenance (DevOps) .

    Free admission.

    Important request : register your participation in the meeting in advance - with full names - by August 2, so that we can submit a list of participants with vigilant and strict protection of the BC. You should have a passport or any other identification document with you.

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